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  2. Doug Neidholdt 771845
  3. Scott Densmore 468563
  4. Bill Watson 452020
  5. Bill Crain 328784

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  2. Doug Neidholdt 1107
  3. Bill Watson 1054
  4. Breck Tuttle 1048
  5. Tim Todd 966

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  2. Tim Todd 12295
  3. Bill Watson 10530
  4. Alan Bourne 10219
  5. Scott Densmore 9498

Member Activity

Chrissy Reece added Taos

1 minute ago

Tammie Neve reviewed Uproute Extendo Loop

1 minute ago

The start of this trail is steep, but levels out. Many routes to go from the top if you want to extend your mileage. I went to McCullough Peak from there and made for a good workout.

Tammie Neve reviewed 420, 300, and 400 Trails Loop

1 minute ago

Well, I had a love/hate relationship with this trail. I heard it was a "moderate" hike... I believe they meant for Sherpa's! The view was amazing, saw deer and I'm still alive.

Tammie Neve reviewed Davies Nettleton Loop

1 minute ago

One of my favorites. Good, gentle climb and views! Accessible during bad weather... although may get a little slippery in some areas.

Kelly Smith completed Greeter Falls Loop

2 minutes ago

Kelly Smith added Greeter Falls Loop

2 minutes ago