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fun hike !!!

Great short hike with a nice view at the end. Very busy, however.

on Emerald Pools Trail

4 days ago

We did the full loop

on Weeping Rock Trail

4 days ago

Super easy. We went later in the evening and sat under the rock. It was like sitting on a porch on a rainy day watching the sun go down. Very peaceful

Great hike - we had 5 little ones (ages 5-7) in tow and there are some mildly hairy parts but overall the entire group loved the hike and the views!

This was a great easy first day hike and introduction to Zion. We went there in march in the late afternoon and the weather was fantastic. We also did it as a loop - took the grotto trailhead, then the kayenta trail that connects you to the emerald pools. We went to all 3 pools and the upper was the most spectacular at this time of year. We took the emerald trail back down to the lodge. I highly suggest doing this loop as the scenery on the kayenta was great and way better than just the emerald pools trail. Thank you to all who mentioned doing this loop!!!

7 days ago

Such a great hike! Not too difficult, beautiful terrain, spectacular views, good for kids (maybe 7 and up). Don't miss the parking lot! If you're approaching from the west....turn right immediately out of the tunnel! It's a little difficult to turn around if you miss it and you can't get into the lot if going the other direction; you'll have to park along the narrow road. Shade is scarce so go in the morning if it's summer.

Super easy trail. First hike we did in Zion in October 2017. Views are astounding.

I was not overwhelmed with this trail. Being the beginning of March there was no real water flow, but the canyon walls were pretty as were the few views of the park. Very very busy, and I did it in the morning. Probably wouldn’t do it again, but I am glad I can say I did it. Suitable for all ages!

Great easy trek if you are visiting Zion in the off season and still want to get a great vista without the snow climbing. Very easy hike in about half a mile with a fun bridge to cross and a jaw dropping scenery once you reach the end. It’s about a mile round trip, good easy activity.

If you're doing the east rim to observation point I would save this for on the way down! Quick hike, fun adrenaline kick for those not afraid of heights.

Fun hike! Not a park maintained trail but TH is marked. No people! Quiet except for running stream.

14 days ago

This trail is so beautiful so much different terrain. Longer than a mile round trip probably 1.5 but easy!

14 days ago

This was our first stop in Zion and we made a loop by hiking the Kayenta to the Grotto trail, back to the lodge. The lower pool is easy to get to and gets increasingly difficult the higher you go. The upper trail view is gorgeous and totally worth the climb!

This is by far one of my favorite hikes I've ever done. However you need to time it right, this is one of the more popular hikes in the local area so sometimes there are long lines to get up and down the ladders.

I loved this hike. It's fairly short but fantastic views especially during sunset, and a little treachery which adds to the appeal. We did it in a snow storm and felt pretty safe.

The walk up was very slippery. With as many people as they have walking this short hike I would think they could at least shovel this off. The views were nice.

Short hike with beautiful views at the end. Fairly easy for all ages.

Quick, easy hike. Interesting one with lots of variances. Great view

Fun little hike with a lot to see. Did this hike at the spur of the moment on our way out of the park. It was an easy trail but don’t take it for granted. We had already changed our shoes and wished we had our hiking shoe back on. Very cool rock formations up at the observation area.

This was our fist hike in Zion. We made our way back by Kayenta Trail to the Grotto trail. It was a fun hike and the snow made it even more interesting. Easy first day hike.

We added this short trail on to our day after we did Angel's Landing. It snowed today but it made for a wonderful experience. The hike was an easy but beautiful hike. We are glad that we were able to see it.

We did this trail as our first hike in Zion. It was very pretty but very busy. We saw both the Lower and Upper Emerald Pools. We talked with a park ranger who was hiking the trail at the same time as we were. He suggested taking the Kayenta Trail after the pools and then the Grotto Trail to make a beautiful loop.

Great warm up for a day of hiking!

I love the view, just too short. It’s easy, not hard.

Really crowded but nice easy trail

Took this trail up and continued onto the Kayenta trail. Very beautiful and an easy walk. I even did it with my 10 month old in his jogging stroller. Handled the bumps and rocks just fine. The inclines weren’t a problem either. A few parts we had to lift the stroller up and down some rocky steps. But didn’t slow us down at all. Will definitely do it again.

1 month ago

Great trail but it is strenuous. Our small group ranged from 55-70 years old and had a wonderful trip but climbing that steep 400 ft cliff at the end took about an 55 minutes with a few rest stops. We were pretty tired by then and glad we hiked it in February with cooler temps.

My Garmin GPS and a phone app recorded 10 miles round trip and took us 8 hours, stopping for photos on the way up. However, after uploading the trail, it appears the signal near the Subway became erratic and may have added another mile or so. The trail (round trip) is certainly longer than 6.5 miles, probably 8-9 1/2 miles. Also, the dinosaur tracks way-point is incorrect as listed on All Trails. It's upstream further and well worth finding. It's on the north side of the river and the trail runs right next to the gray rock with the tracks. My coordinates are N37° 17.979' W113° 04.199'

We had water shoes and pants but did not wear or need the pants going up, however, my wife and I wore them coming down river so that we could walk in the river instead of having to climb up and around boulders. I think it's a little safer than taking chances hoping from rock to rock on the all the river crossings.

1 month ago


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