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    AllTrails User reviewed Ute Trail - Tombstone Ridge

    3 months ago

    Right off road to alpine visitor center, parking can be tough.

    Saw elk across the way at the start. Saw numerous marmots.

    Views were great from the get-go. Just different being in the tundra. If you go to RMNP then do one tundra hike, this may be true easiest trail option. . Don't even have to do the whole trail, as the views might be the best in the beginning.

    AllTrails User reviewed Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail

    3 months ago

    Not easy for worth it.

    Alberta falls to start, cool but keep moving to further away from people.

    Lock is pretty, easily find a good spot for a meal. Then you get to walk along the lake for awhile.

    Made it the scramble, waterfall while my wife and I carried our 2 and 5 yr old. But not able to get them up the climb. So we took turns going up solo to glass lake, gave the kids a chance to play in the water at the bottom of the fall.

    Missed out on sky, bummer. My 5 yr old hiked around 6 miles, which was a huge help.

    AllTrails User reviewed Butler Gulch Trail

    3 months ago

    You want wild flowers then go here!!!

    Also very underrated waterfall, photos don't do it justice.

    First old mine is cool, second is not.

    AllTrails User completed Butler Gulch Trail

    3 months ago

    AllTrails User reviewed Lake Isabelle Trail

    3 months ago

    Great little hike. Got there at 830 ish and had to park further away.

    Beautiful stream and gorgeous lake

    Did this hike with wife and kids (2 and 5), had hiking child carriers.

    AllTrails User reviewed Emerald Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    This hike without other factors should be a 5. Three great hikes in a short hike. But the amount of people on this trail just ruins it. Started at 830 and already way too late.

    Once you get the lakes don't find a place to sit down immediately as other do. Explore around the lake to find some solitude.

    Really want to do this hike again but starting at 530 am.

    Did this hike with wife and kids (2 and 5). Had hiking carrier for them but they also took turns hiking.

    AllTrails User completed Emerald Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    AllTrails User reviewed Gem Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Part of the RMNP but start outside of park. Started at donut shop on the way to trail. Great donuts but made hiking a little tougher.

    This hike is different than being in the RMNP, the rocks-boulder different shapes and sizes. Made for numerous little caves, which the 2 and 5 year old loved.

    On the way up, get some good views of Estes park.

    There is a actual toilet near the top. My 5 yr old loved this!!

    Lake is very ok. Also leaches in the lake, so don't get all the way in. But plenty of exploring and climbing near the lake for the kids.

    Did this hike with wife and kids (2 and 5). 5 yr old hiked off and on.

    AllTrails User completed Gem Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    AllTrails User reviewed Silver Dollar Lake and Murray Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Tough ascent in the beginning but worth it. First hike only see from a view. Once out of the tree then nice view, stream crossing, snow crossing.

    Silver dollar is nice but if you went this far then go to Murray. Some other guys made it to silver dollar and turned around (didn't think Murray lake would be better)

    On the way to Murray, mostly uphill but here is where all the flowers are!! Making it up, it would have been great to be able to explore but we had rain concerns (caught in rain, hail on the way back).

    Did this hike with wife and 2 and 5 year old with child carriers for both. 5 yr hiked once we got above tree line on way up. On my way down she was carried , as we were trying to get out of the rain.

    AllTrails User reviewed Mount Bierstadt Trail

    3 months ago

    Went on a Saturday morning, arrived at 615 at trailhead and couldn't believe all the people there. But at least it was good company on the trail.

    My wife and I made it up to 13,500 with a 2 and 5 year old. 2 yr old we had to carry the whole way, 5 yr old was able to do some hiking but we still had to carry a decent amount (she did great on the way down). This was very tough with the kids, I pride myself in my abilities to do bigger hikes with the kids. The kids had enough at this point, we stopped my wife and kids ate while I pushed as hard as possible up to the top.

    At times on way up, it felt like torture carrying the kids but the views were amazing. Last section solo, pushing very hard and was getting headaches.

    Views on top great. My first 14er.

    AllTrails User reviewed Royal Arch Trail

    3 months ago

    Thought we would start here on vacation to get used to the elevation before heading to RMNP but this was a tough hike for us. Arch bigger than expected and nice view of flatirons

    AllTrails User completed Royal Arch Trail

    3 months ago

    AllTrails User reviewed Raccoon Trail

    3 months ago

    Most of the hike in the trees. Better view on the hike than panoramic view (which you are can drive to).

    If you are staying at the campground (which we were) the trail is worth the hike. Not sure I would make the drive just for this hike with so many other options in the area.

    AllTrails User completed Raccoon Trail

    3 months ago

    AllTrails User saved Chasm Lake

    7 months ago

    AllTrails User saved Hallett Peak

    7 months ago

    AllTrails User saved Lake Haiyaha

    8 months ago