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    Member Since March 2013

    Angie Brinkman Pro-red@3x

    Holland, Michigan 

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    Angie Brinkman reviewed Torrey Pines via Gliderport and Black's Beach Trails

    4 days ago

    Great hike! Bring plenty of water and wear sneakers (hiking boots are excessive and we went barefoot for the beach portion). While there were plenty of naked people, there were plenty of clothed people too. The cliffs were gorgeous and the water access was convenient

    Angie Brinkman reviewed Eagle Lake Trail

    5 days ago

    Gorgeous! Decent stair climb but not too difficult for the inexperienced hikers with the group. Halfway up is a beautiful waterfall, and at the lake are trails to explore. Water was a little chilly but clear and a great swim. One in our group got strong by a wasp, but the home is short enough that he was ok.

    Angie Brinkman completed Eagle Lake Trail

    5 days ago

    Angie Brinkman reviewed South Fortuna Trail and Fortuna Saddle Trail Loop

    5 days ago

    Great hike! We added 1.2 miles by detouring out and back to the north fortuna peak which was a tough addition but worth it. Took us 4 hours and 2-3 liters of water each (we are experienced hikers). Decent birding, great views, fun hike!
    Note: due to extreme heat conditions signs were posted to not do this hike with dogs, kids, or inexperienced hikers in the heat of the day

    Angie Brinkman reviewed Mount Monadnock via White Dot and White Cross Trails

    9 days ago

    Within the quarter mile we found 3 orange salamanders! Hiked this trail with kids in the age range from 8-16. They did great with some occasional help. It ended up being 4.3 miles for us and there was a marathon going on. So this was more than just the normal heavy trafficked trail. Still, it was cool to watch people conquer such a race! We got to the top in about 2 hours with a couple water breaks. One scramble going up on white dot was tough with kids and I was glad there were so many people there to help. (You had to hug the wall and just go fast). Definitely, go up white dot and back down white cross! People were going back down white dot and that would be dangerous with young kids. I thought it was dangerous for adults! White cross had a lot of puddle hopping. The hopping was fun at times (until you didn’t make the hop). Make sure you have hiking shoes cuz you will need the grip up and down the scrambles. The rangers were helpful and great at the entrance. He said it will take you about 4 hours, and it did! (I usually am much faster). Overall, great hike and my nieces and nephews did it without complaints (to be honest, bribes were used). This is a great hike I would do it again! Maybe, even make it a tradition with my nieces and nephews!!