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so beautiful and grand when we are in the midst of the mountains and lakes, the golden larch reflections on the lake is picture perfect !

1 day ago

A short hike, most of which is pretty easy going. The first part of the trail is pretty boring but the falls make up for it. Suitable for all levels including kids.

Hike to the basin. Totally worth it.

on Emerald Lake Trail

5 days ago

Really great trail! Parking lot is small so we had to park on side of the road but wasn’t too far. I took my 7 and 4 year old kids with me. We didn’t do the uphill part, but we did the trail that takes you all around the lake. It was 7.5 km and took us 2 hrs with stops for the kids to play by the lake, which you could do at 3 or 4 spots where the trail levels out to the lake. Easy walk, no major steep sections. Muddy in some parts, for sure. Lots of great views. Many people come to get a glimpse of the lake but few do the trail, making it relatively quiet along the way. Highly recommended.

8 days ago

A short walk on a paved path to a great view of the tall, spectacular falls. Crowded parking lot and walkway.

I didn’t find Takakkaw Falls really great. There were so many tourists around and climbing on the falls that it was hard to enjoy. I wouldn’t go again.

Hiking to Laughing Falls (approx 6-7 km round trip) was much more satisfactory in my opinion, with gorgeous falls at the end and a couple small falls and a lake on the route. Highly enjoyable easy trek.

11 days ago

A short and easy hike. Not many hikes give you such a great reward at the end!

Be prepared to get drenched with spray if you get anywhere near the falls (I did it on a cold day, luckily the hike back isn’t long!)

Lovely trail thru the forest. On different trails you can see many other small waterfalls !

Great hike along the lake !

Beauty everywhere you look. So nice to hike in the prime hiking season and only come across a few groups throughout the day! We did the alpine circuit but I would like to come back to spend more time on the Opabin Plateau. So many lakes, streams and wild flowers! I would like to take more tome to enjoy that special place. We hiked the fire road in and out. It put our day over 30kms and everyone’s feet were not happy for the last 5kms. Other then that, the day was amazing!

15 days ago

We did this trail in the end of June - and it was awesome! As soon as you get to the elevation gain there aren’t many people around :)
Once it goes up, it’s quite steep and after seeing the emerald glacier just keep going and going - way further than the route here displays and you will get rewarded with spectacular views. When we were there, there was still snow up from avalanches. Highly recommended!!

Nice easy hike, beautiful view of the falls. Way too busy on the weekend. Encountered a lot of impatient drivers who obviously wanted to get there or out as soon as possible. Valley is beautiful with picturesque falls, tall trees and avalanche paths.

18 days ago

Gorgeous lake and views! There are so many great places to take photographs here and it wasn't too crowded even mid day. I highly recommend visiting this lake!

18 days ago

This 1260' waterfall is absolutely stunning! Short easy walk to it with viewpoints along the way. We seen 2 people rock climbing near it as we were walking towards it. It's a must see! There is also a great place in Field to eat at. It's called Truffle Pigs Bistro. It was great food and drink following this wonderful visit!

20 days ago

It's a short easy hike. You don't have to go all the way to the bottom to get good views of the waterfall. There are lots of people here today.

falls are insane. trail is nothing.

23 days ago

Ma randonnée préférée jusqu'à maintenant. Nous avons fait le grand loop et j'ai adoré cela. Un peu plus de y heures mais nous avons prit notre temps. Le camping au Twin falls été un coup de coeur très beau!

Stunning View! A must to see in a life!

24 days ago

Awesome, easy hike for amazing views of Wapta falls. Some sections around the falls can get pretty muddy after rain! Be sure to hike all the way down to the bottom of the falls.

25 days ago

Beautiful hike with a few steep sections. Scenery was great - many waterfalls and places to stop along the way. Made the trip to Marpole Lake Whig was worth it - it was so peaceful and still. Took me almost 7 hours but that included a lot of breaks for snacks and pictures.

25 days ago

Fair easy trail. Best part was getting right down to the waterfall. Being so close you can feel the spray is amazing, and not something you can do at a lot of waterfalls.

25 days ago

Nice, easy walk with great views of Emerald Lake. There’s a great rock and the far end of the lake, perfect for sitting on and enjoying the view. I sat there for half an hour listening to the lions and watching fish jump - it was amazingly peaceful. It was misty and overcast when I was there but still very beautiful.

Short, beautiful, nice drive too it. Thinner crowds than Banff.

Nice scenery but a little crowded at times

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this easy hike.
Definitely looking forward to doing it again.
The falls are amazing when you are standing in the mist.

I went there for the sunset, it's the best for the light (I even saw a rainbow!) and I was almost alone. The smoke is not a problem there even though it was all around.
The view from look out is as beautiful as from the foot of the waterfall.

Easy hike to the chalet at the base of twin falls. Lots of switchback to the top of twin falls. We did a loop out along whaleback/ isolated peak route to the ACC hut. Lots of steep climbing to hit the ridge but some beautiful views.

Great hike, beautiful views. Very quiet compared to Emerald lake, saw nobody off the main lake trail

1 month ago

Casual stroll through the forest until you reach the falls, where there is a short, steep section. Little effort for large reward. Did this hike late evening so decided not to explore below the falls but there seems to be lots more trail to explore.

1 month ago

Amazing hike with several waterfalls and panoramic views. We crossed the falls and looped back down to Laughing Falls. My Strava app said it was 14.2 miles total. Very steep going up and down from Twin Falls but tons of switchbacks make it a little easier. Definitely was long and took all day but well worth it!

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