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Nice little nature trail some steep portions but really nice view points. Great for pictures and a nice view of Tenaya Lake.

Nice hike up to the lake and not too strenuous. Unfortunately the day we went it’s was very hazy due to a wildfire outside the west side of the park so visibility wasn’t great. We also walked on for another mile or two to extend the hike. Bug spray is a must!

Absolutely stunning. Perfect first backpacking trip with plenty of water along the way.

Nice hike, but not nearly as strenuous and scary as some seem to make it. The road is open to the trailhead which makes the hike about 6 miles round trip. The Hike to May Lake is a doddle, and heavily trafficked since there is a High Sierra Camp there. It's a nice lake, but nothing spectacular by Yosemite standards.

Stay South of the lake and follow an extremely good use trail. Once up and out of the basin you pass on meadow on your right. The good trail continues, but shortly after turns to the right and heads pretty up up the center of the slope on a reasonably good use trail marked with cairns. If you lose the trail generally move to the center of the slope to pick it up again. The trail improves markedly at the top of the slope and continues around the rock prominences on your right. The trail takes you to the last scramble.

Here stay to your left and follow the path of least resistance as you gain elevation. About 100 feet from the top you need to do some really easy scrambling to the summit. If you are finding the scrambling difficult you are too far to the right.

Hiked to May Lake day after Independence Day after landing a wilderness permit the week before. It's a 2 mi drive via a potholed road to the trail head. Once parked, make sure you pay attention to the trail head signs, there's 2 trails leaving the lot. A moderate 2 mi hike takes you to Lake May and the High Seirra Camp. After finding a crowded campground, decided to hike 2 more miles past the lake to fine solitude. Came upon a beautiful pond surrounded by granite and meadows - postcard picture perfect hiking/camping! The site was beyond the NPS wilderness camp arrow head and below 9,400' so campfires were permitted. Only complaint were the mosquitos, make sure to bring bug spray, it's worked but had to apply every 20-30 min. Absolutely awesome moderate hike! On the return hike, cast my fly into Lake May, but not a sign of any fish - though was greeted by a woodchuck ;)

Hiking to the top of Clouds Rest if you’re afraid of heights can be prohibitive, but if you’re willing to push past your fear, the views are phenomenal!

I started the trail at Tenaya Lake (AKA Sunrise Lakes trailhead) and thought to myself "wow this trail has it all!" Beautiful meadows, small stream crossings, lakes, wildflowers galore, steep switchbacks that seem like they go on for days, sparking granite (because you came to Yosemite to see granite, DUH!), thrills, and most important, views for days!! This hike seems really daunting, but it's actually not that bad. Yes, it has some steep climbing sections, but a lot of downs and flat areas to rest up in between. The first two miles are probably the hardest part of the entire trail, so if you can do that section then you can surely finish! It does get a little rough towards the approach on the spine, but take as many breaks as you need as this isn't a race. I thought the spine was a little over-hyped, but I've been told I have an unhealthy obsession with heights...Be sure to keep an eye on Tenaya Lake as you ascend to keep track of how far you've come! Be sure to make plenty of time to rest up at the top, because you'll need some extra energy for the long trek down, remember those downs I mentioned earlier? Anyways, bring plenty of food and water, this is a longer hike. I did this hike yesterday, (6/14/18) and the Tenaya Lake crossing was completely manageable in my regular hiking boots. However, this is not always the case...

The next time I'm introducing an out-of-towner to Yosemite, this is the hike we'll do. The view from North Dome of Half Dome and the valley is stunning.

Great Walk. Nothing too strenuous. Just a few steep sections. Try and get it done early in the day to beat the heat. The views from North Dome are amazing. Plenty of wildflowers along the path.

7 days ago

Did this as part of a much longer hike from the valley. Awesome but it was pretty low light through this section. One of my favorite golden retreivers was named after this hike. I miss Tenaya!

beautiful views

Amazing hike! Very strenuous but worth it for the views!! The 1000ft elevation gain at the start was by far the hardest part of the trail. I had no problem with last scramble up to the top of Clouds Rest. I would recommend trekking poles for a good portion of the hike though. And mosquitos are going to be a pain! Bring a good amount of water! I had 3liters and had no problem.

This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! The trip up is a bit steep at 1500-foot elevation climb, but I enjoyed the challenge! There’s a freshwater spring in the middle of the hike which makes for a perfect break point. The beautiful stream, view of the mountains, and view of the forest was incredible.
Once we got to Cathedral Lake, the views only got better! I wish I’d brought a dry change of clothes to take a dip in the picturesque lake, but there was a strong breeze so we only waded out to where the water reached our shorts. Gorgeous view of the lake and mountain. Highly recommend this hike/possible swim!

A testing clime, rewarded by out of this world views. Will walk again!

We went up to the lake lake last Friday 07.06.18
Hike was 8 miler moderate r/t.
Beautiful views, and swim at the lake was awesome. Definitely my bucket list for backpacking soon!

10 days ago

From the May Lake Trailhead, it is 400 feet elevation gain to May Lake. Go towards the restroom at May Lake and continue left, with the beautiful view of May Lake to your right. At 1.6 miles, the trail becomes fuzzy and is on granite for the next 0.2 miles - stay slightly right, and you will be on track. I deviated to the left here, and had to scramble up before the trail became visible again. Again, at 2 miles, you have gained another 400 feet in elevation. Here, leave the narrow forrest trail and make a 90 degree turn to your right. AllTrails downloaded map was really helpful and showed the inflection point. From 2 miles to 3.1 miles to the summit (satellite rods/tower), it is more or less a straight path going NW and you gain about 1060 feet of elevation. Above 10000 feet, there was a mass of snow to the right, but not in the path. Follow the cairns. You have to scramble up the last 200 feet of boulders, so drop you pack. There is a sheer drop off to the right of the tower, and the view is spectacular. Hiking alone, I was not comfortable hauling myself up the last 2 boulders (about 20 feet) to the satellite tower. I decided to turn back. AllTrails says that I was 2 feet shy of the summit of 10856'! I will have to go there again, with company! Coming down, follow the cairns as before. The path is more clearly visible on the return journey. Be safe, and enjoy the view at the top - Half Dome and Clouds Rest are clearly visible.

