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Did this after Angels Landing. Went about half mile up the River into the Narrows. The water never got much over knees. Saw Mitt Romney Hiking with family.

Beautiful scenery and nice break from the heat since it's in a slot canyon. Trail could be better marked.

Can’t beat the views or the experience! You can make this as long a hike as you want. We went through the narrows and stopped and had lunch on the banks. Definitely rent the boots, socks, and walking stick. Saw a lot of people take an unexpected plunge! It’s a must do (if weather permits) at Zion!

Great hike! Definitely rent the special water hiking boots they rent around town because they somehow, magically, keep you very secure on the wet rocks. It's like they have suction cups on the bottom or something, though I don't think that's the secret. They also keep your feet warm in the very cold water. This hike is as hard as you want it to be, and we hiked much farther than 2 miles. I think it's 16 if you go from the top down, which I would love to try some day. Fewer people that way, I'm sure, though I never mind sharing my hike with other people.

Fantastic hike! Our Kids ages 6-12 did awesome and loved every minute of it. The water felt great and very refreshing. Started fairly early, not many hikers. Coming out there were a lot of hikers getting started. Definitely go early! Made it to the second ladder. (Approx. 3.82 miles round trip to second ladder, completed in about 2 hrs 45 min.) 2nd Ladder rungs are falling off and is only safe for agile adults. Easier to go up than down. Kids cruised up the first ladder just fine. Beautiful hike! A must do for everyone of all ages. Will definitely come back again.

Great hike. A little tricky in a few areas but well worth the adventure! Amazing pic opportunities and the water felt amazing!

Breathtaking. Took the 6am bus from the Visitors Center and had the canyon to ourselves. Would recommend trekking poles for balance and high quality closed toe water shoes.

It’s like walking on wet bowling balls. Get good hiking shoes and enjoy the cool canyons air.


9 days ago

I know people are complaining about the $8 fee, but did you know that this stream is the water source for the town? And that because of irresponsible "hikers", they have had to deal with trash on the trail and in the creek, construct restrooms and a parking lot? I'd rather pay the fee and know that someone is actually doing a good job managing the environment since us outsiders are invading their town. Okay, enough about that. This is the second attempt to make it to the first ladder. First attempt was in November 2017, but had to turn around due to fading daylight. This time we were prepared. I just wore my regular hiking boots through the stream crossings and up the ladder. Great grip, and they dried quickly. Took about 3 hours RT to first ladder. Definitely saw some unprepared people there -- sandals, no water, no hats, etc. My two pre-teen kids did just fine because we had plenty of water and stuck to the shade as much as possible. New snack shop at the lower parking lot was fun - happy to support the local economy.

9 days ago

Crowded, paved, flat. Not much of a workout but beautiful.

Such an awesome hike. When I went it flash flooded the night before so super murky. Made it more difficult to walk through the water.

Pretty cool experience and different from anything else I’ve ever done! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is the crowds!! I’ve heard going early is the way to beat them. We probably got started around 10 and by that point it was already insane. I hiked about 10 miles round trip and did it in my chacos. Several people had gotten the fancy water shoes from the visitor center. While the water wasn’t that cold, I would suggest them if you worry about balance/ankle support. I didn’t always feel so confident in my chacos and had a couple close calls. Definitely must do once for the experience.

Kannaraville is doing a good job trying to make this trail clean with bathrooms, parking, recycling stations, etc. That said, it would be nice if they considered offering family discounts or Iron County residents a discount. It's pretty expensive to do take a larger family here~~which is unfortunate because we are local. Also, the ladders are hazardous. If the City is going to charge, they should improve the ladders ASAP. I saw an older man covered in dirt with an open cut on his forehead and a lot of blood running down his face~~really injured.

My husband & I went mid June. And it was great! The hike took us about 3 hours to complete & we got to the last waterfall. We didn’t get to tired since there was so much shade through out most of the trail! And your going in through the canyon, the water was super super cold. But it was most def worth it!! We stayed down on the free parking lot & our car was taken care of! The owners were very friendly and gave us an idea of the things we would be seeing going up! We got there at 8 & it wasn’t full with people! We enjoyed our hike very much.

