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12 days ago

Beautiful lookout point to the Yellowstone canyon!

Easy easy a fun quick hike

2 months ago

My body is in pain, but a good kind of pain. Well worth it for the awesome view of the waterfall! Just know that it is more than 7.4 miles, my Fitbit had it at just under 24,000 steps!

Trail closed :(

Gorgeous waterfall. Very short walk. Very very very crowded.

2 months ago

Trail Closed. 9/30

Trail closed for bear activity. 9/26/18

road closed middle end of September

2 months ago

Gorgeous view with a minimal walk and some stairs. Absolutely worth it!

2 months ago

August closed

Not a hard walk. Elevation incline is not huge. We walked counter clockwise which is best I think. Only wildlife spotted was 1 x Llama and chipmunks and squirrels with occasional birds. But beautiful scenery up to Shoshone Lake. Highly recommend.

3 months ago

I hiked this trail on 08/30. Weather was warm and dry.

This trail is mostly a rough-paved road that leads into the Natural Bridge area. Would be a good bike ride. There is no major elevatin gains, until the bridge itself. You can climb up to the base, and even up in behind. There is a little info post at the bottom of that section of trail with info about natural arches, and a little history on this natural bridge.

It was a nice walk, good stretch for my legs before my next hike. I spent some time with an incredibly fat marmot before heading back to my car.

3 months ago

Just like I dreamed it to be. Gorgeous Yellowstone Falls.

Easy hike to beautiful lake

it is just beautiful. easy walk. sept. very cold in morning

3 months ago

This hike seemed like it was forever. We were expecting to see some bison, elk, and maybe a moose, but we didn't see much, but poop. You cross 4 streams, but the first two are dry right now. The third, you can jump over pretty easily, but the 4th you are going to have to take off your shoes. It goes about ankle deep and calf deep in some areas, but its an easy crossing. There's no trail to get you right up to the lake, but you can get to it fairly easily if you walk through the trees. There was a couple camping at the lake when we went and they saw a moose swim the whole lake earlier in the day. We started at 3pm and got back around 7:30. We went pretty slow, but its fairy easy and flat. Disappointed that we didn't see anything, but there is definitely tons of elk and deer around.

Awesome hike. Herd of Elk early into hike. Wide canopy fire road. Unbelievable reward at the end. Beautiful

Amazing!! Would do it again in a heartbeat. Did it in the morning in July, still pretty chilly with some snow near the top. The views along the way and at the top are incredible, but extremely windy at the top. Still a great hike

Lightly traveled. Be sure to wear sandals that can go into water as there are two creek crossings to make as you go in. you cut through wood that open up to gorgeous meadows. The further in, the smaller, greener and more charming the meadows. We stopped for water break. My wife first heard it...then I heard the low and very deep growling coming from a short distance away. We did not wait to see what it was but kept trekking in. CARRY BEAR SPRAY. We kicked up a lot of noise and startled elk in the woods at the furthest point.

Highly recommend this trail because it was the trail less traveled and impressed us greatly.

great payoff with minimal effort

Apart from the thunder, lightening, rain and hail, this is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on in a long time! The last part of the hike was rainy so the trail was flooded but the views made it worth it! Got eaten alive by mosquitos so definitely would suggest bug spray! We clocked it at 11.2 miles.

I enjoyed the view of the area from the top

Amazing scenery. So many of the waterfall trails are closed off right now that we did that one- not to be missed!
We came back and took the hike to clear lake which is nice and you get to see some geothermal areas and clear lake is lovely. We backtracked back to Artists point since Uncle Tom’s is still under construction-
Parking lot was jammed but doable with many people only staying 15 minutes to catch the view.

Relatively easy summer hike with some gorgeous river/lake views. Not busy at all, we only ran into two other hikers. A big thank you to Nikhil's review, without which we wouldn't have brought the bug spray. Mosquitos were brutal.

partially shaded trail through tall pines as you make your way up the mountain. not much visibility til you get towards the top, but the peak is pretty. the long switchback made the grade more manageable. not sure I would put this on my list again. There's several other hikes in yellowstone with more to see.

Great hike in Yellowstone!

Did this trail in July 2017. Long stretches of packed snow near the top and hiked through a small snow storm. Very scenic, great overviews into the park and tremendous views from the top. Also, saw mountain goats grazing on cliff to east of lookout.

I did trail in July 2017. Interesting views and unique perspective of the falls. Stairs, stairs and more stairs.

Beautiful hike! Longer than what it says here. Can't get far without a Bug spray though, the mosquitoes will suck you dry!

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