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Both falls were running well. Beautiful trail even with the scarring of fire. The new life that is filling the area is amazing.

Awesome views. Great way to take in Yosemite Valley.

13 days ago

Some of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen while hiking. Constant amazement at the unreal beauty of the surrounding waterfalls, cliffs, rivers. A magical experience. Highly recommend hiking past glacier point to sentinel dome. Was lucky enough to be the only person atop sentinel dome in late November (Glacier Point driving road closed.)

Not much of a hike but the view of the falls is stellar. Parking lot fills up quickly so plan a very early trip. Stop by tunnel view afterwards just up the road

if you hustle it can be done in 4.5 hours, about 9 miles round trip, the view at the end of the trail is worth it!! a lot of mountain lion warnings

Hard ascent( especially the ice and snow on the upper part of the trail). With the road closed, a good way to access the awesome views from Glacier Point.

We walked this trail back in July. It was a pretty quick walk so we decided to go off the regular trail. We went over the rocks and right up to the falls. It was still flowing in July.

16 days ago

Switchbacks all the way up and all the way down. Gorgeous views at the top, which were made even better by the recent snowfall. Bring water and real shoes — I saw too many people in tennis shoes struggling on the ice and snow.

Beautiful walk along the river even if we did it under the rain. This trail was a pleasure, It is a good alternative to the park when this one is crowded.

This is a solid climb with beautiful vistas along the way. At some points it feels like just trudging uphill. I definitely recommend doing it when Glacier Point road is closed, the viewing spots at the top were relatively uncrowded as it was just those of us who had hiked up. I hiked back down the 4 mile trail but would have preferred to go down the panaroma trail for a less steep incline. Happy to report my knees are just a little sore today and Im feeling good after the climb! Take plenty of water and snacks.

18 days ago

It was great hike however be ready for a steep switchbacks. There were stunning views of the valleys going up and down the mountain.

Beautiful lake and great trail! The views of the Sierra's are stunning. Completed in September 2016.

Great workout and wonderful views along the way up. I completed this trail in September 2016. The only disappointing thing about this trail is that the view at the top is shared with a whole bunch of people who just drove up and parked.

Had to park at the visitor center and take the free 10-minute shuttle bus up to the trailhead (apparently only cars with handicap stickers can drive all the way in). The trail is very clean and well developed with educational signs about the grove. There are many options for different trails and loops. After about 1 mile, people thinned out which was nice. A peaceful and easy walk!

21 days ago

Super short hike but the views are pretty!!

Great workout, beautiful scenery...Maaaaybe not the best hike for young children or older dogs. There are multiple entrances; the middle entrance gives you a left and right you can make. To the left you can cross the creek to a 5 mile out and back trail (more family and older dog friendly) to the right is more of a moderate hike as you will descend as you get closer to the creek and waterfalls. Great great hike but coming back up can be rough!


Love this hike. Great views.

super easy hike!

Great hike! There is a great waterfall two miles prior to the end of the trail indicated on this map. Beautiful trail, bring bug spray for the first section. If you don't mind nats, then you will be ok. Hint to find the waterfall marked on this hike, after you go over the second small bridge, pay attention, to find a split in the trail to the left, that will take you to the small fall that is the end of this trail. You could continue on the main trail all the way to Sugar Pine. Also, if you want to see the big fall and don't want to do a 6 mile hike, drive up 41 to the trail head that is a paved pull out, well marked on the left hand side. We drove up and checked it out after we did the hike, because we saw it on on our way out.

24 days ago

Beautiful views the whole way, but good lord strap in for a challenging hike. The elevation gain over a 4.6 mile hike is brutal. It’s truly 9.2 miles from the trail head and back. It took us 3 hr up and 2 back. We started at 10a and got to our car at 3:30p . The only downside of this hike is that at the end of it you are with a ton of people who just drove up and are crowding all the viewpoints... so it can feel a little unrewarding. Usually after that strenuous of a hike you weed out a lot of people but that’s not the case for this hike. Remember you can always meet your group at the top or be dropped off to hike back down. This would make the hike challenging but not as treacherous to go both ways. THIS IS REALLY A HARD HIKE, no joke. Overall glacier point is phenomenal and you get some really beautiful views the entire way. And it’s pretty spectacular to come off the mountain and see what you accomplished from the valley floor. So take water, snacks, and good shoes... and take your time to look around when you’re at the flying altitude of eagles.

Beautiful trail in the fall, the leaves are falling, crisp air and deer sighting. Relatively easy on both paths, small incline of stone steps but it can be done. Good hike for all ages.

Magical, went all the way to the top, where the waterfall hits the ground, pure heaven ☺️

Mind blowing Forrest! Those giants are impressive!

27 days ago

MGT is the road to the top. Plenty of side trails to use if you want. 4mi to the top and crowds thin after the main area. View at Wawona Point is worth it if you have 3hrs for the up & back plus pics along the way.

28 days ago

Bridalveil Falls trail, Yosemite. Water still falling in November when some of the other Yosemite Falls have dried up. Beautiful, ethereal, don’t miss it. I’ll be coming back in late spring.

28 days ago

Nice hike but only 4 stars as the falls have dried up until snow melt in late spring. I’ll be back then.

My family and I do this trail once a year. We really enjoy it. Incline and decline are pretty serious though, for kids. Love the creek and waterfall for splashing around.

Well worth the drive!!!! Loved it!

Always a good trail, family friendly, fantastic perspective of Half Dome.

Easy. Done it several times. Beautiful.

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