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21 hours ago

I would like to come back and do this again, but on a cloudy day. Maybe in October or November. Because of the fires, the air was pretty smoggy and everything looked dry. The falls are all dried out at this time.

I started at 05:45 AM. Two other gentlemen started at the same time. Someone else started at 07:00 AM and he caught up and passed me on the way to the top haha.

Lots of beautiful views and it is fun to see the sun touch everything and then come down to completely different lighting. No surprise, lots of switchbacks, but it is a fun, challenging, enjoyable hike. It took me 3.5 hours to make it to the top and two hours to get back down.

Glacier Point is a madhouse.

I had an amazing experience getting to run into a momma bear and cub on the way back down. She was on trail as I was cantering down, we both scared the life out of each other as I turned the switchback and she was less than 15 feet away. I kept my eyes on them and they watched me as I passed. Pictures are lame, because I wasn't about to be one of those people who gets too close and then dies. I just held my camera in the air and clicked while I backed up. Just wonderful! I hope I never forget that moment.

Easy, paved trail with great views but in the Fall the upper and lower falls are dry. Still great views.

Great hike even if it’s dried up. Did it with my son on our father son getaway. We left at 7:15 and glad we did. It does get hot towards the top but there are a couple great water holes on top to get in. Slippery when coming down wear the right boots. Believe it or not we saw someone doing it bare foot. 3-4 bottles of water are good. We saw a mountain lion and bear so watch for them. It’s a GREAT hike. Enjoy

Beautiful. We went up the Mist trail, and then took the Muir trail back. Glad we did. Longer and more climbing, but worth it.

This is one of the most beautiful and epic hikes that I have ever completed. My daughter and I completed this hike on June 19, 2018. The waterfall was gorgeous and still flowing this time of year. This hike is definitely a challenge but is totally worth it. We didn’t have trekking poles and that was a mistake. Poles will definitely make the descent a little easier on the feet and knees. My Fitbit showed the round trip mileage for this trail at 12 miles.

Best view when arriving the North Dome. Definitely worth it!

on Vernal Falls

4 days ago

While the Falls were beautiful, the Mist trail to the Vernal Falls was packed. At some points we were shoulder-to-shoulder. I think if you got there very early in the morning you'd be fine but we arrived at 10 and had to fight the crowds.

Great views! Best going lower 1st, because the upper it's amazing! We spent 6 hours, almost 2 relaxing and taking pictures.

5 days ago

The best trail in the entire park with incredible views especially at sunset. A quieter place in Yosemite as well if you arrive early or later in the day. Hoping it stays that way! After a long day though, the hike is a little tiring on the way back because of the incline. Still my favorite hike. Would do it over and over again.

beautiful hike

6 days ago

Beginning of September the waterfall was still flowing, but not roaring like it can in the Spring. The hike is very popular - so prepare for lots of people. Many stop at the bridge and turn back but I highly recommend climbing the stairs to the base of the falls.
The little squirrels are so use to people and have learned to crawl into your packs for food! The stairs to the top of the falls are considered strenuous but WORTH IT! The view is breathtaking and there is lots more to explore at the top!
**The bathrooms were working and there ARE water fountains by the bridge when I hiked. I refilled our water bottles on the way back down.

Takes a good 3 hours round trip, plus time to relax at lakes. Very beautiful area makes it worth the hike there. Bring lots of water!

8 days ago

Strenuous- best done from the Valley to Glacier Point. Get up early in the morning - switchbacks are difficult, but we are happy we did not do the first half of the climb in the sun! We started at 9am. Bring plenty of water and food. We saw many people not prepared with the right amount of water or shoes.
It took us 3 hours with 2-3 breaks in between to get to the top. About 2-2.5 hours to get down.
Spectacular views at Glacier point and well-worth the hike!

This hike was a favorite! The views of Lower Cathedral Lake was awesome!! Upper Cathedral Lake was surprisingly windy. This hike has so many great views and a scenic walk in the woods. Most of the incline is at the beginning while your legs are fresh. Worst part was all the horse poop.

