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    Member Since August 2018

    AJ Catalanotte

    Salt Lake City, Utah 

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    AJ Catalanotte reviewed Syncline Loop

    15 days ago

    Took this loop counterclockwise (CC). Have not hiked this clockwise so can’t compare the two directions, just reviewing our route. Chose CC direction primarily to avoid long and steep down hill section due to knee issues. Preferred to tackle the 5 miles of more gradual down hill which was pretty easy and scenic in the morning. Mostly Shaded or sun at your back for most of the first 4 miles. Canyon walls in front of you are brilliantly lit up by rising sun. At about 4 1/2 miles in you will hit a boulder action that requires scrambling with a lot of exposure. This section would certainly be more comfortable up-climbing on the clockwise route, but doable on the way down with caution. If we had more time, the upheaval canyon trail toward the river looked very cool. Quite a few spots where trail crosses in and out of the wash and you need to look for cairns to know which is the trail. Please back track if you miss the trail and don’t destroy thousands of years of desert crust on the sand. Last 2 miles is full sun exposure and a tough set of switchbacks and rock steps.

    AJ Catalanotte completed Syncline Loop

    15 days ago

    AJ Catalanotte reviewed Fiery Furnace and Surprise Arch

    15 days ago

    Excellent hike in October with a permit. Guided hikes are reservable from May-Sep to book in advance. The rest of the year permits are first come first served from Visitor Center (75 per day) Go there at the beginning of your trip to book a day. We stopped on Sunday afternoon and got the last permits for Monday. The rest of the week was open, so if you have a few days of flexibility it shouldn’t be hard in Oct. Lots of good details in the other reviews. Explore, get lost, and work your way around the counterclockwise route. Some crevices and scrambling required, but if you get to anything that looks super technical, you’re off the main route. Garmin GPS with some route waypoints was helpful in a few spots, google for coordinates. Good hike for later in the day because it not very physical and much is shaded by tall walls.

    AJ Catalanotte reviewed Devils Garden Loop Trail with 7 Arches

    15 days ago

    Great morning hike for folks with decent physical condition and ability to navigate by cairns. As long as you pay attention for cairns, the route is pretty well marked. As other reviewers have noted there is a little bit of scrambling and some exposed sections on the top of fins. We went counter clockwise first thing in the morning. Beautiful to see the sun light up the SE face with the low sun to your back. Took just under 4 hours including lunch stop and all the side trails. Went though 2-3L of water each in October. Start counterclockwise on the primitive trail just before Landscape Arch. It was much more spectacular with mid morning sun on the back of the loop. Navajo Arch is very neat and you can hike under the arch and out the crevice behind it with a little scrambling. Skip the side trail to Partition Arch because you will see it off the trail in the way back.

    AJ Catalanotte saved Mount Garfield

    3 months ago