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Completed this loop yesterday and it clocked closer to 9 miles from the trailhead parking lot. Quite challenging in parts due to the steep steps but definitely worth it. It took us about 5.5 hours altogether with plenty of stops including lunch atop Nevada Falls.

This trail is pretty strenuous, but so so worth it! We took the shuttle from curry village to happy isles, and started our trek at around 11:30 AM (because we didn’t find parking and were roaming around searching for one for an hour!). With all the pitstops for pictures - one just doesn’t get enough of them! - we took about 5 hours. We took the vernal/nevada falls trail up and came down the JMT - glad we did this, since the JMT was definitely easier on the knees. Overall, I would say this is a hard hike, definitely not a moderate one. Bring lots of water and snacks!

Tremendous hike from Happy Isle up to Nevada Falls. The walk from parking at Curry Village is almost a 1 mile to Happy Isle. We started on the Mist Trail at at 840 and reached the top of Vernal Falls in about an hour. We hooked up to John Muir trail for the rest of the way up to Nevada Fall rather than the route up next to the Merced which is about 1.6 mile. This route is a bit longer but does avoid a lot of additional stairs. Reached Nevada falls before noon and took JMT back down to the point it connects back to the Mist Trail thus avoiding the steep staircase down. Round trip to the parking lot was ~10 miles and on the trails ~8. It took us just under 6 hours including a long stop to enjoy the beauty from both Vernal and Nevada Falls. Elevation gain is 2k+ so bring at least a liter of water per person along with some snacks. Sneakers would be fine, I wore my trail runners.

10 hours ago

The difficulty of this trail was certainly difficult but totally worth it. The waterfall was pretty much dry (September 21) but the views were spectacular. Downhill was treacherous and a great workout! Trail description says 7.5, however, my Apple Watch claims it was close to 10miles.

13 hours ago

Unpopular opinion: this trail was okay. Waterfall was pretty much nonexistent. Endless switchbacks make this trail slightly boring. Great views of half dome though- I should’ve stopped there. Our gps put us at almost 10 miles round trip. At least I got a great workout!

2 days ago

Amazing views from the top, definitely worth it. However, it is a very difficult hike, moderately trafficked, bees at the top which will try to eat your food. Overall worth the time and pain to get there. Bring lots of water and snacks for along the way. Also currently there is no water flowing at the falls.

Difficult hike. A lot of people. Go EARLY. Little to no shade past the halfway point. Bring plenty of water. The views at Yosemite Point make it woth it.

This loop clocked out much closer to 9 miles than 6.4

Nice hike but straight up over uneven terrain. Did this in August to show a friend and the falls was a trickle compared to what it’s used to.

100 percent worth it!!!

A very tough hike. Tons of switchbacks and great views.

Bouldering Down to the base of the falls. Yosemite falls down to a trickle.

hard but wonderful. highly recommended

Great hike. Got there around 10 on Saturday and found parking about half mile from trailhead. Most of the trail was in the shade which was nice. We went clockwise and, yes, little bit steeper going up but you hug the waterfalls a lot closer than taking John Muir trail up to top of Nevada. Plus, there’s a good chunk of the way going down that you’d have to be on all fours to do which isn’t my cup of tea on a long hike. Bring sandwiches and find a spot at the top of Nevada falls in the shade for a celebratory meal before heading back down.

6 days ago

Came down from little Yosemite valley backpackers campground. Glad I was going down vs up with my pack on. Really pretty views of the falls. Lots of little and big steps. Super crowded.

We did about half of this trail with a four and six year old. I don’t usually love partially paved trails, but it was helpful with the little ones because they were able to get more secure footing. The trail is a bit too heavily trafficked for my personal taste, but it winds up beautiful hills with wide valley views and spectacular springs and pools along the way. Definitely worth checking out!

Quite possibly the best/hardest hike I’ve ever done. The feeling of accomplishment >>>> if you don’t thrive off of the feeling of conquering mountains don’t do this. Also the later in the season the less water there will be FYI

Wow... the views at the summit alone are well worth the hike, but the scenery changes constantly as you ascend. Go well prepared with food, water, appropriate clothing & sturdy footware and you'll have no problems and be able to just enjoy the experience. Get an early start and enjoy those still going up ad you're coming down!! Didn't get to the pools as ran short on time.

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