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Sisters Zion Trip Round 2

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Extraordinary hike combining clean hikes, to more strenuous adventurers. Rock climbing, stair masters and high elevations — nice stop points to have lunch and take-in the spectacular views. One of my favorite ad it combines a little bit of everything into one full day hike. Wouldn’t suggest this hike as family friendly.

This place is beautiful!! A must see.

Easy paved hike to the lower Emerald Pool. The Trail to the upper pool was closed. I went on a rainy day so there were two waterfalls at the lower pool. It’s pretty, but not quite as memorable as some of the other Zion hikes. Good for a rainy day though as it’s not really a hike for views/vistas.

on Lower Emerald Pool Trail

7 days ago

Made the best of the Emerald Pool and waterfall since the others were closed. A good walk, on mostly pavement, that almost anyone could do. Beautiful views all around you along the way.

13 days ago

Beautiful water features and plant life- lots of humans

off road driving
16 days ago

Great trail would highly recommend!! About a mile or so before you reach the falls the trail splits you can either go right towards the falls or left up the mountain. Going left will take you up to the cell towers on the peak of the mountain. Views are amazing. Trail is pretty rocky and some big washed out ruts in a few areas make this difficult for any vehicle without some good clearance.

Great hike. Rent the gear, it is worth it. The farther you go up the less people you encounter. We went as far as you can go without a permit which is Big Spring. Start earlier rather than later to enjoy more time exploring as it gets dark early in the narrow canyon.

Awesome trail, little rough in the beginning. Smooth sailing afterwards.

We visited in late November and this little trail was one of our favorites. It’s not particular well marked, and you have to scramble across the stream on rocks a couple of times to make it all the way to the waterfall, but definitely worth it. Very quiet and beautiful. We had kids along (ages 5-10) and a couple sections were more challenging for them, but if you take your time you’ll be fine.

Absolutely amazing place to hike!

Only had time to do half this loop but what we did complete was beautiful. Once you got past the Angels landing crowds and onto the west Rim trail that branches off from Angels landing it was quiet, peaceful and had amazing views.

MEH. Uneventful, compared to other water features. Muddy trail and a lot of traffic. The views are all looking UP.

If your want a epic day hike in Zion, get all the incredible views and get away from the crowds, shuttle traffic and weekend warriors this is the best thing going! This point to point hike will take you from a east rim triailhead just inside the east entrance across top of the Mesa down into Zion canyon, it’s 11 miles and you meet up with trail coming down from oberservation point.. If you start this trail from inside canyon you have 2,700 ft of elevation change, shuttle crowds and waiting time. Starting from east entrance and you have only 1,200 ft of elevation gain and easy late day shuttle ride out. We hitch hiked back up to truck which is a 11 mile stretch. Would suggest using 2 vehicles to shuttle back at end of day. Quiet low traffic hike, lots of different terrain with all the gratifying views at its end. If your up for it once you hit the observation point trail, you can venture up instead of down for about 720 ft of elevation gain. Enjoy!

Spectacular even on a cool November day!

28 days ago

Decently easy trail, but wouldn't recommend cars/crossovers take this. Helped a gentleman with a popped tire in his Lexus CUV. Has quite a bit of sharp rock areas and a few washed out dips but anything with ground clearance and decent sidewalls can make it. The falls are really pretty. Camping spots not far from falls, but it does get windy at night.

Nice short hike. Beautiful colors. Would love to see in the spring with more runoff.

1 month ago

Wanted to do some short hikes before we drove back to Vegas. The upper and middle pool trails were closed due to rock falls so that left the lower pool. It was Ok. Real easy. I will say the fall colors were really gorgeous on the trail! Other than that, the pool at the end was nothing special. If you have time to kill and want to get in a short hike, I would recommend this one.

I really loved this hike. Slot canyons for days. We turned around shortly after Wall Street. Pro Tip: travel is really slow, our pace was just over 1 mile/hour. Normally we move over 3 /hour.

1 month ago

This trail is fun and simple! Great cool down/warm up. The rock can be slippery when wet so watch your footing! The upper pools are closed due to rock falls in July.

I went at dusk and so avoided the crowds (well, other than a pack of photographers with their 3-legged companions at the start). Trees are changing here and they look spectacular against the canyon walls. The walk from the lodge to the lower pool (as far as you can go right now) was shorter than I would have liked but it was a very welcome opportunity to stretch my legs after a long drive in.

1 month ago

Short hike with a beautifully groomed trail. Waterfall was dead when we passed through but totally worth the hike!

Very fun hike to do with kids. Did this with my wife and 9 year old son and had a blast! Took most of the day but worth it. If you plan to bring kids, make sure you check out the water levels. You can also check in with a ranger before you go to see what the likelihood for flooding is. One thing I read people raving about was the canyoneering shoes you can rent outside the gate and how much they recommend them. We all rented for maybe 20/25 bucks a pair. My wife and son liked them, but my pair just kept the water in the boot all day and by the end they were really sore and pruny. Might invest in something waterproof that drains the water more efficiently.

so, it's fun, it's just a walk in and out of water in a deep canyon. great views. we would have been fine in keens and shorts. maybe cold up till may. if you do not have shoes then rent only them its twice as much for pants

We started out by renting gear at Zion Outfitters in Springdale. For $45 each, we were given waterproof pants and boots, neoprene socks, and a sturdy wooden walking stick. The water level in the creek varied from ankle to thigh deep. The water was 50 degrees..In areas where the water was not clear, you need to be aware of submerged rocks that can cause you to fall We hiked as far as Floating Rock and then turned back. I think we hiked a.bout six miles. This hike was a good change of pace.

Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park UT. Was the most thrilling climb that I have experienced in a longtime! If you decide to venture to Angle’s Landing you must go all the way to the top! As Elenor Roosevelt famously stated “ Do something everyday that scares you”

1 month ago

Really fun trail. We hiked it late October and it was a little difficult to navigate. We did have to climb over rocks in a tight space to get to the waterfall in lieu of getting in the cold water. This is a short but moderately challenging hike.

Lovely, beautiful And adventurous trail! Captivating landscapes and rock walls!

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