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Great hike right now with all the aspens changing colors. It is extremely difficult to navigate so pay close attention to the cairns. Not exactly dog friendly because there is a boulder field at the end so we didn’t finish because it was too hard for the pup.

This trail is really well maintained! We got to the trail around 9am on Saturday and there were only 5 vehicles. When we returned two hours later there were a lot more vehicles. The trail was crowded and only passed a handful of other hikers. We ended up taking a different trail (vayhinger) before the loop that led us down to the reservoir. One of the nicest hikes we’ve been on— really enjoyed it! Some of the aspens were just starting to change color

We actually did this in reverse because we didn’t want to wait for the shuttle bus. Husband, 10 year old and me. My ankles are crap and this was a spur of the moment hike, no poles, Nike’s, one bottle of water. It took us about 90 minutes to get down. The top is all rocks, no real trail. A biker on top told us to follow the cairns down and that’s what we did.
It’s a beautiful hike, but the summit part is a challenge for newbie hikers and those with bad ankles!

Beautiful views and much more secluded than accessing via North Cheyenne Cañon. Really enjoyed the 4wd trail testing out my Jeep as well. Everyone complains about the shooting in the area, but I was not bothered by it or ever felt unsafe. Although I always carry my gun with me while on hikes and camping. So if shooting makes you uncomfortable just be aware they are allowed to shoot in the area, but not on the same side as the trail access as any responsible gun owner will only shoot with a backstop. I did dispersed camping in Frosty Park before hiking up Mt. Rosa in the morning and had breakfast on the peak with no one around. Only saw 2 other groups of hikers coming up as I was descending.

8 days ago

I’m not good with

I’ve been coming to this trail for years and always enjoy the hike every time. It doesn’t take too long and isn’t too hard. The trail is thin, but I usually avoid going on weekends and I only have to pass 1 or 2 people. Nice to do on a cloudy day.

9 days ago

Did this one in August, beautiful views. Long hike with a steady incline but not incredibly difficult. Bring lots of water and be prepared for the summit to be buzzing... with people who drove up : |.

13 days ago

Really well marked trail in Pike National Forest. It’s just over 5mi round trip. We are rookies and it took us about four hours total, but we took our sweet time going in and hoofed it back, it was only about an hour and a half back. Most views within first mile or so, but a great, forested trail the further you go in, particularly in the loop. We saw fresh coyote scat in the middle of the trail in the forested loop but no sighting. We went on a Monday afternoon and saw three or four other parties (one dog, leashed) in the first mile and then had it all to ourselves otherwise. Good, varied trail, it is not difficult but the elevation and endurance make for a solid hike for two Midwesterners who aren’t yet used to the elevation. There is also a seasonal trail called Vayhinger you can get to, closer to the loop. We didn’t take it but it went down into a valley area and had decent elevation changes. Didn’t see it on AllTrails but it’s there!

trail running
14 days ago

Great trail, very minor technical areas. There was a large tree down on the north side and I came across a wasp or something that stung me in the chest. Otherwise it was very open and very well maintained. I typically run 7-10 miles of trails every weekend. I did 6 miles and I feel like I could run this often if I didn't live out of state. No mosquitoes, but I was moving at a decent pace.

9/9/18. If you're looking for a shortish challenging hike this is great. I have a labrador and had him off leash pretty much the whole time. There aren't any scramblers but there are a couple spots that are close. My girlfriend and I are around 30 years old and had no problem completing it in a half day. I wouldn't recommend using hiking poles unless you don't feel your physically up to a challenging hike. There are plenty of rocks and small trees to balance with, poles would have just gotten in the way. NOW, here's the part that wasn't great, once you get to the dirt road the crystal trail technically ends, it doesn't go all the way to the reservoir. luckily I downloaded the area map via google and used it as a compass and made our own trail until we found pikes peak tollway, once you find that you can find the reservoir. I recommend NOT stopping at the dirt road! keep toughing it to the reservoir, totally worth it!

off road driving
16 days ago

Pretty mild at first just zig zagging through the trees and some ruts to go through. Then once you get on 313 gets real fun and a little challenging for a stock vehicle. There is a trail that wasn’t on the map by the air force over look, so went and checked it out. The trail was pretty fun at first but then it gets real difficult at a rutted out turn between two trees, then goes onto being a steep v notched road that leads to a camp spot on a deadend. Probably not the best for the stock rig but made it none the less. But other than that sticking to the main trail on the map makes for a fun little trip, definitely again.

