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A shame there is no waterfall in September.

Lots of switch backs for a moderately better view past Columbia rock.

very fun trail. there are beautiful views coupled with excellent exercise.

1 day ago

Don't consider this 10k as an easy one. The first 2 miles are really steep, then it's relatively ok for the cardio/legs during 3-4 miles. Before you get to the top you have to spend 2 miles with a harsh climb but it's really beautiful. Don't give up or take a break before you get to the flat part. You'll have a first really beautiful view from the upper Yosemite falls view point. The rest is easier and it is worth it if you have the time.
This hike is really intense but I really love it because you feel accomplished when you reach the top. If you hike between June to October it's really dry and warm so do not forget 3 liters per person at least to feel comfortable.

Excellent hike but it is not 5 miles round trip! As is stated at the trail head it is 3.4 miles one way and based off my log I found this to be true. Definitely worth the hike, even tho the falls were dry when I went. While you’re up there you might as well do the extra mile to Yosemite Point to get the best views of the valley as well.

4 days ago

I would like to come back and do this again, but on a cloudy day. Maybe in October or November. Because of the fires, the air was pretty smoggy and everything looked dry. The falls are all dried out at this time.

I started at 05:45 AM. Two other gentlemen started at the same time. Someone else started at 07:00 AM and he caught up and passed me on the way to the top haha.

Lots of beautiful views and it is fun to see the sun touch everything and then come down to completely different lighting. No surprise, lots of switchbacks, but it is a fun, challenging, enjoyable hike. It took me 3.5 hours to make it to the top and two hours to get back down.

Glacier Point is a madhouse.

I had an amazing experience getting to run into a momma bear and cub on the way back down. She was on trail as I was cantering down, we both scared the life out of each other as I turned the switchback and she was less than 15 feet away. I kept my eyes on them and they watched me as I passed. Pictures are lame, because I wasn't about to be one of those people who gets too close and then dies. I just held my camera in the air and clicked while I backed up. Just wonderful! I hope I never forget that moment.

5 days ago

Hiked half dome on Saturday after drawing 48 hour permits. We arrived late Friday so hit he trail at 7. The lower portion to Nevada falls was busy but not crowded, good time of year to hike! The hike from Nevada Falls to Sub dome was my favorite. Sub Dome was SO difficult for me, granite switch backs straight up the end of sub dome. Once up sub dome the cables felt easy! I agree with past comments-good grip on shoes and gloves. There were several people sliding down the cables in tennis shoes. Everyone was really nice, encouraging, and communicated really well on the cables! I Loved this hike, although it ended up being 20 miles from the half dome village tents. Hike JMT back down, misty in the dark because we left so late. Headlamps were a good choice! Have an easy dinner ready, you won’t be in the mood to cook!

Great hike even if it’s dried up. Did it with my son on our father son getaway. We left at 7:15 and glad we did. It does get hot towards the top but there are a couple great water holes on top to get in. Slippery when coming down wear the right boots. Believe it or not we saw someone doing it bare foot. 3-4 bottles of water are good. We saw a mountain lion and bear so watch for them. It’s a GREAT hike. Enjoy

Great Hike, though very long and difficult! Amazing views of Vernal and Nevada falls, the half dome of course and other landmarks if Yosemite. We started 4:30 AM with the mist trail, which was very challenging. Came back through John Muir Trail, which is longer and has lots of switchbacks. The sub Dome is a very challenging part. The Cables required lots of hand and legs work. be sure to bring gloves with rubber side, for good grip. I had to stop and sit few times going up the cables, I got dizzy and weak. I had to regain my forces every few feet, in the mid section of the cables. Worth the effort! Amazing view from the top. Make sure you take at least 1.5 Gallon of water per person, and good snacks. Enjoy!

This is one of the most beautiful and epic hikes that I have ever completed. My daughter and I completed this hike on June 19, 2018. The waterfall was gorgeous and still flowing this time of year. This hike is definitely a challenge but is totally worth it. We didn’t have trekking poles and that was a mistake. Poles will definitely make the descent a little easier on the feet and knees. My Fitbit showed the round trip mileage for this trail at 12 miles.

Beautiful. Hard rating is correct. The view is above majestic.

One of Yosemite's best!. Boring at the beginning, the first 2 hours, but the end is worth it.

The top of the ridge is a spectacular place. You'll have to walk on a scary narrow path, see the Half Dome in all it's beauty a bit below (probably with the hikers on the cables) and see the great 360 degrees panorama.

Unfortunately, the other 80% of the trail is just a long path closed in a forest, not much to see there.

beautiful hike

It’s the best!! Night hike is amazing.

11 days ago

Strenuous- best done from the Valley to Glacier Point. Get up early in the morning - switchbacks are difficult, but we are happy we did not do the first half of the climb in the sun! We started at 9am. Bring plenty of water and food. We saw many people not prepared with the right amount of water or shoes.
It took us 3 hours with 2-3 breaks in between to get to the top. About 2-2.5 hours to get down.
Spectacular views at Glacier point and well-worth the hike!

12 days ago

Bucket list hike. Plan to hike in the dark early to avoid the crowds. You’ll be so much more relaxed on the cables with less people.

12 days ago

Came back via JMT to save our knees from going down all the stairs on mist trail. Great views at the top. Definitely bring 4-5L of water and some kind of water purification wouldn't hurt so you can top off on the trail. And don't forget to hydrate and eat. I'd try to get to cables as early as possible. We got there around noon and came down around 1 and there was a lot of traffic both ways which made it... interesting.

