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Planned to hike Hidden Canyon but on the shuttle bus I learned that it had been closed that morning due to flash flood damage. I was a little short on time but decided to try to get to Observation Point with enough time to get back down and get back to the house by lunch. I’m so glad I did. What an amazing hike. Starts out steep up some switchbacks and then enters a slot canyon. Then there are more switchbacks and the trail wraps around the cliffs. There are a few more switchbacks and then the trail pretty much straightens our until the end. The views up top are stunning.

This trail is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great views of the canyon and absolutely exhilarating with the large drop offs and hairpin switchbacks.

I did this hike on 7/20 and as of today, 7/21, I was informed by a ranger that the trail is CLOSED due to a rock fall.

1 day ago

Watchman is a nice, short, easy hike with a great little 360° loop at the end, giving you views in all directions.

Great hike up. It challenged the kids a little and the payoff of views at the end were wonderful.

What a great trail. The kids loved the hike up and the views were great. This trail is worth it.

Hiked July 9th. Yep, the sand was a butt-kicker, and the 102F heat didn't help matters with very little shade on the trail. That said, highly recommended trail. It turned out to be 6 miles round trip. Payoff at the end is so worth it. Plenty of space at the falls to lay on a towel. The pool at the falls started to shade around 1pm, and by 2:30 was fully shaded.

Just want to clarify some directions because we got a little confused finding this. Turn left as if you are going to Zion Ponderosa Ranch, turn left on Twin Knolls Road, and where the check in is, you keep going straight. There's a sign there that says Trailheads. After that, you will get to a dirt road and see signs that guide you to Observation Point. If you get to a dirt road before seeing a sign for Trailheads, you missed the turn.
Prepare yourself if you are going in the summer heat! There is not a lot of coverage, bring sunscreen and at least 3 liters of water per person. We passed a handful of people who had run out and they didn't even make it to the end yet. I would suggest taking this trail as early as possible to avoid the heat. There is no water and no bathrooms.
As far as the trail, it was easy across the Mesa, then downhill for about a mile to Observation Point. The only hard part was going back up on the return. Overall, it was a pretty boring hike for kids, made it feel like forever. I think I might prefer the strenuous route just for the change of scenery. Also, this was a total of 7.2 miles, not 6.7 (or 6 on some other sites). There are nearby cliffs but you can't see them because they are blocked by brush and trees. Once you get to Observation Point, it's really beautiful. Overlooks Zion and you can see Angel's Landing, which was pretty cool.

Beautiful and full of unexpected sights. Well worth the climb to the overlook.

I did this hike back in April. Best experience I’ve ever had. That was my favorite hike in Zion and over all, I’ve done a lot but that was the best. It was long and strenuous but, if you put your mind to it you can definitely do it. Loved this hike!

Loved this hike. It feels long when it's got in the summer, there's not a lot of shade. The places we found shade were really humid. This was a pretty easy hike. There is hiking through some sand and up rocks, but it wasn't bad. Definitely bring yourself a lot of water if you are planning on going in the summer, without cloud cover. If you bring kids, there are frequent access spots to the creek so they can cool off. There are fun places for them to explore and climb around on.
At marker 8, there are pictographs- when you see the bench.
So worth it once you finally get to the end of the trail- the waterfall is beautiful, water is cold. Kids can play/slide on the rocks to the right. The water is deep enough to swim in closer to the falls. Feels long, but it's definitely worth it!

on Canyon Overlook Trail

5 days ago

This trail should not be rated easy!! Easy = I can take grandma on a short hike and she will be fine. Easy = I can hike this in sandals.

Nope! You need proper hiking footwear and anyone with balance or mobility issues of any kind should not be on this trail. This trail has steep sections (especially in the beginning) minor rock scrambles, and some exposed areas with steep drop offs without railings! There is one area in particular that was really sketchy - it’s very narrow, slick rock, and still wet due to recent monsoon rainstorms - no railings when it should really have them. One slip and it’s over....

Any fear of heights, don’t do this! The overlook is nice but there are better hikes in the park so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find parking.

Top top top! Dis it in 4 hours starting at the sunrise last October, it was absolutely fantastic!

My wife and I did this as a sunrise hike. Since we were staying in Springdale we got in the car at 3:30 a.m. and made the ~50 min. drive to the trailhead. We headed out on the trail at 4:45 with headlamps. Even at that hour, sunlight was beginning to crest the eastern horizon. An easy nearly 3 mile hike before descending off the Mesa towards Observstion Point. We arrived at the point just in time for "magic" hour. We stayed for about a half hour taking in the glorious sunrise views of Zion value, snapping pics and videos. What really made our experience amazing was that we were the only ones out there with the weather was near perfect at 60-65 degrees F. And all during the height of the summer season in July. The hike back was also great because it was like a new hike being in the daylight this time. Highly highly recommend!

6 days ago

There has been a report for “probable chance of flooding” in Zion this week, but rangers were still issuing permits for this hike. Just be sure to start early and use GPS and/or cairns for direction! Very easy to get lost off the trail if you’re not careful. Otherwise, amazing experience at the “Subway” area. Make sure to swim to the last waterfall!

Solid hike. I was able to get to the top in about 2 hours. I went early around 8am, the traffic was super light. Tons of people were coming up when I walked back down around 1030am. I’d do this and really any trails in Zion early. Trail was easy, but I hike a lot. It gets steep and has some drop offs that you would not survive if you fell, there are no rails but the trails are wide enough for two people to pass each other comfortably.

Amazing view ! Absolutely stunning. So worth it !!

Lots of uphill but doable. Stunning views. was fun to look back on Angels Landing where we had hiked the day before.

Go in the late afternoon to walk in the shade, and enjoy the colors. We went after 6pm. Amazing!!! We went the weekend after 4th of July and the temp was nice. Still hot, but the shade was great! BRING CASH!!!! $5 PARKING FEE IN CASH! Honor system.

Great hike. Can get crowded in the summer.

A longer hike and definitely has some less than exciting points along the way. Longer and higher but culminates with a view looking down on Angel’s Landing

The begin is very steep but getting to the area where you hold on to chains and try to keep from slipping was very fun! Combined with observation point this trail is wonderful

We hiked this with our four kids ages 5, 6, 8, and 10 and we all loved it! Variety of terrain but totally doable. The views of the canyon were amazing! We even spotted some mountain goats. Do this hike, you won’t regret it!

Very difficult hike but great views and scenery along the way.

11 days ago

Beautiful views! Did it in July during the middle of a hot afternoon. Not unbearable but it was hot. Make sure you take lots of water if you are considering doing the same.

NO SHADE. While only 6 miles and 500ft of gain, it makes you work for every inch. Sandy paths and jagged rocks.

But totally worth it. Take a lunch. Sit by the falls. The pond is deep enough I couldn’t stand up and I’m nearly 6fy.

13 days ago

Go early in the morning.

Fun hard hike pretty much straight out of the canyon! Views are spectacular. Low traffic in the early am.

14 days ago

I thought this one was the prettiest of all hikes at Zion. Incredible views of the whole canyon, thru different formations and rock colors.
I did Angels Landing the day before and it was pretty cool to look down at it during this hike.
I’m not sure why this one is rated hard. There are absolutely no technical parts. It is paved for a great portion of it. Then it’s sandy in the flat parts. I wore my trail running shoes and I got some sand in. Perhaps better to wear higher ankle boots.

15 days ago

Started at 9 am it took us 3 hours rt. Sandy trail which made the hike a little harder. Well worth the prize at the end of. the trail. What an amazing waterfall.

All I can say is amazing!!

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