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Easy, paved trail with great views but in the Fall the upper and lower falls are dry. Still great views.

Great moderately difficult hike with some of the best views on the park and only about an hour round trip.

Ferry good hike. What a view! You can see the Half Dome, el Capitain and more. At 14:00 not so many people.

Beautiful. We went up the Mist trail, and then took the Muir trail back. Glad we did. Longer and more climbing, but worth it.

on Sentinel Dome Trail

4 days ago

This is not a strenuous hike but it is absolutely beautiful. We were recommended to hike this Trail by an amazing Ranger Sierra. There are 360 degree views of the park and much fewer crowds then going up to Glacier Point. There's a nice little side Trail right before you get to the Dome that has some great photo opportunities as well.

on Vernal Falls

4 days ago

While the Falls were beautiful, the Mist trail to the Vernal Falls was packed. At some points we were shoulder-to-shoulder. I think if you got there very early in the morning you'd be fine but we arrived at 10 and had to fight the crowds.

6 days ago

Beginning of September the waterfall was still flowing, but not roaring like it can in the Spring. The hike is very popular - so prepare for lots of people. Many stop at the bridge and turn back but I highly recommend climbing the stairs to the base of the falls.
The little squirrels are so use to people and have learned to crawl into your packs for food! The stairs to the top of the falls are considered strenuous but WORTH IT! The view is breathtaking and there is lots more to explore at the top!
**The bathrooms were working and there ARE water fountains by the bridge when I hiked. I refilled our water bottles on the way back down.

Best hike to get an incredible 360 view of Yosemite. At 8,000 feet up you can see everything! But stay hydrated for the altitude change. Incredible view of El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls (when flowing), Vernell and Nevada Falls, etc. Most awe-inspiring view I’ve ever seen!

Definitely start this one early and go to Sentinel Dome first. We added Glacier Point for an extra 2 miles. Taft point was really beautiful and there was a tight rope walker at the fissures!! Loved how on the top of Sentinel Dome there was a map pointing out the peaks you see.

Such a beautiful lake in the middle of Yosemite National Park! Was there Labor Day weekend and there were still people swimming and plenty of happy people! Very clear lake and many great photo ops too!

Beautiful views! I definitely second everyone who said to start toward Sentinel Dome and walk the loop counterclockwise. Trailhead parking lot was full, but the area across from the service road was empty.

10 days ago

Nice and short hike. 1.1 miles to the top of Sentinel Dome from the trail head, 2.2 miles round trip. Easy hike, and not as crowded or busy as the trails done in the valley. The 360 view at the top of the Dome down to Yosemite valley is awesome and worth the hike.

paddle sports
11 days ago

Even Busy Labor Day Weekend the lake was amazingly quiet. Kayaked early morning then hiked trail around the lake. Highly recommend

14 days ago

This is my second time doing Vernal Falls. The first time I went in mid-June and the falls were roaring with lots of water, mist, and rainbows. Absolutely spectacular. This last Labor Day weekend they were much drier but still flowing and beautiful. I had a chance to appreciate the rocks underneath the falls and it was nice to compare with my first visit. This is an easy hike with gentle slopes and lots of steps near the top of the falls. There’s a big pool up top that you can wade in if the water is just trickling and it hasn’t rained recently. Make sure it’s a super dry day so you don’t get washed out unexpectedly! I absolutely love this hike.

Highly recommend doing Sentinel dome first! Or you'll have nearly 3 miles uphill from Taft Point to the top of Sentinel Dome.

A pleasant little hike that gets very busy later in the day (like everywhere else in the valley), so an early start is highly recommended. Nice views of the North Dome with the Mirror Lakes and some pleasant meadows along the way.

Very easy paved trail. BEAUTIFUL and not crowded early in the day.

on Bridalveil Fall Trail

23 days ago

This is a short hike but it’s great to get out of the car and stretch your legs after a long drive because it’s the first waterfall you come to in Yosemite Valley. Parking is hard because the lot is small and summers get very crowded, so be patient. The trail can get crowded too, but there is bathrooms at the trailhead, misty conditions if the falls are full, and good photo ops.

27 days ago

Amazing trail! easy to get to, with some hills and hard steps, but definitely worth it.

Amazing. A short walk turned into rock hiking up to the base of the falls and swimming in refreshing water (cold!!). Wife and two kids climbed the rocks. Very slippery, use caution. Barefoot on the way down was much easier.

Short, easy and pretty. But also unbelievably crowded with many people being their most annoying selves, showing absolutely no regard for anyone or anything else, just so they have the "perfect" Instagram picture...

1 month ago

As far as reward to effort ratio goes, you can't get much better than this. The walk from the parking lot to the viewpoints is short, paved, mostly flat and, understandably, pretty crowded. Actually, just finding parking space can be quite tricky. The views of the valley and especially the Half Dome are absolutely stunning though and I really can't recommend this highly enough.

1 month ago

Beautiful falls that are perhaps too close to the road. There are just too many people everywhere, scrambling on the rocks, screaming on top of their lungs and in general exhibiting the sort of "crowd behavior" that one would expect to see at an amusement park rather than in nature.
That said, it is definitely wort stopping by if you're driving past.

This might well be the most beautiful view I have ever seen. If you can walk up an incline, hike this trail before you die.

Best view of Yosemite falls in the park IMO

I'd say more moderate than easy due to the Stone "stairs." Still doable by the 7 year old with me. Granted, air quality was poor due to smoke from wildfires. The "stairs" were cool and the "lake" was awesome even with low water levels. Would love to do the whole thing on a clearer day.

Great easy hike! Paved the whole way. Did this hike with a large group with an age range from 3 months old (in a stroller) up to 82 years old. We came in a dry season, so we were able to climb around the boulders below the falls to get pretty close to the falls.

Beautiful but busy

Short, paved trail with lots of people. Takes maybe 10-15 minutes to make the bottom of the waterfall from the parking lot. Well worth the stop.

Do yourself a favor, take the bus to Glacier Point and hike all the way back down to the valley. You can hit up Nevada and Vernal falls on the way down, plus a bonus of crossing over Illilouette falls on the way to Nevada. This hike is for the most part all down hill, so for those who find going up the trail to Vernal and Nevada, this will be much more doable. The views are spectacular!

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