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Went last week and water was only up to mid thigh at deepest point. Made it to Orderville canyon. Awesome hike with amazing scenery

Loved the hike. Amazing views going up. Thinking of it as a good prep hike for Angels Landing

A challenging hike for sure not because of the length of the trial but the elevation and the narrow paths on the cliffs. But it is so worthwhile and memorable!

This is not only the most amazing place in Zion, but it’s one of the most amazing places/hikes in the country. The Narrows isn’t something you need to do in Zion, it’s a MUST if you visit there. Clear your day and make this an all day adventure! Find yourself by loosing yourself in the Narrows! Zen magic.

The end of the trail is a wonderful place to see, so don’t get me wrong here. But the trail itself is BS. Why I say that is one reason only... This is most likely the most horrible marked (unmarked) trail I have EVER seen. You have no idea what side on the stream you need to be on to keep moving forward. You guess if water run off patches in the sides are paths or not and your back tracking 1/3 of time instead of moving forward. Most of the trail has no real pay off for at least there hours in. Plus after going all the way up and then back, you then have to climb back up that mountain with tired legs to get out. So be prepared. I’d skip the bottom up trail for the Subway and just go to the amazing Narrows in Zion!

Incredible hike. Very challenging because the trail is scarce. You have to do a lot of climbing. Looks for the dinosaur footprints!

3 days ago

We arrived at the trailhead which is just after you exit the tunnel. There are only 10 parking spots and we were fortunate that just as we drove in a car was leaving allowing a place for us. The hike was easy and very interesting with rock overhangs above us. At the end of the trail the vista of the canyon open to a spectacular view. On the walk back we were fortunate to see a young mountain sheep grazing right on the trail, it was a wonderful experience.


5 days ago

Did the bottom up hike with neoprene socks, canyoneering shoes, and dry pants. Highly recommend for this time of year since water temps were 35 and water was thigh high at some points. We started the hike at 8 am and were the first ones to the subway- it was great having the views all to ourself!

love love it! must do when your in Zion.

love this one too..you got to experienced the "chain" and drop off..just be careful and you be okey.

this is one of my favorite trail...short thou steep and various areas exposed to cliff..pls kids be careful especially when its wet from the rain. the view was amazing of course!

Loved this hike and would definately do it again!

We enjoyed this hike more so than Angel's Landing. It was our favorite among 8 trails we did. Exploring far back into the canyon is a must. There is quite a bit of sand making the chains necessary from slipping and honestly this hike seemed more of a risk of falling than Angel's Landing. Don't let this prevent you from going.

11 days ago

Great quick short hike with a great view. We even saw Big horn sheep.

We did West Rim top down to the grotto. Beautiful hike! We hardly saw anyone the first 12 miles and the last 5 began to get more crowded. A few steep sections but overall not bad. Zion is breath taking and this hike is an amazing way to see everything! We did it in a day but camping overnight wouldn't be a bad idea. It was very windy in April and cool so I recommend lots of layers. Something to cover my ears would have been nice too.

12 days ago

Such a stunning trail! The hike down into the canyon is Pretty tough since it is vertical most of the way down. Be sure to check back at the trail end when you drop down into the canyon. There was a ribbon tied to a tree and some rocks stacked up by the river to let you know that’s the left fork trail up. Once inside the canyon you have a two hour hike to the subway. The bottom hike is very sunny and hot so bring plenty of water. There are social trails on both sides of the river so keep and look out for those and go with what works best for you and your group. Once you make it to the waterfalls and the subway you are in for a treat. It’s like nothing on this earth and seems like you are exploring a different plant or dimension. We did not have wet suites on so we only went as far as the deep pools allowed.

15 days ago

Definitely worth doing!

15 days ago

The canyon was a fun surprise!

Great and challenging hike. No view really at the top if you stay on trail. I was told if u scramble back off trail there is an arch. The pest part of the hike for me was facing my fear of heights and pushing myself on the way up.

Love this trail. Go there early in the morning to get the parking spot. It is a fun trip for kids, a little challenging but doable. Saw a family of bighorn sheep along the slope.

You can use you Chest High Fly fishing Waders up to Wall Street. I didn't go past Wall Street. I don't know if there were any boulders to scramble over up to bug springs.

Low trafficked trail with amazing views and steep elevation gains. Wear sunscreen and waterproof shoes. The Little Siberia section will likely have snow.

20 days ago

spectacular views! did an overnight hike from lava point to The Grotto many years ago with my friend and four of our kids. Although the boys were quite young at the time they still remember it to this day.

One of the best hikes of my life! More strenuous than I thought it would be because the current was stronger than I anticipated. Incredibly beautiful though. Must do!

23 days ago

One of the most beautiful trails in Zion. Make sure to book a permit far in advance because it fills up quickly. The ranger made it seem like the trail would be very difficult but I found it to be more on the moderate side (once you get past the first steep section. Make sure to head northeast from the trailhead towards the large cliffs (on your left as you're looking across the valley.) On your way back look for the large black cliff on the right as a marker to return to the trailhead.

23 days ago

great hike. short and sweet. some mud on trail. great views. parking was challenging.

23 days ago

Shoes with good traction is a must. There are some edges with a chain for support, but the fine sand that blows on the sandstone can make some places really slippery.

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