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12 hours ago

I bought the shirt, and then I had to do it. Tip: go as early as you can get in the park. The crowds start coming after that, and you do NOT want to be stuck behind them when you're all hanging on the side of a cliff holding the same chain. Plus, there are people coming up who are not prepared or in shape for this hike and you do not want to get stuck behind them. Great hike if you don't mind a little fear factor. I'm not afraid of heights, but even I was a little uncertain in some parts. Just keep climbing.

19 hours ago

love this one too..you got to experienced the "chain" and drop off..just be careful and you be okey.

lovely walk with a nice view...best of the whole family with little kids. love this trail.

must do hike!!! go early.

extra rad! obvious advice, but bring layers, you'll probably want to change multiple times while hiking as temps vary drastically through the different terrain of the hike.

Great hike but WAY TOO many people on the chain!! Too close for comfort in my opinion!

An absolute blast with kids!!! Our girls are 6 and 9, they couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Renting dry gear is a must. Try to go early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Wonderful hike! I could not do the chain section - vertigo took over but we hiked part way up the West Rim and had a spectacular view of the valley.

Fun and Very easy hike with a well maintained trail at the beginning and Not too much shade. People make it sound hard but theres nothing hard about this trail for the active person. although In summer is really crowded with ppl which really sucks a lot. Nice views at the top and overall good experience. Is one of those hikes that you must do once but not twice. In my opinion if you're there for a day the narrows are better but if you can do both trails then might as well do them.

We enjoyed this hike more so than Angel's Landing. It was our favorite among 8 trails we did. Exploring far back into the canyon is a must. There is quite a bit of sand making the chains necessary from slipping and honestly this hike seemed more of a risk of falling than Angel's Landing. Don't let this prevent you from going.

We enjoyed this hike, we made it on the first shuttle. I would not go if you don't make it early. Also seemed to be not as dangerous as all the hype, I am sure it is worse with more people on it. Hidden canyon seemed more precarious.

Very beautiful views from the top.
It is marked as “hard” for a reason. 1/3 of the trial is with chains and very steep cliffs. I would not recommend this for the kids or someone who is very scared heights. We started at 9am and was getting crowded already, like everyone hike the early you go the less people you will meet.

A must in Zion. If you are scared of heights, skip the last 0.5 miles climb to Angel's landing and turn around at Scout's lookout. (Totally worth it too)

I’ve done Angel’s Landing, and to be honest, this hike has a way better payoff! I found this hike to be more strenuous considering it’s double the distance of AL, but there are a lot more scenery along the way compared to Angel’s. On the views on the top was breathtaking! Bring a sandwich to enjoy at the top and reep in all your rewards!

I siked myself out the night before this hike by watching videos and reading reviews. I was seriously having a panic attack because I’m deathly afraid of heights. I actually found the hike to be very easy! Once you’re past the switchbacks and start the chains, it’s mainly using arm strength to hold and pull yourself up over rocks. The heights was not that bad! The videos made it look scarier than it actually was. I also recommend going very early to beat the crowds because you do end up having to wait for people to pass on the chains a lot if it’s crowded. I went at 6am and it was almost empty! If you like this hike, I would also highly recommend Observation Point. I found the scenery at OP to be even nicer than AL since it’s higher and you get more of the overall view of the park.

Great hike with amazing views. Parked at bus station 3 intersection very early in the morning and walked to trail head. This allowed me to beat the crowds and view the sunrise at the summit.

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5 days ago

If you are looking for amazing views and a good steady workout this one is it. I arrived around 8am and the trail was quiet and not crowded in any way, I saw less than 10 people the whole day which was very refreshing. Going up the switchbacks is not easy, but i found that if I took it slow and took lots of breaks that it wasn’t as bad. The views going up are absolutely stunning and it is rewarding to be able to see how far you have climbed. The canyon was my favorite part, just an extremely unique feature and a great place to stop for a longer rest period in the shade. The view from the top I feel is better than any other trail in Zion.

We did West Rim top down to the grotto. Beautiful hike! We hardly saw anyone the first 12 miles and the last 5 began to get more crowded. A few steep sections but overall not bad. Zion is breath taking and this hike is an amazing way to see everything! We did it in a day but camping overnight wouldn't be a bad idea. It was very windy in April and cool so I recommend lots of layers. Something to cover my ears would have been nice too.

Amazing hike but not as scary as it’s cut out to be. Start early. Switchbacks are tiring and super steep.

7 days ago

Such a stunning trail! The hike down into the canyon is Pretty tough since it is vertical most of the way down. Be sure to check back at the trail end when you drop down into the canyon. There was a ribbon tied to a tree and some rocks stacked up by the river to let you know that’s the left fork trail up. Once inside the canyon you have a two hour hike to the subway. The bottom hike is very sunny and hot so bring plenty of water. There are social trails on both sides of the river so keep and look out for those and go with what works best for you and your group. Once you make it to the waterfalls and the subway you are in for a treat. It’s like nothing on this earth and seems like you are exploring a different plant or dimension. We did not have wet suites on so we only went as far as the deep pools allowed.

Absolutely stunning. Tough hike but oh so worth it!!

Good hike, not quite breathtaking like others at Zion, but still a great hike along the river.

far and away our favorite hike of all National parks. Hiking poles are a great help along with neoprene socks, but all the other gear they try to sell you isn't necessary in my opinion. We bought $17 dollar water shoes from Wal-Mart that did the trick, so unless you expect to do alot of water hiking, cheaper can get the job done, plus you have something to keep as opposed to renting. be sure to go up about 2 miles to get to the better parts and begin to leave the masses behind.

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Absolutely stunning views. The red rocks are some of my favorites. Such a beautiful hike. Exhilarating and gets your adrenaline pumping. Highly recommend.

So beautiful and exhilarating! One of the best hikes I’ve done of all time. If you don’t like heights, stay away.

We lucked out and missed the crowds because of rain and a storm in the distance. We had a guide that made me feel safe, since this was my first time and I was a little nervous. I also have a fear of heights, but I conquered that fear. The views are absolutely breathtaking. There is a sense of camaraderie on the trail itself. Everyone was working towards the same goal. I felt like I had accomplished a great feat when I made it back down. It was hard. I was scared. But it was so worth it. I highly recommend this hike. Be prepared when you go, people have died on this hike.

The last third of the hike is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done. When you’re back on solid ground, all you can feel is.... victory.


If you can, stay in the Zion Lodge, get up a half hour before dawn and set out walking to the trailhead along the Grotto trail. We avoided the big crowds and had a mind-blowing sunrise view. A painfully early wake-up call will hurt but it is so, so worth it. We went in early April and needed a LOT of layers, with temps varying from below freezing In the morning to the 60s by mid-day. This one’s not for the faint of heart, so plan well and don’t attempt if you can’t stomach the idea of a narrow trail with steep drop offs on either side.

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