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    Member Since August 2019

    Сара Додер

    Charlottesville, Virginia 

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    Сара Додер reviewed Delicate Arch Trail

    24 days ago

    I did this trail last year in March. Didn’t have the app then but figured I’d write a review about it now. It’s crowded. You change several terrains so have some good shoes on. Don’t be like some tourists who I kid you not were in sandals. There’s some parts which are slick with a large incline, there’s an area that’s sand, there’s an area where it’s rocks, and then there’s the “cliffy” area and as someone scared of heights I did find that scary but overall I LOVED it. A bit of a challenge but on the easier scale.

    Сара Додер reviewed Saunders-Monticello Trail

    24 days ago

    I am not an experienced hiker and I’ve done trail many times. It’s usually people walking their dogs. Doing a run. Lots of families on the weekends. You might want to come very early to grab a spot. Finding parking is probably the hardest part about this trail.