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    Member Since February 2017

    Airynn Larrimore

    Upperco, Maryland 

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    Airynn Larrimore reviewed Mingo Forks Trail Loop

    5 days ago

    I ran this trail for the first time the other day. Nice single track, very runnable, but very overgrown in many parts, especially towards the halfway point. Trees hang low and thorny bushes completely cover some of the trail. Bring your spider stick or tall friend to run ahead of you! Also there were a few areas that were really washed out. Signage was pretty good though I had to pull up the map a couple times. The trail was beautiful and mostly shaded. Sometimes the road was loud but mostly it was still and quiet with bird songs. Overall a wonderful trail run, I will definitely be back!

    Trailhead is very easy to miss, especially if you’re coming from the west. It looks like the entrance to a driveway, and as you pass it you see the parking pad for the trail. One thing, the narrowness and windiness of this trail would make it difficult to walk dogs on leash, but in many places you’d quickly lose sight of them in the brush.

    Airynn Larrimore saved Morgan Mill Trail

    about 1 month ago

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    about 1 year ago

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    about 1 year ago

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    almost 2 years ago

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    almost 2 years ago

    Airynn Larrimore reviewed Oregon Ridge Park Trail

    over 2 years ago

    I just started running here with my dogs. I've been probably 5 or 6 times now. Beautiful trails, very well marked, enough variety in length of trails. There are some spots that look like they are being repaired but are still travel-able, and there is some construction being done on the 'ski slope', but my dogs and I could get a 4.5 mile run in without backtracking so that was nice.

    Everything was well marked and there are intersections of the red and yellow trails that have a map stand, as well.

    Update August 2017: So I still run here weekly, and still enjoy it for 4-5 mile trail runs and hikes. I mostly go during weekday mornings because on the weekends, it is PACKED. Starting early, there are hikers and runners with dogs, kids, and strollers, and it is not awesome. I highly recommend OR for weekday outings, and if you go on the weekend, be prepared for crowds and keep your dogs on a leash.

    Airynn Larrimore reviewed Hashawha Loop Trail

    over 2 years ago

    I hike and run here often with my dogs. The main loop is about 1.8 miles but there are offshoot trails that go further up and back. Off the fire road it's mostly single-track trails that are thickly overgrown with thorny bushes. Nearly impossible to see blazes and god forbid the trailhead or internet have an accurate map. The trails also overlap with the equestrian trails. Pretty easy to get turned around.

    Decent parking, most everyone is friendly, dogs welcome, lots of wildlife.

    Airynn Larrimore completed Hashawha Loop Trail

    over 2 years ago