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Pleasant, easy hike through some of the most beautiful scenery of Zion.

Easy. Good to do on a day when you wanna do a bunch of stuff. Pretty

Great hike as it showed just how varied and beautiful the landscape is in Zion National Park. I would rate easy-moderate. Don’t forget to take some of the side trails to the canyon rim on your way up and back
Saw very few people on the East Mesa part but the final approach and point are busy.

5 days ago

I would def consider this a walk instead of a hike. It’s such a lovely walk though! So peaceful to do in the evenings or mornings. It was a great cool down after a day of hiking other trails. Saw lots of deer and the views are great!

A lovely, gentle hike with drop dead gorgeous views all around! Follows the Virgin River, and crosses over it over bridges several times. A great warm up or cool down hike, or if you are just in the mood for something chill! There are several places with river access, and I enjoyed soaking my feet in the icy water after a longer hike earlier. Enjoy!

17 days ago

More of a “walk” than a hike. Flat and paved pretty much the whole way. But just like every other part of Zion, there are some great views.

17 days ago

Short hike, but views are fantastic. Plus, the car ride up to and through the tunnel is worth doing by itself. If you’re going through the park, you’ll need a pass.

Gorgeous view! Don’t let the beginning climb scare you off, it’s totally doable.

The Park map calls this a moderate trail. There are rails throughout to help so to frequent hikers, this would be considered easy. There is a small wood bridge so if you have a fear of heights, probably not the best trail for you. The view is definitely beautiful all throughout though!

Nice trail. I would rate the hike Easy/Moderate. Very narrow at one point. Lots of great views.

24 days ago

Great little trail... Spent a week doing a lot of the areas trails.

Fun easy hike with great views! A must do if you’re coming past the tunnel on the north side

Fun easy hike after angels landing. Tons of deer to see around sunset time.

Short but was able to get some beautiful shots

We really enjoyed this trail, being that our 12 year old didn't want to make the climb from within the park. I didn't think it was hard to find at all. I googled East Mesa Trailhead in Springdale, and my phone took my right to the parking area.

For the reviews that say this is boring... I'm not sure what those people are looking for when they hike. If you look around while hiking this trail, there is so much beautiful nature to take in. It was quiet and not crowded until we got to the merger with East rim trail. From that point on, it was rather crowded. Now for the destination - So worth it! I didn't realize how great the views would be from this point. Looking down on Angel's Landing was a great view, and it looked so small from this point!

The trail is mostly slight uphill the whole way, until about a mile to the end, it is downhill to the observation point. That of course makes for some uphill walking to head back out if you are doing the out and back. We checked out some of the side trails towards the top - they go to some pretty amazing views as well.

26 days ago

Loved this hike. Beautiful views along the way and especially at the end. It was cold in the morning but hats and coats made it perfect!!!

1 month ago


1 month ago

This hike is a hidden gem in Zion. We didn't see many people and the views are wonderful. On my map, the distance was measured as 2.5 miles - it felt longer. After reading other reviews, it seems only the loop is actually 2.5 miles. There is a lot of sand, but it sorta adds to the hike. The views are killer. We're so happy we did this trail. Definitely go clockwise around the loop!

This was such a great option for hikers that don’t want to climb the 2,000 foot elevation to make it to observation point.
Took us a little while to find it, half the time we were wondering if we were going the correct way.
I have a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis and used supplemental oxygen during this hike. I could definitely tell the air was getting thinner as we went higher.
There was one spot on the way back that offered to be quite the challenge for me. There is a pretty steep hill before this trail meets up with the East Rim trail. I’m not going to lie, having to climb up it on the way back wore me out!

Beautiful views at the top. The first portion of the hike is relatively easy. There are some steep switchbacks up the mountain until you get to the flat forest-like portion at the top that leads to Observation Point. Only took us about 3.5 hours to do the whole hike, including our rest at the top for pictures and snacks. Worth going to check out Weeping Rock by the start either before or after your hike too.

short and sweet.

1 month ago

Awesome views. Get an early start with the heat. Not too hard and well worth the effort!

Beautiful hike that takes you up some steep switchbacks then you level off as you walk thru Echo Canyon which looks like you are on Mars! Once through Ech Canyon you travel back up a series of switchbacks that take you from the backside of Observation Point to the frontside before you reach a beautiful plateau where you finish this amazing hike with a 1/2 mile walk to the actual point that looks down on Angel’s Landing.

scenic driving
1 month ago

The wait time to the shuttle was around 20mins and its awesome, the shuttle stops and many places and you can start your hikes, if you dont have time and just wanna see few viewing points this shuttle is the best way.

Too many people, paved, something to pass the time but not a must do by any means.

1 month ago

Very short but cute. To start.

great little hike to start the day to the observation point. loved it with our group and have some fabulous pics.

tip do the short quick hikes first.

new rule of thumb for us.

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