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Best part is you can hike straight from the parking lot, no waiting in line for the tram (1.5hr wait all day on a Tuesday). Wonderful photo opportunities. Not the most interesting hike in Zion but still worthwhile.

Did this one in August 2015. Brutally hot weather, but otherwise great hiking conditions.

The hike up to "base camp" was spectacular - beautifully maintained trails, pleasant elevation gain, and uninterrupted views of the canyon. I would recommend that first leg of the hike to most anybody.

The actual Angel's Landing climb is a completely different beast. Between the heat, the treacherous drop-offs, and the altitude, it was an intense hour or so. The view from the point, though, is fantastic - panoramic views of the canyon and its technicolored rock walls complimented by a dozen or so California Condors circling overhead.

A very memorable experience, and a worthy member of the hiker's hall of fame.

Is this open yet? I am surprised to see comments from people even this week

1 day ago

Awesome spot. Beautiful views and the puppers loved it! Just watch out for bikes if you are walking your pup because the turns are sharp and people were riding fast.

Second time in the Narrows confirms my belief that this is an experience to not miss. I used 2 adjustable walking poles and which seemed to make me balance and move more safely than those with one or none. They say water shoes are not recommended. I found my water shoes to be just fine. Unless you have bad ankles I don’t think you need ankle support as long as you are cautious about foot placement. Go early (before 7:30) to avoid the crowds, and don’t miss this hike!!

Mentally tough but rewarding hike.

Hard hike but worth every minute!

5 days ago

i love this hike. not for non hikers.

People are insanely unprepared for this hike. Energy levels are showing way to low and the main hike to the top hasn't even started. The chains are a huge help, but this isn't for the average "walker" or tourist in a pair of snickers. You must be prepared for this, hydrated and the proper footwear. Seriously people! no more near misses- this trail will close permanently

This s one of my favorite hikes of all time!! I've done it several times. Incredible!!!!!I would recommend going early in the morning ( at least in the summer) the sun can be pretty brutal.

Absolutely worth it. The crowd gets less and less the further you go through the canyon. We took the shuttle at stop 3 to avoid the awful line at the visitors center. We all wore water shoes we previously got for rafting. Made it all the way to the fork and tried climbing up those water falls, but eventually grew tired; we were not prepared to hike 10+ miles.

Definitely worth it! Less known and less crowded than the other hikes. Saw a great herd of bighorn sheep on the way. A great place to cool off with some fun rock climbing and rocks to jump off of into the pools.

We started at the visitors center at 7:30 am. It was so busy we had to wait for a bus. The entire shuttle was heading to the narrows so be prepared for traffic. We hiked all the way to the spring which was pretty, however not sure it was completely worth hiking all the way out there. Tons of people paid $25 for waterproof shoes however my sneakers worked just fine. It is worth hiking in about 2-3 miles early in the morning when the shade it still covering the water. It took us 2.5 hrs to get to the spring and about 2 hours to return. On our way back, it was like an amusement park trying to navigate through all the crowds. Go early!

It's funny to hike with chains in the hand, but don't too worry about the danger. Just be careful. Actually the most difficult part is before reaching the cliff, as it's very steep. When you hike with chains, you always need to stop to wait for others in the opposite direction, so will not be very tired.

It's so excited to hike in a river! I hiked for two hours. It's will be one of the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Amazing amazing place... not to be missed
Easy enough hike, trail is well wide with not too much traffic

Great hike. I didn’t do the chains but my girlfriend did and loved it. Even the hike up to the plateau at the top is worth it though. Go early to avoid crowds.

One of the best, most iconic hikes in the country. Hope it opens up again soon.

15 days ago

Great walk and only trail dogs are allowed in park

Challenging but fun hike. Go early to beat the heat. View at the top is amazing.

favorite hike in Zion! extremely awesome, sheer vertical cliffs all around.

Four stars, not because of the hike but because they really should permit this hike on/past Scout Lookout. There was TOO many people coming up and down those chains with total disregard for right-of-way and no experience.

Fantastic views!! It’s a quick hike, so a great start to a full day in the park. I suggest to hike this in the morning with the sun in the east.

