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  2. Doug Neidholdt 900609
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  4. Scott Densmore 587523
  5. Bill Watson 539772

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  2. Scott Densmore 1175
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  4. Bill Watson 1086
  5. Nivaun Rahne 972

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  2. Nivaun Rahne 12378
  3. Bill Watson 10695
  4. Alan Bourne 10223
  5. Scott Densmore 9691

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tripp fischer completed Middle Lake Trail Loop

less than a minute ago

Scotti Scotti Good completed Barrier Lake Trail

1 minute ago

Rachel Whaley completed Ute Trail

2 minutes ago

Gustavo Duque saved Goat Lake Trail

3 minutes ago

Cindy Webb completed Tokul Walking Trail

3 minutes ago

Teddy Jones completed Bearfence Mountain Trail

4 minutes ago

Mariam Yapur completed Rio Grande Trail East

5 minutes ago

Jenny Rae Peters completed Valentine Lake Trail

5 minutes ago

Robin Shanks completed Chase Point Trail

5 minutes ago

Andy Dodsworth reviewed Ptarmigan Cirque

6 minutes ago

Crazy busy on the trail last weekend. 20 people deep at some points.

On the other hand, it's a great trail for young families.

After some initial switchbacks, the trail flattens out and opens up into the Alpine meadow, with greats views, a waterfall and a stream running adjacent to the trail at the top.

Hillary E completed North Valley Trail

6 minutes ago

Steven Audet completed West Dyke Trail

7 minutes ago

Irene Melchor saved Eaton Canyon Trail

7 minutes ago

Quint Smith completed Barclay Lake Trail

7 minutes ago

Irene Melchor saved Bronson Caves

8 minutes ago

Andrew Durden completed Huntington Beach Trail

8 minutes ago

Irene Melchor saved Castaic Falls Trail

8 minutes ago

Vishal M completed Ebey's Landing Trail

9 minutes ago

Ram Gonela completed Buttermilk Trail

9 minutes ago

Irene Melchor saved Skull Rock Loop

10 minutes ago

Eleonor Rilli saved Veteran's Park Loop

10 minutes ago

Daisy B completed Morro Bay Harbor & Estuary

11 minutes ago

Robin Clark saved Glen Alpine Trail

12 minutes ago