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  2. Doug Neidholdt 771995
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  4. Bill Watson 452170
  5. Bill Crain 328784

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  2. Tim Todd 12295
  3. Bill Watson 10530
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  5. Scott Densmore 9501

Member Activity

Carlos Hernandez saved Roaring River Falls Trail

less than a minute ago

Glenda Hurtado completed Bear Ridge and Sitton Peak Loop Trail

less than a minute ago

Glenda Hurtado added Recording - Mar 23, 01:39 PM

less than a minute ago

Kelly MacLeod added the barbecue pit

1 minute ago

Heather Rader reviewed Long Leaf Loop

1 minute ago

Trail was marked well in most places, sometimes it was heard to tell if we were on the trail but it’s well worn in those places. Wildflowers and trees were in bloom, no shade in many places (late March). Slippery slopes from pinestraw or loose gravel, trekking poles help a lot. Several steep inclines, a narrow rock ledge passage, a few creek crossings and road crossings. Scenic views on the south side of the pine mountain trail. All together, a good hike for building endurance and leg strength, I wouldn’t call it easy. We went clockwise starting from the park office and took our dog.

Kylie Mabe saved Barr Hammock South

1 minute ago

Seni C saved Murphy Ranch Trail

2 minutes ago

Robert Cohen saved 6 mile loop

4 minutes ago

Michael Cummings saved Indian Pass

4 minutes ago

Seneca James reviewed Cedar Creek Falls Trail [CLOSED]

5 minutes ago

Very well groomed trail and easy switch backing trail down and up. I went in the heat of summer and there was still water down there just no waterfall flowing. Only a couple of other people down there on a random Wednesday. Not much shade so plan accordingly.