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Great trail for the very experienced hiker. Steep sketchy slick rock. Quite dangerous without proper shoes. I almost feel like this qualifies as Canyoneering. All of the elevation gain is on one slickrock section. The words “heart attack” come to mind lol. Took us about 4 hours, mostly due to being lost. You must download this map otherwise you’ll be lost. Finding the trail is nearly impossible. There are very few random cairns. Also, this is a major flash flood zone, so watch the weather.

9 days ago

This hike did not disappoint! started at 9 am and finished by 430, but we really really took our time. the weather was gorgeous and our hiking boots and smart wool socks were fine for the hike. perhaps bring an extra pair of socks or get neoprene if youre worried. this time of year the water didnt even touch our ankles. be prepared to climb and navigate
the hike is not too difficult but definitely is technical. also, be prepared to work your butt off when Climbing back out.

one of my favorite hikes ever

9 days ago

Another wonderful hike in Zion. This was a long day hike. We felt the warnings that came with this hike might have been overkill. “Route finding required” basically just means there isn’t a paved path; there’s multiple paths braiding both sides of the river. Other than the hike in and out of the valley, the hike is not challenging, but it is still a long day.

The subway was rad, and a main reason for visiting Zion. It’s a must do trip if you can get a permit.

Awesome scramble with an amazing view at the top. We followed a route description that roughly followed the GPS route mapped here. No technical climbing gear is required if you follow this route. The scrambling was rowdy at times (class 3-4) but never felt overly dangerous. Some of the climbing was up sturdy boulders and some was up steep slopes of sand and small rocks that were crumbling below us. After climbing the final "chimney" of the rock face, you reach a lovely flat plateau with petroglyphs before scrambling up the final few hundred feet to the summit itself. The view is incredible, with West Temple so close you could practically touch it. With a lengthy break at the summit and a relatively leisurely pace, the whole day took about 9 hours from the Chinle trailhead.

trail running
19 days ago

Trail ran this trail, beautiful views all around.

20 days ago

Definitely wouldn’t rate this trail as hard. I’d say its more like moderate. The hardest part is climbing back up the steep canyon, took a few stops to catch my breath. Bring water shoes and water socks makes it a bit easier on yourself. We had water leggings also but did not wear them. We didn’t get into the water at the end to see the water fall as it’s October and it was too cold. Bring snacks, a good pair of hiking shoes to hike in then bring something water proof to change into. If you are debating on bringing your professional camera you can it will be safe make sure you have a dry bag for extra safety. We did this hike late as we drove that morning 4 hours to get there and also had a difference in an hour in the time change. We began around 1130 which the ranger said we are starting off late after picking up permits, and we got out around 530pm. It was cold but we layered and were ok

This trail was reopened several weeks ago. It is an absolutely incredible hike and it's a shame that most people will never see anything outside of the main Zion canyon.

I strongly recommend hiring a shuttle and doing it as a top-down day hike. In the top-down direction the high mileage really isn't bad.

Also, my GPS put it at 16 miles, not 14, but not a big deal.

This was such a great hike! Very difficult and there is no clear trail but the views and destination are beautiful! There is some scrambling and the trail is mostly made of sand and slick rock. Such a great way to spend a day hiking! September 15, 2018

21 days ago

Great (not jaw dropping) views at the end, with opportunities for rock scrambling. The trail to the view at the end was peaceful and low key, but not very interesting. It was impressive how few people were around. The drive up to the trailhead is very scenic.

Lovely, beautiful And adventurous trail! Captivating landscapes and rock walls!

Definitely one of the best hikes I've ever been on! this is the only way to do the subway, folks. Coming from the other direction causes you to miss out on the whole experience. Ropes for obstacles & harnesses for repelling are necessary. tricky to find the trail in places but that is part of the adventure!! wetsuits also necessary in the late season. I love this hike!

Beautiful trail but not marked well. Park at the Sand Cove trailhead and follow the Flicker trail until you see signs for Arch trail. There are cairns to mark trail. We pretty much followed the footprints. The arch is not to far from the river on your right hand side as you go down the big sand hill ( which is a little tough going back up!) We went down to the river. The arch is easily seen on the way back... this time on your left. Definitely bring a lot of water. Great hike. Definitely use a GPS.

Nice short hike

The hike was beautiful! The water was very cold!

1 month ago

Harder than expected due to poor navigational skills and a sprained wrist. Would have loved to make it to the top, but turned back at the arch.


1 month ago

Great suprises of Mars looking rock formations

Such a beautiful hike the entire way!!! I wish I was wearing more water appropriate shoes. It makes me want to buy Chacos. I hiked in my hiking boots and it took two days to air them out haha. There was a forest fire on the day I went and the sky was this gorgeous orange color even tho it was around noon time. The orange sky bouncing off the colors of the walls of the creek and the slot canyon were to die for. I want to bring friends here and see it again!

Amazing trail! As others have mentioned, bring water shoes - the whole section from the red falls to the subway is best done in the river itself instead of climbing boulders on the side. Make sure to swim at the end of the subway for an unforgettable section behind the waterfall! The permit is not that hard to get through the last minute lottery mid-week.