Bone Stock Cherokee

Great hike. Cool waterfalls and great views from the top.

So beautiful!!!

Note that the beginning is reached by starting at The Crags Trail trailhead. and the last section is a scramble/bouldering area, not actual hiking. Probably around 1000 feet. the most challenging section if you are not accustomed to high altitudes will probably be the zig-zag section right as you clear the tree line. Spectacular views and some challenging inclines along the way. Bring plenty of water and plan for or around the afternoon storms and you're golden. Also, watch for the rock stacks on the last section. they'll guide you up for the most part

21 days ago

Definitely walked about a mile down the wrong trail before we turned around and tried again. Walk up high drive to the clearing - You will know it when you see it. From the clearing, you will see a metal rope fence - the trail starts on the far right side, as others have stated. If you’re looking for Mays, you want the unmarked trail. The views along the way are fairly stunning in and of themselves, but the 360 views from the top are choice. Would definitely do it again! Make sure to find the geocache and sign the log book - It’s in an old ammo tin under a pine tree that rims the peak. Loved this hike! Shout out to all of the previous reviews for the tips on finding this trail.

22 days ago

It took me 35 minutes to summit and 30 to get back down. I agree with others about the unmarked branch-off being hard to find. It looks like it is fenced off so I was the only one on the trail. Amazing hike.

Nice trail! Camped with friends and there were amazing views. Most of the trail is easy, but with recent rains the three technical spots were washed out making a fun challenge. Definitely need 4x4 clearance though and not awd.

‘16 power wagon on 315s made the trail easy.

I enjoyed the hike, but ended up with poison ivy, 100’s of chiggers, ands tick borne illness. Would never hike this area ever again.

Great trail, we camped there this past weekend and ran it Sunday when we left, the views are amazing!

well we were shooting for the Thomas trail and ended up on the Crystal trail. Beautiful trail but much harder

off road driving
30 days ago

Fun but very easy.

First couple of miles are easy. Really tough from 2.75 to about 3.75. The next two miles are the easiest of the hike, before the final ascent up some class two scrambling. I’d say the steep rocks are more like half a mile.

8-20-18 This was the first time for my wife and I. Hike was great. Like other reviews, first couple of miles were fairly easy. The next 2-1/2 were a little tough. Took occasional breaks. After the devils playground, pretty easy again. The last mile through the boulders was interesting and difficult.
Our map ap said 7.3 miles. We made it in 5 hours and 20 minutes. We’re happy with that. We live in Dallas and have never been at these altitudes. We opted to take the shuttle back to the devils playground and the hike back to the Crags trailhead . Drink a lot of water and enjoy the views.

1 month ago

I will fully agree with other reviewers on the crazy hard to find branch-off! I must have stood in that clearing a good 5 mins trying to find the dang thing. It’s unmarked, while the other main trails are all marked. However, it’s difficulty in locating made it nice and unoccupied for the most part part...only ran in to one couple with a pup. The peak has some stunning views of the Springs, with peeks at the Broadmoor and Will Rogers Shrine on the way up and from the top. Fairly easy, some loose gravel here and there, so watch your footing.

Beautiful trail, just don’t forget the bug spray!

off road driving
1 month ago

Great course for beginners to experience easy to moderate trails. There is just enough traffic to feel safe if you go alone, but also spaced out enough to feel like you are the only one in the world. The recording is spot on and the notes along the way help a lot. Highly recommended.

mountain biking
1 month ago

A great trail with some fun views! Very family friendly.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great moderate course for beginners improving their skills. Some very technical spots and some nice easy spots. Very well balanced.

As far as scenery... very very nice. Some really cool rock formations, great views, and if you do the hardest portion of the loop to the north, you’ll get a nice view of the Air Force Academy

1 month ago

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail, one of my weekly runs. 3.2 miles around the big loop, but doesn’t get boring if your doing multiple laps. The construction that has been going on seems to be completed.

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