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Awesome hike, even more awesome view from Dewey Point.

We went on a Sunday during peak season and barely saw anyone.

It was hot and sunny so even with 2L each we came back dry. I wish I'd have had the stamina to keep going on to Crocker and Stanford Points.

My wife and I hiked this trail in reverse from Glacier Point to Nevada Falls in July 2018. The Panorama Trail provides you with magnificent views along the entire trail. Be sure to bring extra water in the summer months, but if you have a filter, then there will be locations to refill bottles or bladders along the way. Bring some trekking poles as the switchbacks from Glacier down to illilouette falls is littered with large rocks and some sharp drop offs. I advise taking the reverse route as in and back, because you get some great early morning shots of Half Dome and all the falls, but in the evening when you return, you can watch the sun set on the face of Half Dome from glacier point. It will make for a very long day, but it's definitely worth the work. The trail is moderately trafficked, so be prepared to pass or be passed by other hikers, and expect to see others at the falls when arriving. There is an area between Nevada falls and Illilouette falls with some very large boulders that make for a great photo opportunity, so bring a camera! Have Fun

29 days ago

Great hike. Very doable, but for those that aren’t in the best shape, 6 miles with a pack will feel like you accomplished something. And the reward of going in the lake when you get there is the cherry on top. Small lake. You will be near others, but should be able to find your own space.

Fantastic hike with ever changing vistas. Left at about 830 AM on July 11th from Glacier Point Panoramic trailhead in summer and finished by 230 to the valley via Nevada and Vernal falls and the Mist trail. Stopped numerous times for photos and lunch at Nevada falls.

LOVED the first 6 miles during which our lizard count to other people count was 65 to 7. After Nevada falls this ratio flipped as people way outnumbered lizards and trails became very crowded. The downhill out of Nevada and the Vernal steps is a knee killer w painstaking foot placement required.

Besides the last 2 miles of knee pain and crowded trail down to the valley (which is expected in summer) this was absolutely amazing hike great vistas of Half Dome and El Capitan and numerous waterfalls..

Out of all the times I've been and hiked to Yosemite, this trail was the most spectacular view wise. Multiple angles of the park from the high sierra to the valley had me blown away. Even with it being 90+ degrees, this hike was worth it from beginning to end. Will never forget my experience and encourage everyone to do this hike.

1 month ago

Parked on Glacier Point rd on the trailhead through Mcgurk Meadow without issue.

After reading some of the reviews here I decided to include this with the Four Mile Trail and do this as a loop. I parked my car at the Half Dome Village (as close as I could get it to The Mist Trail which I would be using as an exit). I then hiked 2.2 miles back to the entrance of the Four Mile Trail and proceeded up that 4.6 miles to Glacier Point. Epic views of Yosemite Falls the whole way. I then hopped on the Panorama Trail and took that 5 miles to Nevada Falls where it junctions with The Mist Trail. The view coming down from Glacier Point is absolutely incredible. You can see all the way across the valley and the path you will be taking to Vernal and Nevada Falls. One of the things that sold me on doing this loop was that I read that the Panorama Trail was mostly all downhill. There is actually a 1.5 mile stretch right after Illilouette Falls that goes uphill that had me huffing and puffing. 3.2 more miles down The Mist Trail..those waterfalls are amazing. And then a 1 mile zombie walk back to my car. Best hike I've ever done!! 16 miles altogether. Took me 7 hours.

We did this trail two days ago, went up to Nevada Falls and then came back around on the John Muir trail. One of my favorite hikes! It's really crowded in the beginning, but after Vernal fall's it's way less people. We started around two and we're done by seven. This is my fourth time doing this hike. The two waterfalls are spectacular!

2 months ago

While too many are busy trying out their long distance leg & back strength on Half Dome I encourage the remaining to try out this beautiful trail. I passed 4 hiker’s, 2 of which were Park Rangers, along the way. The trailhead has plenty of parking spaces and bear lockers. The first several miles are super easy and fairly flat the rest are a steady climb and along the way you’ll see the back part of Half Dome off in the distance. At this beautiful lake you’ll encounter 2 or 3 overnight campers along the perimeter of the lake. Take the time to rest and enjoy the lake before heading back.

I ended up doing this fragmented, starting from bottom, and eventually being from glacier point. I think it can be worth doing the whole thing from the valley, giving you a great view of halfdome, and feeling like you deserve it (instead of driving there). Plus, it takes a while to drive there, so you won't lose so much time, especially if the parking is full and you have to wait an extra 2 hours like I had....

Hiked from glacier point to Nevada Falls and then hiked all the way back. Let me tell you, YOU NEED ALOT OF WATER. Your legs will hurt so take those hiking sticks with you. I had to take a couple of breaks because of the incline. Overall great trail, but you must start hiking early. I started around 11, and finished about 6pm.

Parking is used for glacier point traffic control and it wasn’t available for park and hike. I went to McGurk meadow trail head to start and hoped I could trace this trail back, but the trail is washed out and it wasn’t traceable. I went back and came the same McGurk back. This 9 miles round trip was great, but I don’t recommend to use this trail.

