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Nice trail. I would rate the hike Easy/Moderate. Very narrow at one point. Lots of great views.

I hope it opens back up soon. I hiked it in June of 2017. This is one of my favorite short hikes I’ve done.

The first mile of the hike is on an easy paved sidewalk. Obviously the hike gets harder once you are wading through shin deep water which sometimes reaches waist deep or more depending on how far you go. In the fall for sure, I recommend renting shoes, socks, pants, and a hiking pole from an outfitter in Springdale as the water is cold (9below 50 degrees) and there is little sun. Anyone bothering to wade through the river should make it at least to wall street (3-4 miles in and after passing the side canyon). It is the best portion of the canyon. It is not signed, so get a pamphlet from the outfitter. Access is via Zion's 40 minute shuttle bus ride. Parking is limited at the visitor center. Go early to avoid crowds and to be able to see where you are walking in the river. It is walkable without the gear, but I prefer to be comfortable and soggy shoes that rub blisters and cold water isn't terribly appealing to me to stay in for a long period of time, so for me the gear was worth every penny. For more details and pics and how to do this hike, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/10/21/hikes-near-kanab-utah/

Perfect weather today. Having some closed toed shoes is all you need if you don’t mind them getting wet. It took us about four hours round trip to go there and back. Stunning views and such a change up for a hike. 10/10

All switchbacks. Those with a fear of heights may have difficulty at the top. Chains for the majority of the top, but a few spots where there are none, which makes for a more interesting time. Solid hike and not very far at all. Poles may have helped the knees on the descent.

Fun easy hike with great views! A must do if you’re coming past the tunnel on the north side

Did this one today. Not sure how far we went, all I can say is that we went all the way to where we turned around! It was probably about 4 miles in if I had to guess, we stopped after a slip and fall injured the shoulder of someone in our group.

If I ever do this hike again, I wouldn't waste the money on any of the special gear. All you really need is some sturdy boots with ankle support and a walking stick - there were quite a few left at the start of the hike after the river walk before the river entry. The water temp was around 54 degrees here on October 20th, and the high daytime temp was 67 degrees with no chance of rain. River flow seemed rather low and the deepest we got was waist deep water. You will be walking in the river for the majority of this hike, it is inevitable. Plus, there is no where to go to the bathroom, so go before you go and limit your intake.

It was crowded and sort of busy, but the great thing about this hike was that everyone was doing their own thing, and it didn't really seem as busy as it was.

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Loved this hike. Beautiful views along the way and especially at the end. It was cold in the morning but hats and coats made it perfect!!!

Started around noon on a Wednesday at 60 degrees. I didn’t think it was crazy crowded. Awesome hike! We hiked about 8 Miles total. Took us four hours. The water was cold but not super uncomfortable. I’m a cheapskate so we did not rent special pants or or the boots and we were fine. I did grab a walking stick that someone left behind, I was glad to have that to gage water depth. We’re about 5’ 9” and never had to go much over knee deep in water. Not sure what the water level was though. Wish I had a waterproof phone case. I saw some people that had them hanging around their neck. Would have been easier to take pictures. I’ll definitely do this hike again.

We did it Friday, 9/21 after winning the lottery permit drawing. It was bit cold and challenging but rewarding. Beautiful landscapes inside the canyons.

Did this in one day and was amazing. However I recommend taking your time and doing it in two days.

Did this trail Sept 10th, most amazing hike ever! Rented the boots and socks from Zion Outfitters the night before (they allow this after 3:00 PM) so I could start the next morning at sunrise. I caught the 1st shuttle out of visitor center, it was a full bus. When the shuttle reached the starting point of Temple of Sinawava I gave everyone a 10 minute start knowing that the next shuttle wouldn't arrive for another 15-20 minutes , this put a nice buffer between me and the crowds, for awhile. Definitely spend a few bucks on a dry sack, I lost my footing and went in at about 8.5 mile mark but my camera was dry. You can not visit Zion with out doing this one.

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Awesome views. Get an early start with the heat. Not too hard and well worth the effort!

Amazing trail! As others have mentioned, bring water shoes - the whole section from the red falls to the subway is best done in the river itself instead of climbing boulders on the side. Make sure to swim at the end of the subway for an unforgettable section behind the waterfall! The permit is not that hard to get through the last minute lottery mid-week.

My husband and I did 10 km of this hike on Sep 27th. We started at 7 AM to avoid the crowds. It was very cold and windy but it was sooo worth it, because on the way back it was sooo crowded. We couldn’t have gone as quickly as we did if we’d started late. The narrows is not sunny even at noon, so bring a warm jacket. We each had sturdy hiking shoes and a pair of trekking poles which helped a lot. We each had a waterproof phone case and it helped a lot to take photos as you might fall in the water. We put our stuff in a plastic bag inside our backpack. We also had gloves as it was cold and it helped with the grip on the poles. Definitely bring food and water. The water was max thigh level in the 10km. We checked the water level with a pole to avoid the deeper parts. Overall, it’s the best hike ever.