Left Tuolomne campground at about 10am on Saturday after July 4th and got to the trailhead around 10:40. Descent is relatively easy and stable for the first 3 miles or so, pretty flat/downhill. Ascent to Indian Rock is strenuous but comes relatively early in the hike and is a good warmup. Descent from Indian Rock to North Dome trailhead is steep-ish, but you won’t notice because you’ll be looking at Half Dome the whole time. Amazing views. Once you get to North Dome trailhead you will see signs for North Dome. Make sure you follow the trail to the left if you are looking at Half Dome. My girlfriend and I turned right and tried bouldering down until we realized that we were about to become splats on the valley floor. Hike to North Dome from the sign is relatively easy. Have lunch and take pictures at North Dome, as the views are likely the best you’ll ever see. Our hike back was really tough. Make sure you bring enough water. We probably had 1.5 liters and it was nowhere near enough. At least 3 liters for 2 people, preferably 2 liters per person. It was also unusually hot for the elevation (80 degrees Fahrenheit). Round trip time including 35 minute break: 4.5 hours. Would highly recommend, but not an easy or moderate hike by any means. Make sure you are in shape and well hydrated. You are losing and climbing ~2,000ft in elevation.

12 days ago

Great rewards once you get past the first part

12 days ago

I really like this hike,
It starts out really steep, and at first I was thinking "oh no what have I done" because I just drove up here from basically sea level, pulled over and started this hike. Well I guess I acclimated quickly LOL, that or mainly because the trail flattens out after the first 1/2 mile or so...Its BEAUTIFUL! Looking back from where you came, you see snow capped mountains and a little meadow dotted with sparkling tarns. Looking forward you can see the lake nestled at the bottom of a cirque. The lake is impressive in its own little way...The surrounding scenery is gorgeous though. We saw tons of marmots playing in wildflower fields. The cathedral range (I think??) in the distance, We couldn't go past the first lake though because the usual Sierra thunderstorms were headed our way...Next time I will go back for the mine.

Great trail. Did this one about a year ago before finding AllTrails. The incline at the beginning isn’t too bad and it gets easier from there since it flattens out a lot. Amazing panoramic view at the end.

This was a great day hike that winded me. Great trail but very strenuous compared to the Half Dome hike with cables. The view was amazing and felt very accomplished after the hike. Total hike was over 14 miles with lots of flowers and even snow on June 26 in one spot. We also drank over 4 liters of water per person. There was my wife and I, and my son and his wife. Just hike it, it’s worth the effort.

16 days ago

This trail was challenging (1k elevation in 1mile!), and worth every step! The views from the top of Clouds Rest are incredible and it feels like you’re in the center of the whole park. Best views in Yosemite, hands down!

Hike itself was harder than that going up to Half Dome but the final approach to the destination is far, far less scary here. Started at 7:45 a.m. on 6/30. I would not start later than this due to heat though I saw many people going up in the early afternoon. Wore a permethrin-treated long sleeve top and pants and applied picaridin on exposed skin because I have terrible reactions to mosquito bites. I got none but saw many other hikers with them so mosquitoes must be around though they left me alone. Water crossings easily accomplished by rock hopping, no need for waterproof footwear. Streams with drinking water (after filtering) were still flowing but I would not count on them after mid-July. View on top was lovely though I personally prefer Half Dome view. Total hike time was 7.5 hours with half hour at the top.

We went to the Upper Cathedral Lake and it was beautiful. We were told from a local that there was a ridge that we could walk on that would offer us views from 4 different lakes. Im not sure if we truly ever found the spot, but we did get some great views of lower cathedral Lake! Bring lots of bug spray and loose clothing!

Started at Tenaya Lake, camped at Sunrise then headed to Clouds Rest, camped in Little Yosemite Valley, Half Dome the next morning, then back to the Valley. Best trips to date! If you have the time, commit to a two day backpacking trip!

Great out and back with AH-MAZ-ZING views from the top.

Well maintained trail with great view at the end.

Fairly easy hike. Views are phenomenal

Cooler weather with a late afternoon start, lots of people heading downhill back to their cars. Can definitley feel the elevation on the 1+ mile of uphill switchbacks; views from the top were amazing-Half Dome, Vogelsang, 360 degrees of beauty!...a little hazy over the Valley (looking into the evening sun) the “ridge” to the top isn’t difficult and definitely not scary-just beautiful scenery; the short section uphill on the way back and the switchbacks down in fading light were the most difficult parts of the hike; last 1+ mile was with the headlamp on but the trail in that forested section is realtively clear and open.

From Sunrise TH: 2.5 hrs to Clouds Rest and 5.5 hrs total roundtrip with about 20 minutes at top to take pics and enjoy the views-i didnt really stop otherwise, except to put on a pullover and DEET on the way down b/c of attacking mosquitos!
The mileage markers on the trail are a bit off compared to what i got on 3 different aps i was running-its about 4.7 miles to the last trail split (looking back, the sign says 5.4, back to Tenaya Lake tho) and 2.5 to Clouds Rest (it’s about 1.7)

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