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If you want to see a waterfall but are short on time, this is one to see. Best time to go is in the spring/early summer when the snow is melting.

The lake is more like a pond but still pretty. The 90 degree angled granite in the background is what will take your breath away though.

amazing view. you can see upper and lower falls and also half dome.

Did this in the winter and it was a beautiful.

Such a beautiful snowy day for a wonderful trail

started my hike at Yosemite village, went to half dome village,then on to mirror lake, absolutely beautiful there, from there I went to the ahwanee hotel where I ate my lunch on the back lawn and felt like a king.after lunch I set off for Yosemite falls,then walked through cooks meadow to sentinel bridge.came in February in hopes of seeing horsetail falls at sunset but alas we're back in a drought year and there just haven't been enough precipitation, but I'm not disappointed, after all I'm in Yosemite it's beautiful here and no crowds!

easy going trail with good views!

Just a short walk to the trailhead from Upper Pines Campground, which is where we camped. It was an easy hike, and we enjoyed the beautiful views of Half Dome. We were surprised to find the water level at Mirror Lake was pretty low at this time of year, but a nice walk nonetheless.

Beautiful hike, lots of amazing views. Saw two doe mule deer yesterday. Went around in a clockwise direction, this brings you by the interpretive section at the beginning of the hike.

Magnificent view!

This is an amazingly wonderful hike. Has great views and a fairly easy/moderate skill level. Shady trees in most spots.

Nice view everywhere

1 month ago

Not really a hike (all flat) but worth seeing!

A nice hike best in the spring. I went the first week of April and all of the waterfalls were amazing! It was also fun to go over the stream from a waterfall to get to the trail at the beginning. The area by the lake can get a little crowded.

Easy, flat, non technical hike, has some good views of half dome.
The water level in the "lake" are almost non existent late December 2017

Pleasant hike. We encountered a calm snacking buck and an alarmed black squirrel. Water levels are dreadfully low right now but it's beautiful nonetheless.

This is a fun and easy hike that will give you great views of the surrounding granite cliffs. It’s an excellent place to have a picnic with the family.

I took my 2.5 year old on this trail. It was very easy and she walked the whole way there and most of the way back. We started at half dome village. It was very crowded, but we went the day before new years eve so yosemite was packed. The "lake"(I would call it a large pond) was exceedingly beautiful and worth every step it took to get there. I highly recommend.

Easy trail for beginner and family with children. I and my husband spent wonderful time. The road was paved. We enjoyed scenery. We spent 4 hours. Nice trail, but it will be crowded during the warm season. Come early and find the parking and enjoy your walking/hiking.

3 months ago

Very easy paved trail, great views of the fall.

great views, easy hike .

on Pothole Dome Trail

3 months ago

Make this a 5 star hike by traversing the entire dome, dropping off the Northern end, down to the Tuolumne River then return via the trail at the eastern base of the dome.

We did this hike yesterday. Nervous that it might be too icy/ snowy at this time of year but it was a lovely hike. We hiked up the 4 miles trail & came down this trail. Spectacular day in Yosemite.

Fun, easy trail with minimal elevation gain but it’s fairly crowded. Not a trail to get away from others

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