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1 day ago

This trail is a moderate to gradual climb up many levels of large outcropping rocks . After a rainy day the water is beautiful but it will be a bit muddy...

2 days ago

Perfect hike for after you've done Angel's Landing in the morning. Easy out and back trail with beautiful up canyon views. Do yourself a favor and take the dry creek bed "shortcut" on your way back to the Visitor's Center.

3 days ago

Mild hike with exquisite views - quick 2 hours to complete full trail with stops.

Most exhilarating hike ever!

7 days ago

Pretty trail with decent elevation gain. I went on a rainy, misty day, so I didn’t quite get the views. But it was still a nice hike. Easy to follow and a good workout for a shorter hike.

beautiful hike, way too crowded though. Very easy, and paved. Watch out for the squirrels. They make it impossible to stop for a snack :-)

on The Watchman Trail

16 days ago

Nice walk up to a watchman point but lower down viewpoint than many of the others in Zion but still get some good views. Easy trail to follow and fairly well trafficked. Would recommend if you want a nice moderate walk in Zion but not life changing.

16 days ago

Nice short walk along the river. Accessible for wheelchairs as fully pathed. Is very heavily trafficked. If want to go far into the narrows you can hire waterproof boot and trousers from the visitor centre for the next day.

Perfect hike for kids and older parents. crowded though so go earlier in day rather than later.

Trail head is not marked. Park at Canyon Overlook parking. Take a look at my pics and/or my record and you will see a few pics to get your hike started.

This was SOOO fun. Many rock scrambles and a few technical areas to traverse. I am sure this will catch on in popularity soon....

If you are heading to Zion, this is a must hike short hike (took us 1.5hrs with 2 kids) Start here in the morning and hit up the other popular hikes after you are done.

In late November, we were only able to make it about a half mile down this trail due to standing water, but the section we saw was beautiful. In dryer portions of the year, this would definitely be worth the hike. Sections are a little more challenging for younger kids - it’s not so much a trail as much a dry-ish wash, but doable if you take your time.

Perfect easy hike to get a taste of Zion. Very crowded though.

Gorgeous! Didn’t see anyone else on the trail. I wouldn’t call this moderate, though. There are some more challenging spots that require some skill to navigate.

this is the hike that gives you want zion is all about. canyons and water. next time I would not rent gear. but yes for the colder people. yes it's fun,scenic.

last min hike to see the sunset. im glad i did it!

Our family loved this hike. We have 4 kids, from 12-3 and they all had a great time. It kind of has it all: slot canyons, places to explore, a tunnel, water to splash in and heiroglyphs...we even saw a large herd of Bighorn Sheep above us. All of this in just a mile or two. After parking at the two port-o-potties (.8 miles after second tunnel was perfectly accurate), we headed east and down the hill into the wash. We walked mostly east for probably 1/2 mile before it turned north, then it wound east again. Right after we started heading east again, we noticed a trail(ish) heading north and didn’t have to go far to see the tunnel that took us under the road. We could’ve kept going east though and I’m sure that would’ve been fun too. Turning north to go under the bridge took us past the heiroglyphs (along red cliff wall) and up (there’s a large curved, smooth rock you have to scale) to the pools. Such a fun, diverse and beautiful area to explore and we didn’t have to share it with anyone!

This is a canyoneering route that requires a permit from the Zion National Park Service. If the park service finds you in there without a permit you will be fined. The complete route also requires technical rappelling gear.

Short hike with a great view. Worth the effort.

Snagged a wilderness permit and we did the 16 miles down... sleeping overnight at campsite 10. Was amazing!!

Boring. Easy.

Boring. Easy.

Boring. Easy.

very nice trail. only saw 1 other family.

nature trips
1 month ago

Cool and nice. Water is very urgent and fast. Fell down a couple times.

Such a fun trail!! Well graded, great views, lots of interesting rocks and a variety of vegetation.

1 month ago

Great hike, great views.

1 month ago

Great! Especially since it had rained and there were many. many pools of water large and small. If you walk down from the parking area and follow the wash east, you are in the wash you will walk up. Today there were maples and oaks showing off their fall colors (beautiful). The wash goes through a tunnel under the road avoiding having to walk along the road. You do need to clamber up a bit, but that's what this one is all about. We met only 5 other groups. Considering how many folks were in the park, that was just about as good as one can expect.

This is a unique hike. It is beautiful and worth the hike. I would definitely recommend the shoes pants and walking sticks.

The title of this hike is just for the paved walk before entering the canyon to wade through the river. This part is easy. Obviously the hike gets harder once you are wading through shin deep water which sometimes reaches waist deep or more depending on how far you go. In the fall for sure, I recommend renting shoes, socks, pants, and a hiking pole from an outfitter in Springdale as the water is cold and there is little sun. Anyone bothering to wade through the river should make it to wall street. It is the best portion of the canyon. It is not signed, so get a pamphlet from the outfitter. Access is via Zion's 40 minute shuttle bus ride. Parking is limited at the visitor center. Go early to avoid crowds and to be able to see where you are walking in the river. For more details and pics and how to do this hike, visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/10/21/hikes-near-kanab-utah/

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