3 months ago

day 1- ascent via snow creek trail, camped at snow creek falls ***uhh-mazing spot to sleep under the stars*** (#romanticaf, lol) / day 2- indian rock and north dome, camped at lehamite creek / day 3- descent via upper and lower yosemite falls. ~mother nature gave the gracious gift of beautiful weather during the month of may and spoiled me with various scenery: from the way the granite walls opened up the higher in elevation you climbed; to stunning treelines; to what was left of a winter wonderland with the slight patches of snow at higher elevation; to the way my cup runneth over with the waterfalls~ more solitude. major naturegasms. while clouds rest and half dome trails definitely give you the thrill, snow creek makes you work for those rewards (i found it to have more of a mental aspect), but all equal in the priceless treasures only yosemite can offer.

dope trail did it may 5th only saw 3 other souls in this 12.5 mi R/T hike. follow the markers to not get lost. the frozen lake at the end was amazing and freaking gorgeous most def do this again in the hotter days. didn't see any wild life but oh well loved this hike!

So is 9 mil round trip or 9 mil one way!!? And how long is takes to complete the hike?

Sublime! Besides the awesome views, mist, and enormity of experience from such perspectives as are offered on this route, it was a treat to finally see the enormous bird that we heard for at least a half-hour making an odd fog horn-like noise: a blue grouse!

4 months ago

My first trip to Yosemite... A buddy decided to celebrate his birthday there and I decided to join on yet another adventure, no tent mentality. We snowshoed to about a quarter mile from the point. Set up camp with shovels, tarp and snow stakes. We dug about 4 feet below the snow and built up a couple feet and patched the holes in the walls on the exterior and interior as needed. Visualize a 10x10 floor plan that featured an 18” tall trench in the middle that led outside the snow cave. Space for two individuals could easily fit on each side of the trench which also acted as a face to face round table for entertainment, and a place for cool air to settle in the night as we slept. A couple feet outside of our door we set up a kitchen area to prep our food. A sled which we happen to haul served as a multiple tool... A door for our snow cave to keep predators out, a snow board to ride down gnarly decents and last to haul out our tools and garbage.

So when we got our permit pass to camp overnight, the ranger didn't mention thin ice
(Trail 18) en route to Dewey Point. On our way back I fell in about knee deep while hauling the sled and luckily I was able to make it out. Two of my buddies fell in as well, one waist high and one knee high. It ain't no fun without a little excitement. My only disappoint was not being able to start a campfire, it was super cold at night even with all our gear. My hands and toes were frozen but I was able to boil some water and put it in an empty mountain house package and use it as a heater to bring them back to life. I'd recommend covering your snow boots over night to prevent them from being less frozen in the morning. Tip: boiled enough snow water to put into a 32oz nalgene and stuffed boots, rotate at 5 minute intervals.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
Snow Camping Brain dump: come with ready made non perishable foods, waterproof shoes, rain jacket, rain pants and know your clothing layering basics, down blankets, down booties, bigger fuel canisters, sleeping liners, high SPF w/ zinc, chap stick., backup fire starter to a lighter, windshield for stove, battery pack for your electronics.

4 months ago

Took the meadows trail to get to Dewey Point... A lot of Frazil Ice, really dangerous... had to take the way back after sticking your entire leg into a water hole , having my snowshoe stuck in a bunch of trunks...
Maybe the ridge trail is better, if you doing the trail, try this one ;-)

Awesome trail I've been able to do a couple of times...

Amazing when waterfalls are maxed

My second hike to North Dome, it does not disappoint. At the end of December, the trail had a few workarounds here and there but largely in good shape. The icy patches slowed us down a bit on the higher lat Snow Creek trail... not hard just slowish.

some spectacular views of the yosemite valley. I hiked from glacier point to Nevada falls and back up to glacier point. 2nd day, hiked sentinel dome. I will do it again.

By far my favorite hike I have done in Yosemite from glacier point down to illohoutte falls cross a bridge upside of another mountain then down to Nevada and then vernal falls and back to the valley .. amazing views the whole entire time

Hiked this WED, JUL 20, 2016 then back up to the start by way of the Four Mile Trail. Best day of hiking in my life. This trail is ranked #1 in my books. Beautiful! I can't wait to do it again!

Amazing views. Not too many people. Good climb.

This is a strenuous hike, but very rewarding. We backpacked to North Dome via this trail in early October. There was no water until you reach snow creek at the top. Start early, bring plenty of water, and don't forget to look around every once in a while to enjoy the view.

Great Views of Yosemite Valley! We'll work the 8.5miles to the top of Glacier Point!

Took this trail on the way down from glacier point after taking the four-mile trail up. The views are amazing and it's a great hike! Challenging by the waterfall but so pretty!

Intense hike with breath taking views. Took me 6hrs for the round trip.

One of my favorites at Yosemite!

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