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for the most part this is a fairly easy trail to hike with moderate slopes and comfortable ground conditions. There are a few short reaches that are steeper and rocky with occasional rock outcrops to navigate. Because a lot of the terrain has been burned over in the last twenty(?) years there are a lot of short oaks (brush) that provide cover for the wildlife so we were treated to various viewings of mule deer and coyote. Colors were changing during our late October hike so the oaks were yellow and orange and beautiful.
the destination is reallybwhatbthis hike is ultimately about! what a few of Zion Canyon! Great place for lunch and photography! Our GPS measured the hike as 10.6 miles so this is not a short hike. If you are planning on going all the way to the canyon, you want to plan your start time right! Would do this hike again!

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2 days ago

The end is worth it! Very few people with views toward the end and at point that are amazing!

Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park UT. Was the most thrilling climb that I have experienced in a longtime! If you decide to venture to Angle’s Landing you must go all the way to the top! As Elenor Roosevelt famously stated “ Do something everyday that scares you”

This trail was reopened several weeks ago. It is an absolutely incredible hike and it's a shame that most people will never see anything outside of the main Zion canyon.

I strongly recommend hiring a shuttle and doing it as a top-down day hike. In the top-down direction the high mileage really isn't bad.

Also, my GPS put it at 16 miles, not 14, but not a big deal.

17 days ago

Great (not jaw dropping) views at the end, with opportunities for rock scrambling. The trail to the view at the end was peaceful and low key, but not very interesting. It was impressive how few people were around. The drive up to the trailhead is very scenic.

I was not going to do the hike due to the chains the pictures show. We decided to hike as far as we could. Wow I am so glad we did we hiked to the top and it was beautiful. Some of the people in our group did the chain climb. I don’t feel like I missed anything and I was so happy I did it is one of my top hikes.

Amazing hike. Make sure you descend the correct trail in the beginning. Truly an incredible experience!!

Great hike in October.

1 month ago

Great suprises of Mars looking rock formations

Incredible technical canyon that has a little bit of everything. Rock scrambling, stemming, waterfalls and fun repels. Difficult permit to obtain, but well worth the effort. The second to last repel (~120') can be tricky to get back a single rope/pull cord. The final repel into the narrows is a breathtaking experience, the tourists below all stopped to watch. Absolutely no need for a wetsuit in the fall. Gorgeous!

The trail was very narrow and it was definitely not meant for anything other than ATVs. We made it down in a Jeep Grand Cherokee but we came back with pin stripes down both sides. Pretty cool view at the end.!

One of the greatest outdoor experiences of my life. If you have the technical skills/knowledge and physical ability to complete this, it is a "must do". I don't agree about the wetsuit at all if youre going in the summer or early fall. Need an 80m rope or two 40+m. Finding the canyon entrance is the "crux" of this route.

Was recommended this hike by a Zion outfitter in town. Told me it was a nice hike to
get away from the crowds and some 360 degree views. Easy hike out to Lava Point. Only 2 other people when we did it this past Saturday. Decided to hike up the East Peak. Little rock scrambling and we were able to find the small trail to the top. Beautiful 360 degree views from the top! We also enjoyed how this hike goes through the forest as well.

Great mostly flat 5 mile round trip, with a nice viewpoint at the end, and opportunity for those who want to do some rock scrambling to get on top of one of the two big peaks. The best part was only encountering about a dozen people at most in this more remote section of the park -on a holiday weekend!

Views were okay. Pretty easy hike, decently flat but pretty rocky. Cool to see a different part of Zion. Took about 3.5-4 hours.

Did this backpacking trip with my daughter a few years ago. We backpacked it late spring, which I recommend due to the lower heat and availability of water. I carried way too much water to make sure we wouldn’t run out and had a 60+ lb pack. Wasn’t necessary as late spring had all water sources running well.

We did learn to hate sand and I lost my favorite pair of Oakley XX ‘s, but it was a great trail. Loved coming down from Angel’s Landing in full pack toward the Grotto to get stares and whispers of, “He, how far is it to Angel’s Landing...” from those heading up.

So, keep it light. LOTS of water. Stop and enjoy the views!

Worth the long and lonely hike. The view at the end is breath taking. Make sure you hike to the very end, usually you can see big horn sheep crawling through the rocks.

