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11 hours ago

Beautiful trail! Mostly walking through wash and rocks. can get tricky in some areas, but fairly smooth going. went with my daughter and she enjoyed climbing while I was fine reading on a rock and watching... so definitely something for all skill levels.

4 days ago

Easy hike with amazing views. Going into the lava tubes is cool but climbing on top of a cool rock structure was probably my favorite though. The view was amazing!

Easy trail with many creek crossings. A few too many people for my taste.

This is a must do! Experience hiking and rock climbing does help. Bring a rope/strap just in case and plenty of water. I don't recommend going alone. Best route is up Peek-a-boo and then down Spooky. If you have time take a stroll up Dry Fork to see the varied rocks and for the solitude.

8 days ago

Definitely my favorite hike. I got bored at school yesterday so I ditched to go on a I hike. I ended up doing this one with my dog. Even though I do this hike all the time, it is still one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen at the top. The entire city of Ivins is laid out before you like a patchwork quilt. It most definitely is one I’ll be repeating for years to come.

Hiked 02/21/18. I checked the weather conditions prior to starting by visiting the Escalante Interagency visitor center (I called the number multiple times but no one answered so keep that in mind if that happens to you). The ladies there informed me that there was a large ice cold water puddle right in front of the Peek a boo entrance. they stated that since there is water there, there is most likely water within the a lot canyon as well. My bf and I wanted to try anyways... so we took the chance and headed out on the drive. It's an hour drive to the entrance. We had. four wheel large car so we were able to get close to the starting point. LOAD ALL TRAILS MAP BED
FORE LOSING SIGNAL. This saved our butt from not getting lost. Anyways, we started with Peek-a-boo based on reviews on here. Sure enough there was a huge 12x13 water puddle that was shin deep in front of the 12ft steep rock we had to climb. My bf went first and we rough rope so he was able to lift me up with the rope. I have leg strength but zero upper body strength. He is 27yo male and i am 26yo female. So bring rope just in case!! I couldn't have climbed that without help. We took our shoes off to get through the water and yes it was cold but worth it! there were only two other small water puddles in the canyon after that. the rest of the hike was great. lots of fun, problem solving and pictures taken. Definitely do this hike- it's so fun!'

If you're doing the east rim to observation point I would save this for on the way down! Quick hike, fun adrenaline kick for those not afraid of heights.

11 days ago

Decent trail! Poorly marked but absolutely beautiful views.

One of my favorite “trails” in Zion’s. Don’t get too stressed about following a path, just follow the pools and enjoy the unmaintained bliss that is “Many Pools”

scenic driving
15 days ago

Awesome.... part of my Zion trip.

I loved this hike. It's fairly short but fantastic views especially during sunset, and a little treachery which adds to the appeal. We did it in a snow storm and felt pretty safe.

Wonderful experience! The hike getting to the Lava Tubes is easy to follow. It’s exciting being able to explore the tubes. Bring a flashlight and don’t be afraid to get some dirt on you. There are three tubes that you can explore.

23 days ago

Great walk with the family. The sand is hard to get used to walking in and we all found that it tired our legs out pretty quickly. Make sure you download the map on your phone as there is no marked trail. We got off the trail for a while and had to hike over hills to get back on course. The sand makes for great headstands. Beautiful scenery and we saw lots of little lizards.

23 days ago

Nice hike. The lava tube was really cool! It's a tight fit in some spots. You will definitely need lighting, as it is pitch black inside the tube. We used miner's type lighting so that our hands were free. You can go quite a ways in the tube. It eventually stops so there is no way of getting lost.

25 days ago

Great hike to do with kids. We did the Chuckwalla connecting to Turtle Wall. The kids loved the climbing/bouldering opportunities! Very wide defined trail. Definetely will do again for the "natural playground"!

I'm not sure how to make this a loop hike. We started at the Paradise Rim trailhead and hiked to Scout Cave and ended up coming out I believe at Johnson Canyon in Snow Canyon. Luckily, we had a family member to come pick us up to take us back to our car. Would love to do again and figure out how to make it a loop hike. The trail was beautiful from Paradise Rim to Scout Cave, lots of fun lookouts. Hiking out from Scout Cave you're hiking in a wash, nothing much to see from there. Would do again, but would like to figure out the loop.

25 days ago

Such a fun trail! Great for the kids. Loved the interesting facts posted on information markers near the lava tubes and fields. There was a moderate amount of traffic but the closer we got to the overlook, the fewer people we came across. Looking forward to visiting again to explore the tubes a bit more.

28 days ago

Awesome trial! Tube entrances were amazing can't wait to go back and explore again soon!

28 days ago

I walked between Sunrise and Sunset Points. This is flat, paved and offers awesome views. It was about 1 mile back and forth. Maybe someday I will do the entire path.

1 month ago

This hike shouldn’t be rated at hard. Trail not always clearly marked but you can take the riverbed as well. At the end it can be a bit tricky and steep when you go to the end of the canyon. Absolutely beautiful views and this trail can always be made more challenging by climbing the surrounding rocks.

I don't understand why this is rated as moderate. very high drop offs, not for anyone scared of hights. not for me.

Challenging hike with great views.

This trail is definitely an easy one full of different tubes to climb into an explore.

The hike should be rated as easy. Lava tube was very unique!

1 month ago

Super fun quick hike up. The incline is immediate in the many switchbacks but once you get to the ledges, the view is completely worth it. Back inside the canyon is good for some fun scramble over the rocks.

A great hike! We needed our day with this one. It was very relaxing once you get in to the canyon. Stays pretty cool and there is some scrambling

The hike is actually easy, not moderate. It is mostly walking through sagebrush until you get to the lava caves and some fun rock formations to climb on.

We had great time on this trail. It was not too hard or too long just a nice hike. We took about two hours to do Scout Cave and Johnsons Arch.

2 months ago

No idea why this is rated as ‘Hard’. This should be rated ‘Easy’ since you will be hard-pressed to get winded on any part of this hike. Regardless, it’s beautiful once you reach the canyon walls at the end.

we went as far back into the canyon as you can go and it was amazing! definitely one I'd recommend to others. lots of simple scrambling involved!

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