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I hiked this trail yesterday. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Overall it was an enjoyable hike. Seems as though it should more appropriately be rated as easy rather than moderate.

Nice hike but only 4 stars as the falls have dried up until snow melt in late spring. I’ll be back then.

Nice walk to about mile 3; fallen tree blocks access for horses. Someone needs to bring a chain saw

Short easy paved trail. The waterfall was non-existent this time.

More signs would be helpful. I missed a sign directing me to stay left and went right which brought me to thousands of rocks. I climbed almost to the top of the rocks, but felt that this was not the trail. I eventually picked up the trail again, but never made it to the top because there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left. Will return to finish the trail.

Was a super nice hike. Not too hard at all.

Park at the first gate to add a bit extra to your hike. It’s rocky and steep at the very top, but doable. The views from the top are awesome.

enjoyable trail

Beautiful short walk, sadly no water this time of year.

Nice walk but unfortunately there was no water. From the videos we’ve seen, that would be amazing. It was still impressive to look at.

1 month ago

Great Hike!! Camped at the Fresno Dome campground. Beautiful fall colors and a amazing view.

1 month ago


Driven by countless times on my way to bigger hikes. So, today i stopped. Probably not the best place to go to see the Sequoias, but it has some interesting history about the road. Highlight is the hollowed out fallen tree you can climb through.

We actually eloped at the bottom of the falls! Of course there was a crowd but I didn’t mind. The short paved trail was perfect for the few guests we had with us! We went in the middle of November and lucked out because it had rained pretty hard and the falls went from a trickle the previous day to a full on gushing waterfall the next day (our wedding day).

nature trips
1 month ago

Paved the whole way. The out is downhill and back is uphill. Not strenuous but the forest is very dry so take water. There are not as many sequoia as you will be expecting from the title Grove! A good one to do at the end of the day leaving the park if you spent too much time in your car though.

Easy, paved trail with great views but in the Fall the upper and lower falls are dry. Still great views.

2 months ago

A friend of ours recommended this Trail but he must have been on it many years ago. The vast majority of the trees going down are blighted by either fire or pests. The Sequoias at the bottom still stood but it's a blighted forest. I would go to the Mariposa Grove and instead.

Bring gloves with grip to help you go down to the river. Also help when you have to climb on some boulders on a hot day. Bring lots of sunscreen.

It's a pretty boring route, the canyon is beautiful at the beginning, but then nothing happens. River is from a distance, and there isn't much shade.

Short, easy and pretty. But also unbelievably crowded with many people being their most annoying selves, showing absolutely no regard for anyone or anything else, just so they have the "perfect" Instagram picture...

Great hike!

Great easy hike! Paved the whole way. Did this hike with a large group with an age range from 3 months old (in a stroller) up to 82 years old. We came in a dry season, so we were able to climb around the boulders below the falls to get pretty close to the falls.

I want to leave this review as a WARNING for anybody who goes to this place. I have been here several times and yes it is beautiful, which is the reason I have returned each time, but the last time I went was nearly my last day on this planet. I have swam in the pool at the end of the trail countless times, even under and through the waterfall, but apparently this last time the flow was significantly stronger than the previous times I went and I was pulled deep underwater and held against the riverbed for around 2 minutes. I thought for sure I was going to die but I was lucky enough that I forced myself along the riverbed until i was on the other side of the current and finally pushed out. Several people pulled me out of the water and I was unable to speak or move for close to 30 minutes. PLEASE take the waterfall at the end of the trail VERY seriously because its strength changes dramatically throughout the year.

Quick and fun hike with a clear trail. Great views from the top, and a doable hike for a wide range of ages.

Beautiful. Water is clear and cold, however not cold enough where you can’t enjoy a good swim! The hike down to the river from the bridge is steep, so coming back up can be a bit challenging for those who do not hike much. There is one point where you have to walk against the cliff, it is about 7-8 feet from the ground, they have ropes to help. Since I had my 3 year old son (he’s been hiking since 2) we went a different route which was jumping from rock to rock. I wouldn’t recommend lil kids on this hike, however you know what your kids can handle. We made it to the pool where my husband and two daughters, 12 & 10, jumped off the cliff. They had a blast. 7/10.

The hike itself is amazing! Although when we did this hike today, I found it to be more rock climbing. If you are not used to hiking all the time then this would not be a good place to start. This trail is for the more experienced hikers and I am not one of those. It was difficult for me being that I am not in the best of shape. But I still did it. Would I do it again? Naahh....not until I am more experienced. Be careful, there are a lot of dangerous and very steep places that you have to climb up and down on. Once you get to the top, it is a bit crowded and people do litter which makes the hike less worth it. The scenery is freakin’ awesome though!

4 months ago

Our first warm up hike last week in Yosemite. Seeing any Giant Sequoia is worth the hike. Paved road as a trail. Only a hand full of giant Sequoias. If you like this hike you’ll love Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia.

How did this trail got 4 stars? Only a few sequoias and only one rather large one. Not worth your time.

4 months ago

nice short hike along an historic old road to see giant Sequoias at the end

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