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    Member Since June 2019

    Alejandra Borg

    Preston, Lancashire, England 

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    Alejandra Borg reviewed The Tolkien Trail

    2 days ago

    I would recommend this trail to people who have a little bit of hiking experience and do not have mobility difficulty. Beautiful scenery especially if you manage to get into the Stonehurst College. Needs more sign posting as we got lost a couple of times and ended up off track for quite a long while.

    Alejandra Borg completed The Tolkien Trail

    2 days ago

    Alejandra Borg reviewed Ingleton Waterfalls Walk

    12 days ago

    Did this hike with my partner (we both recently got into hiking) this afternoon and managed to finish it within 2hours. The trail is primarily comprised of several flights of steps that lead you from one waterfall to the next. I would definitely recommend this walk to anyone wanting to have a good time whilst enjoying a series of scenic landscapes. There are also a number of spots in which you could have a picnic or stop to enjoy a cold ice-cream (from the ice-cream van). There is a £7.00pp entrance fee which is quite expensive especially for larger families.