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    Aanita Maher

    San Francisco, California 

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    Aanita Maher reviewed South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail Loop

    6 days ago

    We did this trail at the beginning of September and completed in 11 hour (minus the trail to Phantom Lodge.
    We are not experienced hikers and this is probably our 3rd hike.
    Go down the S.Kaibab trail due to water refill spots. We sat at ooh ahh point to watch sunrise - beautiful.
    I found going down way more difficult than coming up.
    We crossed the bridge and sat in the cold river to cool off - definitely recommend. Crossed back over and made our way out with a lunch spot at Indian garden and regular breaks.

    We packed energy bars, 4litres of water each, glucose drink, electrolytes, painkillers (which I used for my weak ankles and knees) and fruit for lunch.

    Weather was overcast after 12pm so we were very lucky. Came out feeling great we got to see and bathe in the river!!!!