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    Member Since June 2016

    Alexis Day

    Nashville, Tennessee 

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    Alexis Day reviewed Chapin Pass Trail to Mount Chapin

    13 days ago

    Beautiful views, trail starts in forest then on to a rocky path with views of the valley below. Saw a herd of Elk, a moose, and lots of marmots. Got caught in a storm with rain and hail but it was still worth the hike. Bring layers, gets very windy after the forest. Took us about 2.5 hours to go up and 1.5 hrs.

    Alexis Day reviewed Flattop Mountain Trail

    13 days ago

    The trail is a steady incline with switchbacks and lots of steps. It was a challenge from the beginning but the rewards were worth it. The views of the lakes and from the top are incredible. 3 hrs to the top of Flatrock and 1.5 hrs to come down.

    Alexis Day completed Flattop Mountain Trail

    13 days ago

    Alexis Day reviewed Lawn Lake Trail

    13 days ago

    This is a relaxing, challenging hike with beautiful waterfalls and the most beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. Most of trail is in the forest and is shaded. It took us 4 hrs to go up and 2.5 hrs to get back. Well worth the effort and time.

    Alexis Day completed Lawn Lake Trail

    13 days ago

    Alexis Day saved Lawn Lake Trail

    13 days ago