1 month ago

Off trail, back-country hike. I’d give this 5 stars, but I didn’t get to summit because of the slow goings to get to the foot of the mountain. I talked to a guy after the hike that said it’s best to bring climbing gear - there are bolts.

Can’t wait to go back and climb it.

1 month ago

Amazing trail but challenging!! The hardest part is finding the trail and staying on it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the downloaded map from All Trails. Getting down to the valley floor is steep so I would recommend poles (although we did it without them, slowly). Once you get to the valley floor it’s pretty flat with several river crossings (wish we had worn water shoes with neoprene socks to change into). The last 1/3, after the dinosaur tracks, is basically boulder climbing. The last 10 minutes is walking up the creek to the subway. It’s beautiful!! A great place to have a snack. We did see 2 snakes (one rattlesnake sunning on a rock and one king snake going into a whole). We started at 11, a bit late, and ended at 6:15, with a 30 minute stop at the subway. Don’t forget you need a permit!

1 month ago

Beautiful from start to finish! We were lucky and won the “lottery” and was able to get a last minute permit! We got to the trail head about 7:45 and there were only a few people there. I think it took about 6 hours to complete but we stopped for pictures many times. We definitely saw more people on our hike back. Make sure you don’t miss the dinosaur tracks on the left side of the trail when headed to the subway. It was very amazing!

nature trips
1 month ago

Thanks for this awesome hidden route! Began the hike late at 2 pm. The view from the slickrock section was already incredible. Then some route finding through the minefield of bushes and little cacti. Then we changed the route a bit by following the creek bed further into the Backcountry and not to the Hoodoo. Behind a section of slickrock we climbed up the “Lobster Tail“ peak. There you are rewarded with a view only few visitors of Zion will get! You can even see the closed to public Parunuweap canyon. Amazing, you cannot believe this place of solitude and beauty exists within a NP with 3 million visitors a year. We did not see a single person that day during the hike. We then went down a little canyon behind the Lobster Tail and then to round it up we climbed the south side of the “Lost Peak“ to get a 360* panorama view of the east part of the park. Hiked the slickrock back down to the car. Better than Angel‘s Landing, Observation Point and the Narrows combined.

Hiked all the way to the second ladder but did not go up the second ladder. It was supposed to be decommissioned, also there were a few people struggling with it and we didn’t feel like waiting so we turned around.
Water level was ankle-high most of the way, only hip-high in a few spots. Beautiful trail! Make sure you wear proper shoes. I wore water shoes which worked fine. The trail was moderately trafficked this last Saturday afternoon in September.

Awesome trail, must wear proper waterproof hiking shoes.

The best hike I’ve ever done in my life!

1 month ago

Totally worth the extra leg work to get there. (Meaning permit and drive). Being a solo I lucked out and walked up to the Wilderness desk and got a permit for following day. I’ve got good luck!

The trail was what I’d consider moderate and only so bc of the trail navigation skills required. I found it to be beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard not to feel special connection with so few people out there.

The potholes were Fantastic! The morning was perfect weather and by noon when I finished- the sun hit the incline part of the trail. That’s was great motivation to finish that last mile quickly.

2 months ago

This trail was unforgettable and hands-down the best hike of my trip to Zion. We started the hike around 7:20 AM and finished around 2:00 PM. We had the trail to ourselves the majority of the time.

The slot canyons are absolutely breathtaking and worth the trek. The only strenuous portions of the trail are the descent and ascent to the river. Otherwise it’s quite a pleasant and easy trail. The terrain is mostly sand, so it’s similar to walking on a beach in hiking shoes.

- Start early in the day because the climb in and out of the canyon is quite steep and strenuous; you won’t want to do that in full sun.
- Pay attention for snakes, spiders, and poison ivy on the social trails out of the river.
- The water in the slot canyons is COLD, so brace yourself.
- Bring some sandwiches to enjoy once you’re out of the subway. There’s a nice flat rock to sit on and relax. You’ll be surrounded by a waterfall and butterflies.

2 months ago

THIS IS NOT A TRAIL!! its basically a make your own adventure hike which happens to follow the creek bed of the gifford canyon. climbing and bush wacking are required. there was nobody else on this "trail" but there were footsteps in the sand which helped navigation and eased the feelings of uncertainty. fun but a bit sketchy.

I've been to almost every national park in the lower 48 and this is definitely the most variety and most fun of them all. We're two females who brought climing rope and harnesses (well worth the extra weight carry, plus its mandatory to get out of upper Subway). The first portion climbing/skidding/sliding down an intensely HUGE rock mesa is breathtaking. We said over and over that we'd happily just do that hike anytime! Then you get into the deep canyons and just when you're tired of walking, you rappel, then you swim (ALL your gear will be in water and there are many places you can't touch), then you emerge in one of countless amazing tunnel and slot canyons, then you do it all over again. Swimming through the narrowest slot canyon after rappelling down the entrance was my favorite. There's a wide, soft sand beach in the sun where you can dry out a bit before exploring the open-ceiling tunnel housing the famous log that everyone takes pics of. This is truly a bucket list experience and I'm thrilled to have done it. NOTE: the last 2 hours are GRUELING...bring some electrolyte chews for this and just keep going.

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