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Great moderately difficult hike with some of the best views on the park and only about an hour round trip.

Ferry good hike. What a view! You can see the Half Dome, el Capitain and more. At 14:00 not so many people.

This is one of the most beautiful and epic hikes that I have ever completed. My daughter and I completed this hike on June 19, 2018. The waterfall was gorgeous and still flowing this time of year. This hike is definitely a challenge but is totally worth it. We didn’t have trekking poles and that was a mistake. Poles will definitely make the descent a little easier on the feet and knees. My Fitbit showed the round trip mileage for this trail at 12 miles.

Best view when arriving the North Dome. Definitely worth it!

Beautiful. Hard rating is correct. The view is above majestic.

One of Yosemite's best!. Boring at the beginning, the first 2 hours, but the end is worth it.

on Sentinel Dome Trail

2 days ago

This is not a strenuous hike but it is absolutely beautiful. We were recommended to hike this Trail by an amazing Ranger Sierra. There are 360 degree views of the park and much fewer crowds then going up to Glacier Point. There's a nice little side Trail right before you get to the Dome that has some great photo opportunities as well.

The top of the ridge is a spectacular place. You'll have to walk on a scary narrow path, see the Half Dome in all it's beauty a bit below (probably with the hikers on the cables) and see the great 360 degrees panorama.

Unfortunately, the other 80% of the trail is just a long path closed in a forest, not much to see there.

2 days ago

The best trail in the entire park with incredible views especially at sunset. A quieter place in Yosemite as well if you arrive early or later in the day. Hoping it stays that way! After a long day though, the hike is a little tiring on the way back because of the incline. Still my favorite hike. Would do it over and over again.

beautiful hike

Best hike to get an incredible 360 view of Yosemite. At 8,000 feet up you can see everything! But stay hydrated for the altitude change. Incredible view of El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls (when flowing), Vernell and Nevada Falls, etc. Most awe-inspiring view I’ve ever seen!

5 days ago

Strenuous- best done from the Valley to Glacier Point. Get up early in the morning - switchbacks are difficult, but we are happy we did not do the first half of the climb in the sun! We started at 9am. Bring plenty of water and food. We saw many people not prepared with the right amount of water or shoes.
It took us 3 hours with 2-3 breaks in between to get to the top. About 2-2.5 hours to get down.
Spectacular views at Glacier point and well-worth the hike!

AMAZING views the entire way up and down. It is strenuous for sure but so worth it. Switchbacks almost all the way up.

Epic views
Dried up falls in September
Slippery rocks so wear good hiking shoes/boots
Hiking/trekking pole highly recommended
No bathrooms
From camp 4 to overlook FitBit clocked in 6 miles (12 miles round trip)
Use bug spray!
This hike will make you the stairMASTER!
Worth every step.

This hike was long, exhausting, scary, and TOTALLY WORTH IT! The views were amazing! My husband and I are 45, run 3 miles, 3 times a week, and live in a flat, at sea level State. We did it in 7 hours total with hanging around at the top for 20 mins. The key for us was start early, bring 3 liters of water, and keep a nice pace. Also, try not to crap your pants when you climb the last part at the top!
Best hike I have ever done so far!!!

8 days ago

Nice and short hike. 1.1 miles to the top of Sentinel Dome from the trail head, 2.2 miles round trip. Easy hike, and not as crowded or busy as the trails done in the valley. The 360 view at the top of the Dome down to Yosemite valley is awesome and worth the hike.

solid hike up to a beautiful viewpoint that has lots of exploration potential and swimming holes. got on the trail around 5pm and only saw a few other groups. lots of annoying flies! there was at least 2 piles of bear poo and on the way back heard 2 large creatures scramble away in the bush so be aware!

10 days ago

got on the trail around 830am and there were only a few other groups on the way up, plus a couple on their way down, so it was nice and quiet, and well shaded. there aren't any particularly steep sections, just lots of switchbacks which was surprisingly enjoyable. the view from the top is awesome but lots of people, and on the way back down it was fairly busy. couldn't get a good look at yosemite falls but vernal and nevada falls can be seen from the top.

Amazing hike! Stunning views. Sept 5, 2018: started at 0730 from Tenaya Lake got to the top at 1030. Chilled for an hour; clear skies. Descended at 1130 completed at 1400. Not one mosquito in sight, did not apply any repellent prior. I must say the descending portion was just as brutal if not more then going up.

11 days ago

This trail is amazing. It offers the best views of The Valley for a day hike. If you want to get the best out of The Valley in a day, start by 9am at The Valley floor and BE PREPARED. Have at least 3 liters of water or more per person and plenty of salty snacks. Make sure to also have lots of sunscreen and copious amounts of bug spray. For a not-so experienced hiker or outdoorsman, I was able to pace myself to be able to make it all the way to Glacier point and back to The Valley floor. Be aware, it’s tough. But undeniably the greatest scenery is from the top at Glacier point, which has restrooms and a mini mart for water and supplies along with souvenirs.

Only had one day to use towards Yosemite on the east side, so happy I picked this one. Definitely the best views since you can see 360 degrees around. Parking does fill up quickly so arrive early. Signs at trailhead say 7.4 miles to Clouds Rest.

12 days ago

The hike isn't hard but the view is second to none at the end

Worth the climb. Be prepared to be amazed!

From the top of Clouds Rest there are breathtaking 360° views. It's amazing to see Yosemite Valley from this vantage point and the view of Half Dome is unrivaled. It is quite possibly the best view I've ever seen. Definitely a very difficult hike considering the elevation gain and the altitude; for our group it was actually the return hike that was the toughest. Just a few suggestions for potential hikers... bring plenty of water and start early. If you are up for the challenge, the view is totally worth it!

14 days ago

Spectacular views from the top - not much to see on the way up except enjoying the serene walk and the waterfall midway. The top views make the hike worth it. A must do hike to see the whole valley and get a top down view of half dome.

14 days ago

Absolutely worth every muscle ache and every screaming moment. The views are absolutely incredible and worth the time and energy investment.

Bring lots of water and food. A hiking stick will significantly help on the way down. I’m a moderate hiker and my butt ate dirt a few times.

14 days ago

Beautiful views and fun rock scrambling. There was even some snow on the ground in July! It was a little chilly/breezy on the hike but I loved that-much better than sweltering summer heat. We had some trouble finding the way but just kept going up and got to the summit. All Trails map was helpful. Would recommend if you like rock scrambling and heights but maybe not if that kind of thing scares you! Went into Tenaya Lake afterwards and that was so refreshing.

Really great experience, is hard but very well worth it

Altogether, this trail is about 14.5 miles. The start is nice and flat with gradual gain. Once you get to the bottom of the granite "stairs", the real fun starts. 1,000ft elevation in 1 mile. Then, it starts to flatten out and descend a good bit before coming to somemore elevation gains at the bottom of Cloud's Rest. You can climb the spine at the foot trail, or there's a nice foot path to the left that will lead you up to the spine, just the same. The 360° views are so worth it!! Especially if you're someone like me who is not accustomed to 15 mile day hikes. Going down is just as grueling as going up!

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