AMAZING views the entire way up and down. It is strenuous for sure but so worth it. Switchbacks almost all the way up.

Epic views
Dried up falls in September
Slippery rocks so wear good hiking shoes/boots
Hiking/trekking pole highly recommended
No bathrooms
From camp 4 to overlook FitBit clocked in 6 miles (12 miles round trip)
Use bug spray!
This hike will make you the stairMASTER!
Worth every step.

Start to Tilltill Valley; Via Rancheria (10 Miles flat then uphill)
Tilltill Valley to Lake Vernon (7 Miles uphill)
Lake Vernon to Finish (10 Miles downhill)

I did this loop over Labor Day weekend. There were 4 of us (two guys and two girls, late 20's and various degrees of in-shape) Paces would vary but we all handled the distance and elevation gain well. As has been posted before, this trail is more than 23 miles. We were told by a very confident ranger that the trail is actually 27 miles, and if you include the extra distance of walking around Lake Vernon - or going over to Laurel Lake it can climb to 28-29 miles. We wanted to spend the most time at Lake Vernon so we went the Rancheria Falls route. This time of year Rancheria Falls was pretty much dry, which blew one of our comrade's minds who had seen it in full force a year earlier and who said they needed to cover their bags to keep everything inside from getting drenched from the waterfall.

The hike to Rancheria Falls campsite was pretty easy and flat. We stopped and swam in crystal clear (relatively small) body of water that was there before continuing to Tilltill Valley, which I enjoyed much more as a campsite. At this time of year Rancheria's campsite seemed dry and the trees a little thin, but Tilltill Valley was a nice valley, very green with a great open view while also being encompassed by trees. The trail from Rancheria to Tilltill was much harder as the elevation gains start kicking in.

The next day, we left camp around 11:00 and made it to Lake vernon by 2:30, but went around the lake to find a campsite, and that took another 40 minutes. This was all uphill until the last mile, and bugs at the initial switchbacks were relentless. Regardless, the hike was beautiful, and swimming in and spending the day / night at Lake Vernon was magical.

The last day, there is an initial climb out of Lake Vernon for about 1-2 miles before you finish off the last 8 miles going downhill. About 2 miles into this hike we saw the mama bear with her cub from a distance (which people had seen at Lake Vernon the lake the day before). Bugs weren't nearly as bad on day 3 and finishing up going downhill was very welcome.

My personal tip - I recommend the counterclockwise loop, and I also recommend making it to Tilltill Valley for your first night. Going from Rancheria Falls to Lake Vernon seems like a rough journey, and if you go clockwise making it all the way to Lake Vernon (10 miles) with that elevation gain would be tough. And if you go clockwise and stop by Laurel Lake the first night, you will need to continue past Lake Vernon so you won't be able to spend a night there (Given you're doing a 3 day / 2 night trek).

10/10 would recommend.

This hike was long, exhausting, scary, and TOTALLY WORTH IT! The views were amazing! My husband and I are 45, run 3 miles, 3 times a week, and live in a flat, at sea level State. We did it in 7 hours total with hanging around at the top for 20 mins. The key for us was start early, bring 3 liters of water, and keep a nice pace. Also, try not to crap your pants when you climb the last part at the top!
Best hike I have ever done so far!!!

worth every step. bring gloves, lots of water, and a water filter because you may still run out of water even if you pack a lot.

Hiked it in 2010. Proposed to my now-wife at the top. She was cursing me most of the way up, but the view cemented the deal. It’s one of the most beautiful views on the planet, and boy do you earn it. Recommendations: Start early (before 5am). Cooler, less crowds, earlier time to top means longer stay. 6 is too late. Bring lots of water. Seriously. Bring bandaids and catch blisters early. Bring gloves. Probably won’t need your own as there’s a pile at the base of the cables, but just in case, ‘cause you 100% gonna need gloves on those cables. Bring the right food. Be forewarned. When you’re at the top, basking in the glow of your amazing accomplishment, remember you still have 8 miles to go back. And no, going downhill doesn’t make it easier. My legs were on fire for 3 days afterwards. But so worth it.

Did this hike September 7th with my daughter. We started out of half dome village at 5am and we’re back to half dome village by 6. Beers tasted amazing lol Great work out and Great views. You must not be afraid of heights and be in pretty good shape . Met very cool people on the trail. Even if you don’t do the cables the views are amazing before you get to the park ranger who checks for permits. It was a Great adrenaline rush .Trail was very dusty and I would recommend bringing a bandanna. Lots of steps . Bring plenty of water at least 5 liters. Great Job Kelsie !!!! Proud of you

the scenery is great but the trail is basically soft sand the entire way and littered with horse shit. the campground area is a nice place to have lunch and spend some time but gets very busy so get there early or late if you plan on staying the night.

16 days ago

got on the trail around 830am and there were only a few other groups on the way up, plus a couple on their way down, so it was nice and quiet, and well shaded. there aren't any particularly steep sections, just lots of switchbacks which was surprisingly enjoyable. the view from the top is awesome but lots of people, and on the way back down it was fairly busy. couldn't get a good look at yosemite falls but vernal and nevada falls can be seen from the top.

Amazing hike! Stunning views. Sept 5, 2018: started at 0730 from Tenaya Lake got to the top at 1030. Chilled for an hour; clear skies. Descended at 1130 completed at 1400. Not one mosquito in sight, did not apply any repellent prior. I must say the descending portion was just as brutal if not more then going up.

17 days ago

Loved this trail until SubDome. Bring 4-5L of water. Was shocked how many people ran out on the way down. Plan to summit before 1 pm - it gets very busy.

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