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Started around noon on a Wednesday at 60 degrees. I didn’t think it was crazy crowded. Awesome hike! We hiked about 8 Miles total. Took us four hours. The water was cold but not super uncomfortable. I’m a cheapskate so we did not rent special pants or or the boots and we were fine. I did grab a walking stick that someone left behind, I was glad to have that to gage water depth. We’re about 5’ 9” and never had to go much over knee deep in water. Not sure what the water level was though. Wish I had a waterproof phone case. I saw some people that had them hanging around their neck. Would have been easier to take pictures. I’ll definitely do this hike again.

Good little hike for anyone. I recommend doing this hike before angels landing as this is nothing in comparison.

Did this trail Sept 10th, most amazing hike ever! Rented the boots and socks from Zion Outfitters the night before (they allow this after 3:00 PM) so I could start the next morning at sunrise. I caught the 1st shuttle out of visitor center, it was a full bus. When the shuttle reached the starting point of Temple of Sinawava I gave everyone a 10 minute start knowing that the next shuttle wouldn't arrive for another 15-20 minutes , this put a nice buffer between me and the crowds, for awhile. Definitely spend a few bucks on a dry sack, I lost my footing and went in at about 8.5 mile mark but my camera was dry. You can not visit Zion with out doing this one.

It was raining and the water was about 38 degrees, but it was worth every moment of it. Make sure to have water shoes and hiking pole because the current can get a little rough when it rains. Also, pack lunch and extra clothes in a water bag.

Nice quick trail with a great waterfall at the end. However, navigating over the rocks was trickier than we thought, so not all of us were able to make it to the waterfall.

An easy, paved trail that's relatively steep in places, but the hike is worth it.

Second time here to the narrows and just as beautiful as ever! Make sure you wear the right shoes though and preferably have hiking poles; we passed quite a few people trying to attempt this barefoot with no poles or anything and they looked like they were having a horrible time. It’s worth it to come prepared! :)

Nice paved path to get you to the start of the water. Watch your step in the water and you should be good, take your time, it’s crowded, always!


Favorite hike and national park!

short and sweet.

8 days ago

very easy trail for a relaxing walk by the river. beautiful landscape.

It's a nice stretch and you can see a garden on the rocks and squirrels and mules. Was exciting and mostly used as a trail head to narrows.

10 days ago

Great suprises of Mars looking rock formations

My first proper hike up a running river thru beautiful 2000’ tall narrow sandstone canyons that have been formed over millions of years from the Virgin Rivers constant flow down South eventually ending in Lake Powell

It looked like a dirty pond. I guess I’m spoiled by other hikes but this one didn’t do it for me. Nice walk to kill some time before dinner. That’s about it.

Too many people, paved, something to pass the time but not a must do by any means.

The upper part of this trail was closed when we went at end of September because of falling rocks and I believe flooding. It was beautiful none the less. This was one of my first times seeing the destruction of nature and one I will remember.

12 days ago

Very short but cute. To start.

Amazing!! Hidden gem. We had it to ourselves and went down the rock water slide, swam in the pools and had a blast. We had small kids with and it was a lot to navigate but they did great we just went slow. So beautiful! Do be aware of flooding. It’s obvious flash floods get serious on this trail.

My husband and I did 10 km of this hike on Sep 27th. We started at 7 AM to avoid the crowds. It was very cold and windy but it was sooo worth it, because on the way back it was sooo crowded. We couldn’t have gone as quickly as we did if we’d started late. The narrows is not sunny even at noon, so bring a warm jacket. We each had sturdy hiking shoes and a pair of trekking poles which helped a lot. We each had a waterproof phone case and it helped a lot to take photos as you might fall in the water. We put our stuff in a plastic bag inside our backpack. We also had gloves as it was cold and it helped with the grip on the poles. Definitely bring food and water. The water was max thigh level in the 10km. We checked the water level with a pole to avoid the deeper parts. Overall, it’s the best hike ever.

great little hike to start the day to the observation point. loved it with our group and have some fabulous pics.

tip do the short quick hikes first.

new rule of thumb for us.

awesome adventure with a group over labor day weekend.

looking at the reviews, and others experiences we took our winter wool socks, old hiking shoes to get went, my hiking partner and other took tennis and old shoes. id say eaxh pwrson take both your hiking poles. i did fine with my hiking partnwr and one, but he said hed prefer for two.

now, the water will vary and i packed my bag with gallon size zippers and quart size. better to be safe then sorry. i left my phone at thw campsite both days for the weekend but will take a go pro next time.

water varies and we got into cheat deep water. im about 5'7" and still held my pack above my head to not get wet.

you need to be careful, lwarn your way around ans i follwed my feet. somw of the currents were strong and even though we were arm in arm at points you needed to be careful.

we didn't go all the way due to time. way too mny people ans we will go early next time to beat thw crowds or go in the off season.

unless you have no preperation and are not a hiker, then rent the stuff.
take some picture ans video because this is a experience you will want to document.

Such an unique and beautiful trail. We went on the last Monday of September; we didn’t have as early of a start as we had planned and ended up catching the shuttle around 10:10, arrived at the Temple of Sinawava stop around 10:45. It was definitely crowded, but not Disneyland crowded. About 7 miles in, the crowd started to thin out. We turned around at about 8 miles in.
Definitely wear appropriate footwear and use a walking stick to help some of the river crossings where the water was moving fast. I got swim tights specifically for this hike and they worked out very well. With a short-sleeve shirt and a long-sleeve button up, they worked out fine for the most part.
I wish people would respect nature and fellow hikers by not vaping in the canyons :(

The water is not too cold in August, and make sure you have proper gears.

27 days ago

Easy scenic view

short steep shaded walk along a paved trail to the viewing platform which is cut into the cliff where water rains down from above. special but not a must do.

relatively easy and fantastic vistas. vertical 1000 foot cliffs surround this paved trail which parallels the highly vegetated creek/ river. take a pair of water shoes and a walking stick to finish the last third which goes along and thru the narrows.

I did this hike in the dark so I didn't the best view of the pools. I have heard they are not as green as they look in pictures due to photographers adding filters to their photos.

Don't go in when it is raining! I is very wet and cold in the canyon (not to mention the danger of flooding!) I did get some mild hypothermia doing this hike on a rainy day in September. The trail is also 10 miles round trip not 2. I would totally do it again though because the canyon is amazing!

I suppose because we had just hiked the extremely quite North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Capital Reef National Park the days before, I was really taken aback by the Disney like feel of this hike. Don't get me wrong, it was stunning but I absolutely enjoyed it 100 percent more when we climbed down to the river and walked along there. It's obvious who is walking the Narrows because they rush down the paved path barely enjoying the Riverside walk and honestly, some people were just flat out rude. Also, get to the parking early in the park. We arrived at 8am and it was getting already tight.

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