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I did this hike back in April. Best experience I’ve ever had. That was my favorite hike in Zion and over all, I’ve done a lot but that was the best. It was long and strenuous but, if you put your mind to it you can definitely do it. Loved this hike!

Top top top! Dis it in 4 hours starting at the sunrise last October, it was absolutely fantastic!

3 days ago

There has been a report for “probable chance of flooding” in Zion this week, but rangers were still issuing permits for this hike. Just be sure to start early and use GPS and/or cairns for direction! Very easy to get lost off the trail if you’re not careful. Otherwise, amazing experience at the “Subway” area. Make sure to swim to the last waterfall!

Solid hike. I was able to get to the top in about 2 hours. I went early around 8am, the traffic was super light. Tons of people were coming up when I walked back down around 1030am. I’d do this and really any trails in Zion early. Trail was easy, but I hike a lot. It gets steep and has some drop offs that you would not survive if you fell, there are no rails but the trails are wide enough for two people to pass each other comfortably.

Amazing view ! Absolutely stunning. So worth it !!

Lots of uphill but doable. Stunning views. was fun to look back on Angels Landing where we had hiked the day before.

Great hike. Can get crowded in the summer.

A longer hike and definitely has some less than exciting points along the way. Longer and higher but culminates with a view looking down on Angel’s Landing

Very difficult hike but great views and scenery along the way.

Very challenging hike with a bunch of variety! So many different terrains and geologic features throughout the hike. The last few miles feel like they take forever and the final push up out of the canyon tests your limits. So rewarding to finish!

Coolest hike I’ve ever done. Took about 7 hours all the way through. This is a one way trail so you need to leave your car at the bottom and have a ride to the top to be dropped off. $15 permit required. The views are incredible, staying on the trail in the beginning is tricky. You have to look for the rock stack markers. But once you’re in the water you’re there. Very different than any hike I’ve ever done. Very remote and they only allow 80 ppl a day to go in. We didn’t see many people on the way.

Fun hard hike pretty much straight out of the canyon! Views are spectacular. Low traffic in the early am.

10 days ago

I thought this one was the prettiest of all hikes at Zion. Incredible views of the whole canyon, thru different formations and rock colors.
I did Angels Landing the day before and it was pretty cool to look down at it during this hike.
I’m not sure why this one is rated hard. There are absolutely no technical parts. It is paved for a great portion of it. Then it’s sandy in the flat parts. I wore my trail running shoes and I got some sand in. Perhaps better to wear higher ankle boots.

Kids absolutely love this hike! Easy fun scramble to a nice cool slot canyon!

13 days ago

Need a permit for this hike. You will have to drive out from the campsite to get here. Beware - the beginning trek which brings you down to the river is VERY STEEP. You’ll need to remember that for when you return to your car. Bring LOTS of water. Stacked rocks will guide you on your journey all the way to the end. Flash flooded night before so the pools were willed with sand :( incredible hike! Took about 8 hours if I remember correctly.

My all time favorite hike just the scenery lost track of time and was out there with my brother and cousins it was 9 at night no light but our phones and only the stars over the narrows walls to guide us out most memorable moments in my life and then hit “Casa de Amigos” after...

14 days ago

I really loved a lot of this hike. The 2-3 miles of what you see on google images is amazing and you could spend a lot of time in that area. Very spectacular. However, I do think this hike comes short compared with the top down narrows hike as that has 10-12 miles of beautiful canyons. This is a must do hike if you can get the permit.

My wife and I made this hike together. We started early and in doing so beat the worst of the days heat (100 F).

We are in our mid 50s so it was a more challenging for us than many of the younger hikers on the trail with us.

For us the joy was completing another of the most challenging hikes in Zion National Park.

Amazing views. Not really too difficult. Worth the hike.

Loved this hike! Best views of Angel's Landing from the top.

16 days ago

Amazing! Coming back out can be a bit tiring especially if it's during warmer weather.

17 days ago

Gorgeous views during the hike and at the top. We took the first shuttle from the Visitor’s Center and mostly avoided direct sun exposure during the toughest parts. I was surprised at how many people were coming up when we were coming down around noon— definitely go early! It was worth the work.

