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  2. Doug Neidholdt 772166
  3. Scott Densmore 469388
  4. Bill Watson 452470
  5. NATHAN TSANG 329833

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  2. Doug Neidholdt 1108
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  5. Tim Todd 967

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  2. Tim Todd 12299
  3. Bill Watson 10540
  4. Alan Bourne 10219
  5. Scott Densmore 9502

Member Activity

Wrong Turn saved Wagon Wheel Canyon Loop Trail

less than a minute ago

Maja Erke added Activity 3493654878

1 minute ago

Michael Meyers saved Matterhorn Peak

3 minutes ago

M Liu reviewed Bane Canyon Loop Trail

4 minutes ago

Overgrown weeds in some part of the trail. Some people were up there for wildflowers, crowded from the entrance on Sapphire road all the way to ranger station.

Fabio Barani followed Stefania Mortali

6 minutes ago

Amanda Stelter saved Nasty Rock Trail

7 minutes ago

Richard Garcia reviewed Pinnacle Peak Trail

9 minutes ago

Very short hike....an up and bak heavily traffic trail around 3miles or so. There are some moderate areas, but a novice hiker will be fine. The views of homes, golf course are absolutely beautiful. perfect hike for photos.

Spencer Bates added Arizona Trail

11 minutes ago

Camille Small saved Big Horn Mine Trail

12 minutes ago