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14 hours ago

Easy and just so beautiful as you go around Lake Tenaya. Worth the drive.

Easy, paved trail with great views but in the Fall the upper and lower falls are dry. Still great views.

This hike was more than I expected! So beautiful and inspiring. Parts of the trail had other people but there were times when I was alone which was cool! Perfect weather today.

7 days ago

The best trail in the entire park with incredible views especially at sunset. A quieter place in Yosemite as well if you arrive early or later in the day. Hoping it stays that way! After a long day though, the hike is a little tiring on the way back because of the incline. Still my favorite hike. Would do it over and over again.

10 days ago

Such a beautiful lake in the middle of Yosemite National Park! Was there Labor Day weekend and there were still people swimming and plenty of happy people! Very clear lake and many great photo ops too!

Pretty easy hike. Went September 8 and it was 90 degrees. Most of the hike is in the open so it gets pretty hot. Unfortunately the falls are dry this time of the year so that is why I only gave it two stars. I will come back in the spring to hike again and I expect to change the rating. The lake is an amazing color and beautiful to look at though. And who doesn’t like a dam?

paddle sports
14 days ago

Even Busy Labor Day Weekend the lake was amazingly quiet. Kayaked early morning then hiked trail around the lake. Highly recommend

17 days ago

The hike isn't hard but the view is second to none at the end

Very easy paved trail. BEAUTIFUL and not crowded early in the day.

on Bridalveil Fall Trail

26 days ago

This is a short hike but it’s great to get out of the car and stretch your legs after a long drive because it’s the first waterfall you come to in Yosemite Valley. Parking is hard because the lot is small and summers get very crowded, so be patient. The trail can get crowded too, but there is bathrooms at the trailhead, misty conditions if the falls are full, and good photo ops.

My fiancé and I came to Yosemite for the first time and would highly recommend this hike.
Right on highway 41 it takes you to park entrance $35 and straight to parking lot. Conveniently bathrooms and rangers are available to answer questions. Free shuttle service to the sequoias. We did the mariposa grove trail. We started at 12 and returned at 4. Beautiful, gorgeous and breathtaking. At wawona peak you can see the entire valley 6,000ft +. Perfect weather and opportunity for tons of photos!!!!

My wife and I walked/hiked the Grizzly Giant Loop trail on a late August day (2018).
The location of the grove, on Hwy 41 just past the park's south entrance, makes it an easy site to visit when entering or leaving the park that way.
A few pointers that may help with the visit:
1. Free shuttle buses leave every minutes from the main parking area.
2. The bus ride to the "Grove Arrival Area" is less between 5 and 10 minutes long
3. There are facilities at both ends of the bus ride.
5. Once at the arrival area, there are 3 main options for hiking (Depending on time available and stamina): the SHORT "Big Trees Loop Trail" (0.15 mi, 20 minutes), the MEDIUM "Grizzly Giant Loop Trail" (2+ mi, 2 hours) and the LONG "Mariposa Grove Trail" (7+ miles, 5 hours). All three trails start from the same point.
Besides the Giant Sequoias, the trail also features many impressive Sugar Pine specimens.
Depending on the time of your visit, you'll want to bring sunscreen and water along with you.

Amazing. A short walk turned into rock hiking up to the base of the falls and swimming in refreshing water (cold!!). Wife and two kids climbed the rocks. Very slippery, use caution. Barefoot on the way down was much easier.

Short, easy and pretty. But also unbelievably crowded with many people being their most annoying selves, showing absolutely no regard for anyone or anything else, just so they have the "perfect" Instagram picture...

1 month ago

As far as reward to effort ratio goes, you can't get much better than this. The walk from the parking lot to the viewpoints is short, paved, mostly flat and, understandably, pretty crowded. Actually, just finding parking space can be quite tricky. The views of the valley and especially the Half Dome are absolutely stunning though and I really can't recommend this highly enough.

1 month ago

Beautiful falls that are perhaps too close to the road. There are just too many people everywhere, scrambling on the rocks, screaming on top of their lungs and in general exhibiting the sort of "crowd behavior" that one would expect to see at an amusement park rather than in nature.
That said, it is definitely wort stopping by if you're driving past.

A nicely restored area that we were lucky to see at all, as it reopened just a few days before we arrived. We only had a few hours, so we didn't manage the whole loop all the way to Wawona Point but the sequoias are definitely worth it, even if you only walk up to the Grizzly Giant and the Tunnel Tree.

Nice day hike up to Wawona Point and back.

We started in the late afternoon, enjoyed the Sequoias on the way up and the great view from Wawona Point.

Even though we went on a crowded Saturday we saw only a handful of hikers once we went beyond the Grizzly Giant loop. It's an incline all the way up but pretty shaded and easy. Did it in my flip-flops. Saw a black bear on the way down

I guess there are much better hikes in Yosemite but with this deep smoke is the best that could be done in the day.

Great trail, nicely restored

Great easy hike! Paved the whole way. Did this hike with a large group with an age range from 3 months old (in a stroller) up to 82 years old. We came in a dry season, so we were able to climb around the boulders below the falls to get pretty close to the falls.


2 months ago

Short, paved trail with lots of people. Takes maybe 10-15 minutes to make the bottom of the waterfall from the parking lot. Well worth the stop.

Do yourself a favor, take the bus to Glacier Point and hike all the way back down to the valley. You can hit up Nevada and Vernal falls on the way down, plus a bonus of crossing over Illilouette falls on the way to Nevada. This hike is for the most part all down hill, so for those who find going up the trail to Vernal and Nevada, this will be much more doable. The views are spectacular!

2 months ago

The day before we hiked Cloud's Rest and the air was a bit hazy from the Ansel Adams Wilderness fire, nothing like the current Furgeson fire, but since we were staying at Rush Creek Lodge, Wapama Falls seemed convenient and easy. The elevation gain is much more than you think when you are at the dam, about 1,000 feet. We hiked in late afternoon and the sun had left the falls area, so recommend you start in early afternoon to get the best pictures, Still this was an awesome hike around the reservoir, and the falls were still impressive, even after much less snowfall this year in the Sierras. Some words of caution, poison oak is prevalent along this trail, so be mindful along the sides of trail. Also some folks had climbed up the waterfall and in their glee lost their cellphone in the falls. Finally, rattlesnakes are in the area. Loved the waterfall area and multiple bridges. Highly recommend this hike and you get away from the crowds of the valley.

Easy hike with big payoff of views. Great view of El Capitan.

2 months ago

Did this as part of a much longer hike from the valley. Awesome but it was pretty low light through this section. One of my favorite golden retreivers was named after this hike. I miss Tenaya!

2 months ago

Wonderful gentle stroll with plenty of side paths to take for bouldering. Easy path to take for people who aren't certain they want to venture out too much. Nice start to the day for people who have bigger plans.

Love this hike! Beautiful view! Bit of a rush to stand near the edge!

2 months ago

Great little walk for an amazing view of Half Dome and the valley floor.

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