Nice hike up to the top with gorgeous views. A lot of switch backs getting up there and coming back. We started out pretty early. We did it on Sunday 6/3. Zion was packed took about 45 min to get in the shuttle at 8am. The trail was pretty busy but spread out. In the morning nice shade on the first part of it. Then got pretty hot. One of best spots is slots Canyon on the way up. Take a lot of water!!! Once we reached the top we spent about an hour eating lunch and relaxing. She has server fear of heights and was fine with hike. It’s a nice hike if you like switch backs. But worth it once you reach the top. Amazing views.

We went Monday 6/4. Very crowded! We tried to get there early but still took about 1hr to get on the shuttle the 40 min ride up to the trail. We got there at 7:30am the line for the shuttle was already long but the shuttles seemed to be running slower then the day before. Once we to the trail the first mile is up the river walk. Nice easy hike. We also rented the gear only $20 well worth it. The socks help keep your feet warm an the boots give good ankle support you are waking in the water just about all the way over rocks. The stick also helps out. Just made the hike more enjoyable. We saw others without the right gear and the were complaining and having a hard time. It’s easy to sprain an ankle in there. It was a very hot day out but the narrows it was cool. We even had a jacket on till later in the day. We hiked up to the split and went to the right. The slots got more narrow and there was a water fall up there. Then we headed back. We didn’t make it to Wall Street. We had seen enough. It was extremely crowded. We spent about 6hrs doing this hike. The hike was amazing, beautiful cannon walls. Water wasn’t to cold once you got use to it. Nice places to swim in there. Take a lunch nice beautiful spots for lunch. Take your time and enjoy it.

One of the most famous hikes at Zion. Began in the morning, maybe around 10am. I hiked this at the end of June, and the water levels and the current weren't too bad. The water was never waist height for as far as I went. There's not really a trail here, you just follow the river for as far as you want to hike, and then turn around whenever you've had enough. My friend and I hiked maybe 3.5 miles up the Narrows and then turned around. There were a ton of people when we went, so if you're trying to avoid crowds, it is probably best to go earlier in the day. There are great views, the water is relaxing, and there are tons of places to stop and take breaks. All in all, a great hike!

A beautiful, but challenging hike. If you go early in the morning, you can be in the shade almost all the way up. We left about 7 am and were glad that we did. A beautiful view down on Zion Canyon including Angel’s Landing.

If you are only in Zion for one day, do this hike. It’s way less crowded than Angel’s Landing, it’s maybe as strenuous but not as scary as Angel’s Landing, plus, you get to look down on Angel’s Landing.

Important: the name of this trail is very misleading. DO NOT drive to the East Rim trailhead. It cost me over an hour to figure out I was wrong. Take the shuttle to stop 6 (Weeping Rock), the trail starts there and is called “Observation Point”. Off season I think you can park directly, otherwise you must take the shuttle.

This was an incredible hike with some of the best views I've ever seen.
My husband and I hiked this with our 2 year old (in his pack). It took us 1hr 45minutes up and 1hr 30 minutes down and that includes the occasional water break along the trail. It is a steep hike and currently very hot weather but it is so worth it.

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Chose this over angels landing due to the crowds/heat/and basic safety. This view point gets you WAAAY above the valley anyway and is just breathtaking. Advice: do it early in the day and bring PLENTY of fluids because it gets H.O.T. Trying to write an honest review here because I’m a marathoner and hiking up and down was really fairly easy - I could probably do it in an hour up and a half hour back down (not counting the time spent up there). BUT, if my 52 year old average-fit father can do it 1.5 hours up and 1 hour back in the sweltering heat at 1pm, YOU also can do it! Like I said, I’d advise you to do it early if you can, and then bring plenty of fluids regardless of the time of day. And then enjoy one of the best views you’ll ever see!

Best hike at Zion so far! Like everyone else states, start early. We were at the shuttle stop at 5:45am. Took first bus at 6am. A few groups of people were around at this time. We (family of 5–kids aged 10, 11, and 17) all hiked in Chacos. Chilly at first but got used to it. I would recommend a jacket this early even though forecast was 101.
We hiked about 3 miles into the canyon. At the split, we turned right to hike back into the canyon where it narrows even more.
Great sights all around. Definitely more crowded on the way back.
Loved it!

Super hard but so worth every step! Go prepared and bring lots of water and food.
Take note of the trail when you start hiking along the water, you'll need to find it when you make your way back and its likely going to look way different in the late afternoon!

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