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  2. Doug Neidholdt 903524
  3. Doug Giese 674168
  4. Scott Densmore 590573
  5. Bill Watson 540776

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  2. Scott Densmore 1172
  3. Breck Tuttle 1159
  4. Bill Watson 1086
  5. Nivaun Rahne 970

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  2. Nivaun Rahne 12372
  3. Bill Watson 10689
  4. Alan Bourne 10223
  5. Scott Densmore 9690

Member Activity

Maia Reed saved Gore Lake

less than a minute ago

Whitney Hill reviewed Miners Falls Trail

less than a minute ago

This trail is highly trafficked and the falls are quite beautiful. I can see why people enjoy it. The path is wide and easy for all types of hikers. But given the amount of people, we enjoyed Tannery falls way better.

Nicola Baer saved Timberline Lake Trail

less than a minute ago

Scott Kuhn completed Mount Cameron

less than a minute ago

Scott Kuhn added Mount Cameron

less than a minute ago

Sarah Woychick added Bar Harbor

less than a minute ago

Clayton Woock saved Pacific to Redwoods Loop

less than a minute ago

Asylan Valko saved Ben Tyler Trail

1 minute ago

Hayley Cowan saved Moonshine Arch

1 minute ago

Patrick P added nashville

2 minutes ago

Whitney Hill reviewed Tannery Falls

3 minutes ago

We loved this less traveled trail. There was only one other family out there while we were hiking. The trail head is very difficult to find since the grass is way over grown, but if you start the record feature on the app, you can find your way across the construction to the trail head. We did both waterfalls. There were lots of mosquitos down at the falls, but other than that, it was mostly bug free.