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    Adam "Yeti" added Baker 2

    1 day ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Cliff and Redfield

    12 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Catamount

    15 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" completed Catamount Mountain Trail

    15 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Bear Den Trail to Dial Mountain and Nippletop

    18 days ago

    Trail has quite a few ups and downs to it. I had gone clockwise which is usually against my better judgement as I like to get my elevation out of the way first if possible. I went in this direction because if I had enough steam and the sky cleared up (as it was raining out), I was going to hit up fish hawk cliffs and Indian Head. I had plenty of steam left after descending Elk Pass but it had begun to rain heavily. I will be back for those on a clearer day.

    Trail was a little wet. Near the Nippletop summit it was quite muddy. No views above 3500 ft. due to low hanging clouds. The only view I had all day was from the Noonmark shoulder looking up at Bear Den, Dial, and Nippletop. Elk Pass had some brand new traversing boards to walk over the anticipated mud wallows which were nice.

    I keep hearing about how steep the Elk Pass trail up to Nippletop is, but honestly it wasn't too bad. In my opinion: the Seward Mountain Trail (off Seward Mtn), Panther Brook Trail (off Panther in the Santanoni's), Cold Brook Trail (Marshall's shoulder), and the Slide Brook Trail (off Macomb in the Dix) are noticeably more difficulty. I'm wondering if this one gets more attention due to the volume of hikers using it vs. the others. This is not to say it is not steep- it is. It is just well maintained, easy to follow, water re-routes off the trail are great, and if you take your time (especially when it is raining) you'll be fine. Big plus in that I did not see any of that slick, red moss that plagues hikers on steep, heavily saturated, sun-soaked ascents/descents!

    Adam "Yeti" added Baker w/wife

    20 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Baxter Mountain

    21 days ago

    It was raining pretty hard when we had ventured up Baxter. The rain stopped while we were at the summit which allowed some decent views of the Lower GR and Giant covered in clouds and fog. Decent views from a few balconies on the last 1/5 of a mile. Rain restarted on the way back down making for a wet descent. Not difficult and gradual trail- family and pet friendly

    Adam "Yeti" added Baxter w/wife

    21 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" completed Baxter Mountain

    21 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Marcy

    23 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Mount Marcy via Van Hoevenberg Trail

    23 days ago

    My recording was at 14.8 miles. Don't know where the guy who wrote in a previous review got the 17.9 miles, unless he left from JBL or ascended via the lake Arnold trail and summited up the backside of the mountain. Clear and sunny day, shared the summit with about 8 other people. Hiked the mountain on the day after the Memorial day holiday. Going at this time was by design as during peak hiking season, the summit steward has reported counting upwards of 150 to 200 people on the summit- plan accordingly. Still a small amount of snow in spots but easily avoidable and spikes are not needed at this time.

    Adam "Yeti" added Marcy

    24 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Henry’s Woods

    28 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Baker

    29 days ago

    Adam "Yeti" added Big Crow

    about 1 month ago

    Adam "Yeti" added VIC Outer Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Big Crow

    about 1 month ago

    Snow and ice are now officially gone on the crows. Still a little wet but clear of the white and slippery stuff.

    Adam "Yeti" completed Big Crow

    about 1 month ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Baker Mountain

    about 1 month ago

    Trail is finally dry but bugs have come out. Definitely should have brought the spray with me. Please- people with dogs, remember to remove dog poop from the trail and either keep them on leash or hold them when people pass. Twice on my hike, wet dogs that were off leash had jumped up on me. This is a popular hike full of people and tourists (especially now that the weather is breaking), adjust accordingly.

    Adam "Yeti" completed Baker Mountain

    about 1 month ago

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Henry's Woods Trail

    4 months ago

    Trail is well maintained. A great trail for trail running with the micro/nano spikes. Seems overly dog friendly. They have at least 2 dog depot stations throughout system. Came across at least 3 dogs off leash and a handful of poop piles frozen to the trail. With its proximity to town and its easy paths, I can definitely see this being a very crowded spot during the summer months.

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Bald Mountain (Rondaxe Fire Tower)

    5 months ago

    Steep portions have turned icy with the brief thaw/freeze. Micro-spikes worked fine on the way up, switched to crampons for the descent. Enjoyable hike. Summit was bare (no snow/ice). Had the mountain to myself until the return trip when I passed 2 other hikers.

    Adam "Yeti" reviewed Rocky Mountain Summit

    5 months ago

    Very icy but anything more than microspikes might be overkill. Winter ascent took 24 mins. Great views with minimal effort.

    Adam "Yeti" completed Rocky Mountain Summit

    5 months ago