22 days ago

Amazing trail but challenging!! The hardest part is finding the trail and staying on it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the downloaded map from All Trails. Getting down to the valley floor is steep so I would recommend poles (although we did it without them, slowly). Once you get to the valley floor it’s pretty flat with several river crossings (wish we had worn water shoes with neoprene socks to change into). The last 1/3, after the dinosaur tracks, is basically boulder climbing. The last 10 minutes is walking up the creek to the subway. It’s beautiful!! A great place to have a snack. We did see 2 snakes (one rattlesnake sunning on a rock and one king snake going into a whole). We started at 11, a bit late, and ended at 6:15, with a 30 minute stop at the subway. Don’t forget you need a permit!

22 days ago

Beautiful from start to finish! We were lucky and won the “lottery” and was able to get a last minute permit! We got to the trail head about 7:45 and there were only a few people there. I think it took about 6 hours to complete but we stopped for pictures many times. We definitely saw more people on our hike back. Make sure you don’t miss the dinosaur tracks on the left side of the trail when headed to the subway. It was very amazing!

awesome adventure with a group over labor day weekend.

looking at the reviews, and others experiences we took our winter wool socks, old hiking shoes to get went, my hiking partner and other took tennis and old shoes. id say eaxh pwrson take both your hiking poles. i did fine with my hiking partnwr and one, but he said hed prefer for two.

now, the water will vary and i packed my bag with gallon size zippers and quart size. better to be safe then sorry. i left my phone at thw campsite both days for the weekend but will take a go pro next time.

water varies and we got into cheat deep water. im about 5'7" and still held my pack above my head to not get wet.

you need to be careful, lwarn your way around ans i follwed my feet. somw of the currents were strong and even though we were arm in arm at points you needed to be careful.

we didn't go all the way due to time. way too mny people ans we will go early next time to beat thw crowds or go in the off season.

unless you have no preperation and are not a hiker, then rent the stuff.
take some picture ans video because this is a experience you will want to document.

We stayed in camp site 12 and took the last shuttle in. We started around 11am and made it to the campsite at dusk. Long day. To many people the second day. We used 2mm neoperene socks in Sept and it was perfect. Make sure you have your pass we got it checked by the rangers. The hike is amzing. A 40 liter bag is big enough for this over nighter. Have fun.

we thought this was the best of the shorter moderate trails. lots to see all the way. it's a popular home so go in early morning since many parts of the trail are too narrow for two way traffic. views along top third of the trail were spectacular!

The best hike I’ve ever done in my life!

1 month ago

Totally worth the extra leg work to get there. (Meaning permit and drive). Being a solo I lucked out and walked up to the Wilderness desk and got a permit for following day. I’ve got good luck!

The trail was what I’d consider moderate and only so bc of the trail navigation skills required. I found it to be beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard not to feel special connection with so few people out there.

The potholes were Fantastic! The morning was perfect weather and by noon when I finished- the sun hit the incline part of the trail. That’s was great motivation to finish that last mile quickly.

Got to the parking lot before sunrise and we were the third car there. On return the lot was full. Get there early. Great hike with wonderful rock formations along the trail and super views at the end. Starts a little steep but flattens quickly. We got to the view point just as the canyon was beginning to glow with the sunrise. There is some exposure but with a little precaution you should be fine

Hiked in early September out to Big Spring. DCF was 35 and ambient temperature low of 60 and high of 85. Water got thigh high in one location about half a mile from Big Spring. Conditions were great and the rented shoes, socks and pole were appreciated. Started at day break and had the trail mostly to ourselves after Orderville Canyon. A must do if in Zion NP. You will be wet and tired at the end but awe inspired

I did this over Labor Day weekend with my sister — This is an amazing hike and a MUST do!! We received advice from our rappelling guide the day before to go as early as possible and take the first shuttle (you have to take a shuttle to the trailhead) to avoid crowds and FYI you will get best pictures in the am of water etc. BEST ADVICE EVER shout up around 6:30 am but beware the water is cold—-and you are in it the whole time so bring a jacket. They try to rent out water shoes but we wore our trailing running shoes and were just fine and opted for no poles and while slippery in places if you are atheistic and have strong legs you’ll be golden. We went about 5- 6 Miles in (until it got up to our shoulders then turned and did the 5-6 miles back out...don’t miss the bonus canyon!!! At the fork make a right and jump up over the little fall and go back a few miles — can’t remember what this one is called but we did it again on the the advice of our rappelling guide the day before and it was so cool and not very many people doing it. HAVE FUN and do this!! Can’t wait to go back and do the subway if I can get a permit or angel landing which was closed while we were there! Loooove southern Utah and Zion!!

It was very good but gets to be more of the same pretty quickly. The walking stick turned out to be important.

Amazing hike. Make sure you rent boots and a walking pole from Zion Outfitters right outside the park. Best $24 I ever spent

We went in September. It was not too crowded or too cold. Water flow was low. Watch our for the rocks and sometimes the water was waste high but a great hike. You can go for as far as you like and turn around. There is a fork in the trail to the right as you go up. It’s a narrow canyon with little water falls and huge boulders. Worth the detour

on Canyon Overlook Trail

1 month ago

Go early before 8am or after 5pm if you want to be more alone. Gorgeous views. Easy short hike.

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