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Shane Newton reviewed Large South Balcony: Flegere to Brevent

1 minute ago

I didn't exactly hike this trail. Spent a winter weekend in Chamonix (14-16 Dec 2018). The trail I hiked was actually Le Flegere. Beautiful hike that ended at a ski station. The next stage was Le Index, but I was not allowed to continue with skiers on the slopes. So I had a sandwich and warm wine then took the Flegere ski lift back into town. I am not certain how to upload new trails into here, but there are countless hikes in this area that AllTrails does not show.

For a December hike in this area, you must have walking sticks (I prefer ski poles for their durability), crampons, and good winter boots. Also, you have to be careful and physically fit because the snow can get quite deep on the trails during the winter. The locals advised me against doing the White Lake (Lac Blanc) walk during this time of the year, because the snow drifts can get chest deep. Besides, you cannot see the lake in the winter anyway.

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