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Member Activity

Yuanhang Zhao reviewed Lake Blanche Trail

less than a minute ago

Incredible views and really fresh up here. The trail is well-maintained with little to no loose rock for most of the way, but I made a rookie mistake at one point and backtracked at the rockslide about 1.5 mi from the summit of the trail because I didn't realize it looped back around before continuing upwards. The rockslide is probably the only area you'll need to do some bouldering.

We departed from the base of the Mill B Trailhead at around 4:00am and reached the peak at approximately 6:20 - 6:40am with little to no issues. It was extremely dark and windy at that departure time so we brought bright LED headlamps, which were used at least 3/4 of the way up because there is no visibility without some kind of headlamp or flashlight until first light past 5:20am at the earliest. I brought about 24 oz. of water along with a spare pouch and finished it all off, so it's strongly recommended you bring even more than that if you plan on hiking it in the morning past sunrise because it will be hot and you will get dehydrated without enough H2O to keep you going.

Be warned that while the trail is well-maintained and relatively easy to navigate, it is relentlessly steep and the switchbacks are still going to be uphill. It gets crowded on your way down if you decide to go earlier in the morning. The payoff is breathtaking both ways looking at the lake and down into the Salt Lake valley and I hope to do it again soon!

Michelle Ebalaroza reviewed Hamama Falls Trail [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

2 minutes ago

Very nice hike!! One that I'd definitely do again but early morning cause the trails are mostly uphill and it gets hot! It made that waterfall even sweeter when I get there!! :)

Kimberly McKee saved Dege Peak Trail

3 minutes ago

Robyn Graves completed Laurel Loop

3 minutes ago

Robyn Graves completed Norwottuck Rail Trail

7 minutes ago

Robyn Graves completed Bray Lake Loop Trail

7 minutes ago

Scott Smith completed Grotto Canyon Trail

7 minutes ago

PhLo S completed Old Wagon Loop Trail

7 minutes ago

Sunny Wheat saved Lake Valhalla Trail

7 minutes ago

Robyn Graves completed Manhan Rail Trail

8 minutes ago

Austin Williams saved Bald Butte Trail

8 minutes ago

Jacques Touillon reviewed Torrey Pines State Reserve Trail

10 minutes ago

Splendid view and magnificent vegetation!

Jeanna Mann saved Upper Priest Lake

10 minutes ago

Christie Morley saved Pole Steeple Trail

13 minutes ago

Mar Paez saved Los Gatos Creek Trail

13 minutes ago