AMAZING views the entire way up and down. It is strenuous for sure but so worth it. Switchbacks almost all the way up.

Epic views
Dried up falls in September
Slippery rocks so wear good hiking shoes/boots
Hiking/trekking pole highly recommended
No bathrooms
From camp 4 to overlook FitBit clocked in 6 miles (12 miles round trip)
Use bug spray!
This hike will make you the stairMASTER!
Worth every step.

Pretty easy hike. Went September 8 and it was 90 degrees. Most of the hike is in the open so it gets pretty hot. Unfortunately the falls are dry this time of the year so that is why I only gave it two stars. I will come back in the spring to hike again and I expect to change the rating. The lake is an amazing color and beautiful to look at though. And who doesn’t like a dam?

13 days ago

got on the trail around 830am and there were only a few other groups on the way up, plus a couple on their way down, so it was nice and quiet, and well shaded. there aren't any particularly steep sections, just lots of switchbacks which was surprisingly enjoyable. the view from the top is awesome but lots of people, and on the way back down it was fairly busy. couldn't get a good look at yosemite falls but vernal and nevada falls can be seen from the top.

13 days ago

Fun hike most of the uphill is at the start of the trail. Saw a Coyote in the trail so keep your eyes peeled.

13 days ago

This trail is amazing. It offers the best views of The Valley for a day hike. If you want to get the best out of The Valley in a day, start by 9am at The Valley floor and BE PREPARED. Have at least 3 liters of water or more per person and plenty of salty snacks. Make sure to also have lots of sunscreen and copious amounts of bug spray. For a not-so experienced hiker or outdoorsman, I was able to pace myself to be able to make it all the way to Glacier point and back to The Valley floor. Be aware, it’s tough. But undeniably the greatest scenery is from the top at Glacier point, which has restrooms and a mini mart for water and supplies along with souvenirs.

14 days ago

The hike isn't hard but the view is second to none at the end

Great hike! Shout out to Brianna and China for not waking up and coming with me. Enjoy the awesome pics pendejas!

15 days ago

This is my second time doing Vernal Falls. The first time I went in mid-June and the falls were roaring with lots of water, mist, and rainbows. Absolutely spectacular. This last Labor Day weekend they were much drier but still flowing and beautiful. I had a chance to appreciate the rocks underneath the falls and it was nice to compare with my first visit. This is an easy hike with gentle slopes and lots of steps near the top of the falls. There’s a big pool up top that you can wade in if the water is just trickling and it hasn’t rained recently. Make sure it’s a super dry day so you don’t get washed out unexpectedly! I absolutely love this hike.

15 days ago

Did this 9/2 to 9/3 - so happy there were no mosquitoes in sight. Perfect weather, not too crowded despite being a holiday weekend. Camped overnight at Upper Cathedral lake, and only saw two other small campsites set up. This is such a beautiful area. We arrived at the walk-in reservation station off Tioga Pass and had to wait about a half hour and listen to the rangers give speeches about responsible backpacking, which were actually great reminders. But glad we were able to secure walk in reservations.

16 days ago

Spectacular views from the top - not much to see on the way up except enjoying the serene walk and the waterfall midway. The top views make the hike worth it. A must do hike to see the whole valley and get a top down view of half dome.

16 days ago

Absolutely worth every muscle ache and every screaming moment. The views are absolutely incredible and worth the time and energy investment.

Bring lots of water and food. A hiking stick will significantly help on the way down. I’m a moderate hiker and my butt ate dirt a few times.

Really awesome trail! My first trail out of Tuolumne Meadows. A little tough in the beginning but quite a few flat sections to catch your breath. If you want to extend the hike a bit I highly recommend walking around the lake when you get there.

A pleasant little hike that gets very busy later in the day (like everywhere else in the valley), so an early start is highly recommended. Nice views of the North Dome with the Mirror Lakes and some pleasant meadows along the way.

21 days ago

My favorite relatively easy backpacking trip. I kind of want to do this every summer. It’s so beautiful. If they allowed me (and I was engaged), I would get married here.

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