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6 days ago

Easy enough hike, could be at the top and down again in under an hour. If you are looking to stretch the legs before a more advance hike I suggest this one. Views are incredible from above

easy hike, if you can call it that. it is less than 30 minutes but a fun experience if you have the time.

Short, easy hike. Nice cool place

This trail was well populated with families, as it should be (keep them off Angel's Landing!!!) It's an idyllic hike to a cool pool, with many opportunities along the way to drop into the river. I'd recommend this for a hot summer day because of the access to water.

8 days ago

Although the grade is steep to walk up to the falls, I didn't feel this was a hike - more of a walk up to the falls. This is a good trail for families because it's paved and wide. Just be careful nobody slips on the water.
This is a short hike, so every time I'm in Zion, I tack it onto my other hikes.

Easy trail. Nice views through the valley. Only 3 stars as it is just not comparable at all to some of the other hikes you can do in Zion. If you only have one day in Zion and are happy to do a harder hike I would suggest hiking Angel’s Landing (even if you don’t do the chains) or Observation Point.

Middle and upper pools are closed I would save your time and energy for another hike. Was extremely crowded around 10:30-11 am when we went.

very short steep hike, less than 10 minutes to the top.

this was the only trail we could do in the time we had as we arrived at 5 and left at 7. you take shuttles to the various trails which took up some time. The valley was shady. the pool was not spectacular but the trickling water was nice to see and hear. Views of the peaks with the setting sun striking them from the shadowed path. easy hike.

fun little walk

Scenic trail with good views and leading to a small waterfall.

19 days ago

Easy short trail with very nice plants and very good views

22 days ago

Easy, mostly flat trail thru Zion

I really enjoyed this hike with the running water of the Virgin River next to some of it. The waterfall was nice and there’s so much to look at along the way.

Interesting short hike that is steep for the most part. The information on plants is nice as you go up. The water coming off the rocks is refreshing.

1 month ago

Very short hike but a fun stopping point. My 5 year old was surprised and proclaimed, “We are done already?!” Our kids quickly tipped their heads back and stuck out their tongues to catch the falling water drops. Pretty views, nice and cool under the water and shade, quick hike. Add it in with a few other hikes since it’s so short.

Short steep walk to weeping rocks
Worth the hike
Amazing views and cooling off in weeping water

1 month ago

So more of a park and look. This is a great picture and experience on the way up towards observation point or hidden canyon. It is cool to see the constant rain of water. However, dont make this your only reason of riding the bus out there.

Nice easy trail, everywhere in Zion is scenic, if your not in great shape this is a trail most people can easily do.

worth the 5 minute stop on the shuttle for sure. Its like a 300 ft. inclined climb. takes 1 minute to get there

1 month ago

short hike.
great view from the rock

Nice easy hike on a path. We only made it the first pool due to time. Was crowded in the late evening around 6pm on 6/3

Walking trail. Skip a shuttle stop and walk 30 minutes between grotto and lodge.

More steep than descriptions sound. Pool is not picturesque. Very busy.

Short hike with gorgeous views and refreshing mist from “Weeping Rock”.

1 month ago

Outstanding view from top. Quick short hike!

1 month ago

This is part of the trail that branches off to go to Hidden Canyon and Observation Point. This is a good, very short trail that you can use as a warmup before you take on either HC or OP (or both). It's not worth taking the ride out purely for this trail, though.

Super easy hike for all skill levels with rewarding views at the end. The pools are spectacular.

I came to Kolob Canyons today to hike several of the trails and found that the park is current closed and will be so from 1 May to 1 December 2018. See https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2018/03/15/kolob-canyons-to-close-for-7-months/#.WxG_jWenpI4 It's a beautiful place and I look forward to getting to these trails.

We did this hike as part of a loop from the Lodge to the grotto and back to the Lodge. It was a nice hike to get up and see the Lower Emerald Pool (we chose to not go up to the Middle or Upper pool). A bit steep but not too bad and nice views of the Lodge area from the top.

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