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  2. Doug Neidholdt 900346
  3. Doug Giese 646156
  4. Scott Densmore 586998
  5. Bill Watson 539747

Most Trails Completed

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  2. Scott Densmore 1168
  3. Breck Tuttle 1158
  4. Bill Watson 1085
  5. Nivaun Rahne 970

Most Miles Recorded

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  2. Nivaun Rahne 12372
  3. Bill Watson 10690
  4. Alan Bourne 10223
  5. Scott Densmore 9686

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Thomas Mason added Activity 3850036317

less than a minute ago

Cas B saved Red Hill Fire Tower Trail

1 minute ago

Edward Oelman saved Triple Lakes Trail

3 minutes ago

Jan Datu saved Crystal Mountain Trail

3 minutes ago

Tyler Mose saved Gimli Ridge

4 minutes ago

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12 minutes ago

Sarah Gray added Summer 2019

14 minutes ago

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21 minutes ago

Jan Datu saved Crystal Peak Trail

22 minutes ago

H- Y-L completed Parker Ridge Trail

24 minutes ago

H- Y-L reviewed Parker Ridge Trail

24 minutes ago

Main problem with this trail is how busy it is, and how many people don't understand simple trail etiquette, such as walk on the right side of the path. Views are wonderful.

Michael Cuffe added Activity 3849988518

26 minutes ago

Becky Roberts completed Tripler Ridge Trail

28 minutes ago

Bristen Banales saved Amboy Crater

32 minutes ago

Ben Boyle completed Mount Douglas Bald Trail

33 minutes ago

Ben Boyle completed Moosehorn Trail

33 minutes ago

Ben Boyle completed Laverty Falls Trail

33 minutes ago

George Demochka added Avata Gorge

36 minutes ago

Tinelle Louis reviewed Chief Mountain Trail

39 minutes ago

Got there at 7am which was perfect timing. Was able to park across from the trail entrance and enjoy a long break at the summit. Headed back down around 10am and the traffic of people going up was non-stop like running water. Take breaks as needed because it is a steep incline the majority of the trek. Beautiful views the entire hike, but of course the grand finale is breathtaking!

Olivier D updated Boucle de Caussade - Trelissac

39 minutes ago

Connie Ruel added White Cart Water Loop

40 minutes ago