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Yellowstone and Teton Hikes Map

I have done this Mystic Falls loop three different times of the summer. Mid-to-late June is the best b/c the snow melt is awesome; the water is roaring; and there are small waterfalls that are very nice that are gone by mid-July and thereafter. Every time I go back to YNP, this hike is a Must. A repeat.

We got to the trailhead around sunrise, which I recommend, as we were the first ones to summit but passed many people on the way down. With a good push this hike is very rewarding and worth the effort. We saw mule deer and Pika at the top.

2 months ago

Hiked to the junction in early July, spectacular views the entire way up. Looking back i wish i continued on to lake solitude, but still one of my all time favorite hikes!

One of the coolest hikes I've ever been on. My cousin and I had the whole trail and Geyser to ourselves after the falls as it started raining and scared everyone away. It was creepy not seeing humans for so long alone with the geyser and the beautiful geothermal creek leading up to it. Will never forget this one

Strenuous hike with a well-earned reward of two lakes and beautiful scenery at the top. We had a real surprise at Surprise Lake when a mama black bear and her two cubs joined us at the lake for their afternoon drink!

Nice level trail along the river. Paved in spots. Beautiful landscape. Geyser was not quite as described today. Started bubbling at 2:30 pm, small eruption for 2 min at 3:00 pm, larger eruption at 3:24 pm but only for 5-6 minutes and not a loud steam cycle as described. May have needed to stay a little longer. Still a gorgeous day and worth the wait.

We hiked to the fork in late September. The weather was perfect - mid 60s and sunny. A lot of folks head back after seeing Hidden falls. Don’t! At the very least walk about a mile past and into the canyon. The mountains looming over all is an astounding sight! Highlight of Teton!

Make sure to do the entire loop. If you start low, keep going up and up and up after you pass the falls. It’s a peaceful hike and chances are you won’t encounter many others. The view at the top is great.

This hike was the highlight of our Yellowstone trip primarily because we ended up walking 10 miles round trip and did not see a soul (except about 10 deer). Be careful on the last 1.5 miles as the trail isn’t maintained like the heavily trafficked trails and if you twist your ankle you’ll be down there a long time lol!

4 months ago

Favorite Trail so far in the Tetons! Absolutely beautiful in the Spring

4 months ago

Did this spectacular hike to the junction. Next time to lake solitude. Inspiration point is good and fine, but it’s the canyon that’ll keep us coming back. Going in/out of forested patches only to be hit with the breathtaking mountain views again and again is something I’ll never forget. Crowds blissfully thin out once you get into the canyon.

Easy hike. Great, wide trail. Nice views. Budget time for at the top; you will want to put the lookout center at the top to good use.

5 months ago

Windy and wonderful

Short lung-busting hike. The trees feel endless, but then they end quite suddenly and the views are amazing on the final approach. Push over to the rounded summit, that’s where the park boundary is.

5 months ago

This was a wonderful hike. The original starting point makes this a shorter hike, but my group started the trail on Grand Loop Road and the Fountain Flats drive, and made this a 9-10 mile hike in and out.
It was quite busy when you got to the main trail to the falls, and there was rarely a moment where you were all alone. This isn't necessarily bad, as you can converse with your fellow travelers and assess how packed it will be at the falls.
The falls was gorgeous and had a lot of water running off, with the local chipmunks and a raven hanging around while visitors moved in.

Awesome hike with amazing views. My favorite hike of Yellowstone. Wildlife is abundant as well!

5 months ago

Amazing views. We took the shuttle boat to Jenny Lake, which cuts off about 2.4 miles, but we still ended up hiking 10 miles in all (5 to reach a point in cascade canyon trail and 5 back). The first mile is steep but it levels out and it is just a lot of walking. But the views along the way get better and better and it’s worth every step! The section with the white granite boulders and wildflowers was my favorite, I could not stop taking pictures. Highly recommend this hike.

This was our favorite hike in Yellowstone. Uphill on the way up and downhill on the way back. Not hard though, it’s moderate. It is only a bit of of a challenge if you’re not experienced with high altitude hiking (I have lived in Florida my whole life) but you can take small breaks to catch your breath and take some pictures! The views start out great and get even better as you start hiking up. It was so windy at the top that our hats almost flew off but the view from the top was amazing. Going up into the viewing room and signing the log book with our names was such a cool experience. I would do this hike all the time if I could! Highly recommended.

This hike was worth the challenge of getting to the top to see surprise and amphitheater lake. We started this hike out planning to go off trail to view Delta Lake, but it was snowing and making it up the boulder fields was almost impossible and too dangerous. We decided to hike up almost 3 more miles to surprise and amphitheater lake and we are glad we did. Before we went on this hike we read that black bears were known to be spotted very close to the trail. We encountered one adult black bear and then one cub an hour later who came right up to my dad. Make sure to bring some bear spray!

Super-easy trail that ends at a beautiful waterfall—or so you think. Continue a bit further past the falls, along the trail to the right, and you'll find yourself in Imperial Meadows. It's here where you can find both the Spray & Imperial geysers, nestled along a winding, rust-colored creek.

It seems nobody ventures past Fairy Falls, as we had both of these majestic geysers completely to ourselves—it was far more enjoyable than dealing with the crowds at Grand Prismatic.

A good change of pace from the geyser basin boardwalk trails. No crowds and a surprisingly nice waterfall to view. We hiked to this from the Old Faithful Lodge so it was a little longer than the stated 3.4 miles.

22 Sep it was getting snowy to the point where I turned back because I wasn't properly equipped. Looks like there was more snow last night so snowy for the 23rd. Lots of berries on the slopes so watch out for bears and make sure to carry spray and bells.

Very nice easy trail.

We took the ferry and then hiked all the way to where it ends. It was absolutely gorgeous! We saw three bull moose munching on plants by the river! This trail will probably be a bit strenuous for the inexperienced hiker, mainly due to the length and incline at the beginning.

An easy hike to do. Starts out great with views of Grand Prismatic Spring from above on the newly constructed platform which is fairly crowded. Most people turn back at that point so the trail isn't real busy to Mystic Falls. It's a fairly uneventful walk to the falls, but the falls themselves are very cool with an almost 200 foot drop to a pool beneath. I took the trail to Imperial Geyser which was fun to see as it erupts pretty regularly. Overall a nice easy hike though fairly hot in July with little shade so bring water.

It was my first time in Grand Teton NP and this was definitely the highlight. A hard hike with the elevation and switchbacks but absolutely worth it. Great views on the way up and the lakes were spectacular. Plenty of snow in mid-July at the top and the lake was still half covered in ice. The scenery surrounding Amphitheater was awe inspiring. An afternoon storm rolled in on the way down and we got hit with rain, hail and some lightning but still had fun.

Stunning views on top of the whole Yellowstone park and you can even see the Tetons. Short by many standards but hard and steep. A great summit for a first timer? But be mindful of bears!!

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