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2 months ago

It’s hard to find the trail head, but once you do, this is as epic of a hike as you’re gonna get in Zion, not only for the views, but for the solitude. The view from the top is spectacular, and you’ll probably be alone as few people make it past the three technical rock climbing segments you’ll definitely want a rope and harness for. Pro tip: go with a mountaineer or guide. We lucked out and piggybacked on a group that had made the ascent many times before and helped us through the technical sections.

2 months ago

Steep, strenuous hike that is no longer marked/maintained since the 50's. After crossing the bridge across from Zion Lodge, take a left and follow the trail a couple hundred feet. You will then see an overgrown trail leading upwards on your right. Take this, and prepare to do some bushwhacking!

This trail begins as an alternate trail to Emerald Pools, which is quite overgrown in places. Once you get to the educational sign about 10 minutes into the trail, stop and look up to your left. This is Lady Mountain, and to find the old trail from the 50's, veer into the bushes and start climbing!

There is no sign of any trail whatsoever in this section. But as you climb, you will come near some rock faces. These rocks will have footholds blasted out of them, and you can see places in the rock where chain cables used to be secured. Yellow painted arrows will also guide your way up these rocks. The trail is quite easy to follow after this. Switchbacks and rock scrambles.

We couldn't get to the top without a rope and climbing harness, so we stopped shy of the summit. The view is of the valley floor, Zion Lodge, and the horse arena. Beautiful!

Do be prepared to get scraped up legs as you traverse the section where there simply is no trail. I think the park service made the right choice in covering up this trail, it is quite steep and exposed in places! But for those who like a challenge and some solitude, this is the trail for you!

This is one of the ultimate. Keep your wits it gets crowded and time you meet to get into a cubby hole and let fellow hikers through on small paths views climbs all worth it.

3 months ago

Did this hike as an out-and-back hike from the Grotto until the first campsite, with a detour to Angel's Landing along the way. It was a super strenuous hike, almost entirely uphill and very exposed to the sun. However, views at the end are wonderful and once you pass Angel's Landing you'll feel like you have the park to yourself (which is pretty rare in Zion). If you start early enough you could reasonably do the best parts of the trail without having to deal with permits or transport issues that come with doing the one-way version of this hike.

Beautiful views of Zion, can be challenging. Remember to go slow and take your time; too many people rushing or trying to rush others resulted in one person having both knees skinned. Also, make sure you have proper footwear, many people wearing flip flops, didn't end well. Overall, take your time, enjoy the beauty it has to offer; well worth the time and energy.

Tried to run this one-way on July 16. A sign at the west rim trailhead indicated the trail is closed from Cabin Springs down to the Grotto due to a rockslide. The NPS website says nothing about the closure, but I decided that it would suck to run 9 miles down to Cabin Springs, find the trail to indeed be closed, and then run back uphill another 9 miles, particularly since I had only enough water for about 14 easy miles. I ended up just going 7 miles out on the trail and then back to the trailhead. Very nice trail, and was soft after some thundershowers the day or two before. Spectacular views, particularly if you start at dawn. By 9 or 10 am, the sun is high and the colors get washed out. Heat wasn't too much of an issue (I finished at 9:30 am). I'm not sure whether the springs were working -- I carried on me all the water I needed.

Backpacked from Kolob Arch side down to the camping spots (a mile from Kolob Arch) then backpacked back up the same direction. There’s running water for filtering. It was so pretty. My first backpacking trip.

Loved this hike! It was super hot so bring lots of water. Two 20-year old unfit girls did it in about 4 1/2 hours.

We did this as a 2 day backpack starting at Lava Point and ended at the Grotto. This trail was awesome. You get some great views while being very secluded in comparison to the rest of the park. There was water at West Rim Spring. We didn’t check Sawmill Spring and the park ranger told me that Potato Hollow wasn’t flowing. We carried 4L of water each and made it just fine to the last water source which we camped near (campsite 1). If you want to do Angel’s Landing, do it at the end of the trip. The trail intersects the Angel’s landing trail and you miss having to climb all the way up there from the very bottom so it’s a good opportunity to do it. Anyway, highly recommend this trail! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful views of Zion Canyon! If your have a fear of heights, skip this one. But otherwise, just go slow and be deliberate - it may not be as scary as you’ve been told. Also: be on the first shuttle of the day to avoid crowds.

If you want to do this trail running you must be experienced, have good trail running shoes (I used my Hoka SpeedGoats), take water/bars/Gu, take your phone w\camera, and hopefully somebody can join you,
The trail is busy up to Angeles Landing.
Have fun

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