Photos of Malaysia Rock Climbing Trails

8 days ago

Did this trail in April during the raining season so started early to avoid getting caught in a thunderstorm. There are 2 options to do the loop, start at the jungle and return scrambling or start scrambling and return through the jungle. I did the latter. After 10 min you get first great view and it gets better the further you go up. Sunrise is pretty good from the top so an early start is recommended for that as well. Once you reach the first top it is serious scrambling over the quartz cliffs to get to the last one (4-5) increasingly higher tops. There are some areas that require focus as a wrong move could end up very badly and if you are afraid of heights you probably want to avoid this trail. If you’re in for a different type of hike with some rock scrambling, great views and some exciting traverses this is your trail. The return through the jungle is pretty boring hence I give it a 4 star only. I did the trail start to end in 90 min. with 10 min. spend on photos and took about 1 hour to summit and figuring out the trail at the difficult points so it’s not very long but definitely worth your time.
Start point is near the Klang gate and almost in KL city so I took a grab up (RM22 or USD5 from town) and after I finished the hike, walked to the nearest LRT station (approx. 5 km) and took the train back.
Recommended to give this a try if you’re in kl and have a few hours to spare.