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Reputation Score

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  2. Doug Neidholdt 876515
  3. Scott Densmore 567224
  4. Bill Watson 513743
  5. Doug Giese 490098

Most Trails Completed

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  2. Scott Densmore 1148
  3. Breck Tuttle 1126
  4. Bill Watson 1076
  5. Nivaun Rahne 970

Most Miles Recorded

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  2. Nivaun Rahne 12344
  3. Bill Watson 10628
  4. Alan Bourne 10218
  5. Scott Densmore 9606

Member Activity

Erik Garcia saved Dinkey Lakes Trail

1 minute ago

hale l updated Westhaven and Ponsonby Walkway

3 minutes ago

Liza Qaddourah completed White Cloud Nine

10 minutes ago

Liza Qaddourah reviewed White Cloud Nine

10 minutes ago

It was a beautiful day with a light breeze making it a nice easy hike with our dog. We actually did the lower loop - Carol's Trail, 1.9miles. View were really spectacular!

Pollyanna Gaskell saved Teggs Nose Walk

10 minutes ago

Brandon Johnson added Complex Run 3

16 minutes ago

Martin Basil added Activity 3762239849

18 minutes ago

Martin Basil added Activity 3762239799

18 minutes ago

Emilie Velasquez saved Lacs Jovet

24 minutes ago

Haley Forkner completed Eska Falls

30 minutes ago

Haley Forkner added Eska Falls

30 minutes ago

Jenel Alohalei saved Lake Valhalla Trail

37 minutes ago

Paul Abrey added Activity 3762206289

37 minutes ago

Alex Lambert completed Grouse Grind Trail

40 minutes ago

Alex Lambert reviewed Grouse Grind Trail

40 minutes ago

A trail done purely for the challenge of it. I pushed myself to do it as fast as I could but slowed a few times to take photos. I did it in 59 minutes and was exhausted. Come to find out the trail record was somewhere around 23 minutes, by a women. Damn!!! Yes, very crowded but worth challenging yourself.

Matt Vandewalle saved South Sister Trail

43 minutes ago