This is a very popular area for a lot of people. If you hike top down you know you are almost done just by how busy it gets. This hike gives you a very small glimpse of what the whole narrows section really is. A lot of people tell me how much they love the narrows but only see this 1 or 2 miles of it. The best can only be seen if you hike top down, or hike way farther than what you are supposed to on this hike. Top down Narrows is best hike in Zion and probably Utah. This is just a small small taste.

My all time favorite hike just the scenery lost track of time and was out there with my brother and cousins it was 9 at night no light but our phones and only the stars over the narrows walls to guide us out most memorable moments in my life and then hit “Casa de Amigos” after...

The hike is very popular because the one picture seen on social media. I do enjoy the hike but I think the people who are in charge of the hike think its better than it actually is. There should not be a permit for this hike. Fun place to stop if down in Cedar area.

loved the hike and would have given it a 5 star. However, it was crowed and would recommend going early. Saw a few injured hikers that fell. The trail is slippery and you need to be sure of your footing. The other reason for a lower rating is the fee. $8 a person. I took 7 people and it cost me $65 which included a processing fee. Would rather have spent the money at a national park. Not worth the fee.

Just did this hike with my husband and two daughters (9&4). I was a little worried before we got there because i had read it was a difficult hike once in the river. Both my kids did great and had the best time! The views are incredible!! I would say this was easy-moderate in difficulty. There were some small sections where he current was going pretty good and since you are walking against it you really had to pay attention to where you were stepping etc. My husband walked with our 4 year old most of the time through these areas where the current was stronger. Otherwise she did pretty good on her own. Definitely will go back again! We did rent the walking sticks in Springdale. We wore our own shoes though. My husband and 9yr old wore older sneakers and my 4yr old and I both wore a hiking type sandal, which I thought was great! We all had no issues with our shoes.

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12 days ago

Loved it. Very peaceful when children not present. Had a group but they only stayed for 30 min. Definitely some scrambling involved. Saw some people Boulder to the right, tall peeps will be fine, short peeps should go left and then cross water, you don’t need to get wet - there are rocks to step in. Took a nap and read with the beautiful sounds of the fall. Highly recommend, not very many people.

Nice, easy trail that leads to the beginning of the Narrows.

$8 per person is not worth it. Fun hike, good time, just not worth paying $8/person.

I highly recommend this hike. We rented the neoprene socks, boots and walking sticks the evening prior to the hike. They were very useful. Get an early start because it can get very crowded. The shuttles begin running at 7:10 and it takes 40 minutes to reach the hike. The shuttle will be full but don’t let that worry you. Most of the people were going to hike Angels Landing. Layer your clothing. The canyon can be cool early in the morning.

Great trail covering several eco systems. Open desert, dense foliage, trekking through water. Awesome hike. The $8 fee has not slowed down the crowds. Go early.

Such a fun trail/walk! Amazing views, beautifully flowing river your walking through, cool breeze, and in the afternoon the sun warms you from the chilly water. An absolute MUST!

My kids (16& 14) and I did this hike on 6/5/18. it was AMAZING and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! I do recommend to renting the hiking boots, water socks and walking stick. You will br walking up the Virgin River against the current and a lot of rocks.

excellent hike.just completed with a 14 y/o & 10 y/o

today was 100 at Zion. This was the perfect trail to start at 11 and carry me into the afternoon. I didn't want it to end and kept going and going probably 3-4 miles past the end of the trail. The problem was I was wearing these old beach shoes that have been sitting in my garage since 2012. They were already brittle and worn out and the insole was holey. Needless to say by the time I thought, "I've gone pretty far," the right shoe broke. A couple miles down the left one broke. Instead of putting on my nikes which were in my bag, I did the last mile and a half barefoot. Today was a day of challenges. And pain. my feet hate me

Attempted this on mid January in -1 degrees and only made it 90%. Fortunately was able to get the opportunity to go again in June and it's gorgeous! Climbed past all 3 falls. Water shoes are great too have.
parking wise, there's a free family owned lot just before the pay lot. great people and they have a small souvenir shop too.

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