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    A.J. Fabbri completed Mount Osceola Trail

    30 days ago

    A.J. Fabbri added Beaver Brook

    about 1 month ago

    A.J. Fabbri completed Sterling Pond Trail

    4 months ago

    A.J. Fabbri reviewed Mount Jackson Trail

    5 months ago

    From the perspective of a flatlander Bostonian who hasn't done much hiking, this is NOT a moderate level trail. I've hiked Monadnock, of which every trail is rated hard by this app, and this route makes those look like Boston's tiny Blue Hills in comparison. I would definitely rate this trail as hard if I could. The experience, though, was awesome. The app says it's a 4.4 mile route, but it's really 5.2 miles, 2.6 each way. It's a challenging and very rocky hike, but the views are absolutely amazing. The wind at the summit is refreshing, along with a couple of fast and frigid streams running along the path. This hike is a rock-filled grind, but it's worth it in my opinion. Again, the views from the top are breathtaking. Also, bring some trail mix and take out some peanuts or raisins at the summit to feed its resident Gray Jays, which will land on your hand and take the food. For me, that was the most memorable part of this hike.

    A.J. Fabbri completed Mount Jackson Trail

    5 months ago