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Did this hike after having done Timp and Pfiefferhorn - THIS ONE IS MUCH HARDER. The slog up to the top is long and steep. Be prepared to get lost in the boulder fields (we had GPS and a map) and to be frightened by the exposure at the end. The views are incredible and I’m glad to
check it off my bucket list but I’m not sure I’d do this one again.

I found it to to be a good amount of challenge with great views as the pay off. Took a little over 4 hours round trip but I have not done much hiking this year so I’m not in the best shape. We went at about 8:30 and the bugs were not bad at all. It’s really nice that there are places to sit and rest once you get to the falls. Great views of the city as well. My garmen showed about 5,5 miles to lower falls.

The trail leading up is extreme, it inclined so fast and steep. There is a lot of rocks and things you need to climb over. It’s beautiful, pace yourself and you should be good.

This hike never disappoints. Beautiful fall colors this time of year.

Fun hike, the suspension bridge is really fun, it's a giant bridge that sways and bounces! Great views along the entire hike.

This was a fun hike! Best to go in the morning or evening since there is not much shade. I was able to wear our 6 month old and our 3 and 6 year olds did well (with a little extra encouragement!). The bridge was really neat. Our older kids had fun climbing rocks on our way back down the trail.

This hike is deceiving, if you want to see a waterfall you have to go up an extra .7 ass kicking climb beyond the 2.2 miles in the app description. The app map has you going all that way so there measurement of miles is incorrect. At 2.2 there was a nice stream but nothing I would call a waterfall, may just be time of year as the water levels are low. We were happy we did it, but may have thought twice if we had a correct map or started earlier.

beautiful and worth the effort. Last leg is an ass kicker very satisfying!

Great short hike to the suspension bridge. Well maintained trails and marked. Great views of the city and the mountains.

The waterfall is beautiful and worth the trip.

Great views and lots of amazing picture opportunities. Signage makes you feel at ease that you’re going the right way, especially when hiking with younger kids. Speaking of, pretty kid friendly: clear pathways, some safety fences (my 5 year old completed it with some piggy back breaks from daddy). Facilities at the trailhead are very convenient: parking lot, bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables. Starts out steeper than I expected, but eases up. Cell service the entire time which is good in case you lose your way (access to maps) or emergencies.
- September 8, 2018 around 10:30am -

Great views! Steep in portions, but still worth it.

good hike, there is definitely a lot of stair climbing feel mentality to it getting up to the falls and then going up and Beyond to the Upper Falls just be prepared I'ts totally doable as long as you take your time and take plenty of breaks

Great trail! It takes as much as it gives. Demanding trail with an incredible view all along the way. A must!!

Bridge is awesome and so are the views. Great sunset spot too. Only 4 stars because the trails themselves aren’t anything overly special other than the spectacular views

I have hiked this area probably close to 60 times in the last couple of years and have found the trails to be whatever I wanted them to be. I want solitude I can find it because of all of the branch offs that go up different draws. If I want strenuous, it is there. If I want leisurely, it's easy to find as well. I almost never see other hikers on mostvof the trail branches that I have hiked. There are lots of deer and other animals including cougars so keep your eyes open. :)

The trail is hot, very steep, and long. But the payoff is probably the best view I've seen in Utah, and an amazing cirque!!

Great trail for kids and dogs. I have an incredible off leash dog, but when trails say “must leash at all times” I wish fellow dog owners would respect that. The bridge is truly a fun site and great photo op.

The road up is easy. It’s a good workout going from the road up the trail to the ridge and taking the loop around to come back. Good for trail running. I would not recommend the loop trail for people with bad knees or little kids. Steep going up and coming down.

15 days ago

There are many trails and roads you could take as out and backs or loops from the Rose Canyon Trailhead. I don't think many of the descriptions here are actually of the loop shown on the map. I went up almost to the radio towers on the way to Butterfield Peaks, mostly on the road, which worked out to 10.6 miles and 2700 ft of elevation. If I had known I was almost at the peaks, I would have kept going. There were some fantastic views walking along the ridgeline, but it's still very hazy everywhere from the fires. Good view of the copper mine in the distance. Some ATVs, trail bikes and pick-up truck traffic on some of the roads, and cows in random places. The trailhead has space for a lot of parking, and it was all full when I finished at 10:30 AM on Labor Day.

15 days ago

My watch showed 5 Miles from Orson Smith trail head up to where Trail of Eagle connects with Cherry Canyon trail. About 3600 ft gain. There is 1.5-2 mile section where trail is mostly overgrown. Could definitely use maintenance. With that said you can find the trail fine, just wear pants and maybe long sleeve shirt. Ran into one person the whole hike. Great views of the valley and pretty hiking once you get up into the trees.

Much more difficult than anticipated, but I’m not in great shape so maybe it had more to do with my conditioning than it did with the difficulty of the hike. It is very steep.

Beautiful views with lots of shade. Next time I would like to stop by the lake/reservoir. It was difficult going to the waterfall- all uphill- but worth it.

This was a nice hike. Great views of the valley and lovely waterfall. Most of it was easy, but the last half mile was extremely difficult - steep with lots of rocks to traverse. My legs were definitely burning.

I've done this in the summer and winter. Beautiful every time.

Beautiful falls. Not much run but still beautiful.
The first mile and half has no shade but rest of the hike is shaded because of all the tall trees. Lots of greenery as u go up. We started at 630 am to beat the heat.
Will do it at again next year in spring to check out the falls.

Really gorges place!!

Great family hike. Wasn’t too hard for my 7 and 5 year olds. The bridge makes a great half way resting point. It kept the kids motivated to make it up the hills.

Great hike, very tough. The first 2 1/2 miles are insane, but after that portion the trail levels out and goes from very hard to just hard/moderate.
The view from the top is stunning! Cell phone reception the entire way, I recommend downloading the map so you can double check your route near the top if you ever lose sight of the cairns.

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