Left my Springdale hotel at 6am, drove into the park and left my car at the museum, stop 2 for Zion bus. Made it to stop 9, Temple of Sinawava by 7am. The virgin river was at 39 cfs, a nice low water level for the hike (search USGS river level to see what it is at, 80-100 cfs is a rougher trip). I hiked with my two boys, ages 14 & 11. We made it to Big Springs, 4.3 miles up river, in 3.5 hours. Wall Street area was by far the best, hike got much harder after that. In one section we had to either get through deep shoe pulling sand (in 3-4 feet of water... yes, almost lost my shoe), somehow scale up a 8-10 foot boulder, or swim around in 7-8 feet deep water. We all went different routes, I had a dry pack, but had to take my older sons backpack so he could swim the deep section. My youngest pulled off the Spider-Man scramble over the boulder, while I fought off the mud monsters in the deep shoe pulling hole. Ate lunch up at Big Springs, Imlay Temple. We saw no crowds going up since we were a part of the first group out. Met some overnight campers coming down from their campsite. Finally made it back to the stop 9 bus around 2pm, back to hotel by 3pm. Fun, challenging, and long day.

The bus to the trail took over an hour and set us back hard. Went in a very hot day wish we could have finished the hike didn’t even get the the wiggles ! We had dogs at a daycare and had to get back to them at 3. I plan to go back dog free and finish the hike didn’t seem difficult just wasn’t in the best mind space

This trail is awesome but crowded. I went with family in mid-July (7/21/18) when it was HOT. We were grateful for the chance to cool off in the river. I recommend bringing layers, as it’s much cooler in this area of the park than you might expect. Recommended footwear would be either hiking shoes and wool socks or Chacos. You can also rent boots and walking sticks from Zion Outfitters.

Our group included people ages 4-75. The kiddos were able to do the parts on land and took a ride in hiking carriers for the rest as the river gets quite deep and rocky for a toddler in some places. Depending on your ability, you may benefit from walking sticks or some steady hands to hold, as crossing the river and walking on the river rocks can be challenging. For the less able members of our group, we crossed with river together to support each other.

I highly recommend hopping on the shuttle early (6-7am) to beat the crowds and to get back before any afternoon weather changes roll in. On our way back we passed droves of people. It appeared that 10am-12pm was a really poplar time.

While I personally enjoy hikes that have less traffic, you can’t beat the views and a refreshing trip into the Virgin River in Utah in the heat of the summer.

Lastly, make sure you watch the weather and plan accordingly before attempting this hike. Flash floods are not something to mess around with. Weather/trail-closure information can be gathered at the Visitor’s Center Information Desk. There is also a board with weather/trail updates at the shuttle stop at the Visitor’s Center.

23 days ago

Nice moderate mid level view. Nothing over the top stunning, except a few mule deer. Is a nice short hike to wind down a long day.

I highly recommend this if you are in shape. Wiggles seemed more difficult than the hike to the top. The view is amazing, but there are many chipmunks and squirrels looking beg or steal food. Do not feed them, their scurrying about under your foot is not safe. Walking along the spine can be intimidating, but it is beyond worth the energy spent

My boyfriend and I won permits for this hike about a year ago now and it was a great experience. Though I will disagree with the mileage listed above. By the end of the day as we reached the car my GPS indicated over 11mi hiked. NPS page for The Subway notes 9mi from the bottom up. Either way expect a long slow approach, though we flew out! Maybe because we were going against the current of the creek on the way in.
We opted to bring out hiking boots as well as a ultra light sneakers for in the water. I’m glad we had both, my fee would not have faired well wearing my ultra light sneakers the whole hike.
I was also really happy to have my trek poles.
Bring some tasty food and have a hang and a swim when you reach the subway! Though there are several great swimming holes along the way.
Take your time as the rocks get be unpredictable and really slippery at times and you’re in the backcountry so a slip and fall here may end up being a bigger deal than if you were in the narrows in the park.
Have lots of water or a water filter, even though we were down near the creek with a moderate amount of tree coverage it was still really hot.

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