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Great easy short trail to a nice waterfall.

Great Trail for beginners with amazing views.

This loop seems to have been developed and none existent.

6 days ago

Did not find the shorter loop and ended up on the bigger 12 mile hike, so had to turn around. Really beautiful, but wish we could have found the 2.3 mile loop. Encountered dirt bikes, horseback riders (from Jake’s Ranch), and hikers. All very polite of each other’s space. Gorgeous views!! Only giving 4 stars because we couldn’t find the shorter hike.

6 days ago

Actually I don't think this fall is as good as many other falls in Yellowstone, while the trail is very short and won't consume many time.

The grand Grand Prismatic Spring is certainly one of the most deserve to see in the Yellowstone. However, It's too large to see the whole prism besides it. I suggest to hike both this trail and the other trail going to the mountain besides the prism and see it from above.

A good choice to see the geysers. Lots of geysers along the trail. Remember to plan enough time for this trail. You will stay more time then you expect.

A well maintained path down to a beautiful waterfall. Short and not difficult. Can be very busy, so go early morning or late afternoon. There are multiple benches and bridges and picnic tables along the way.

Beautiful hike, the switchbacks can be difficult for little ones, but the trail is very well maintained. And the waterfall is breathtaking!

A walk not a hike! Expect to not go at your pace as your walking with many others. However; it leads you to the end destination of a “soak”.

Beautiful quick hike

This is a great walk / hike for all ages and all skill levels. The falls are beautiful and easily accessible. Perfect for kids.

Only had 2-3 hours of time left for a hike. This was perfect. J has time to relax at the falls. Although more traffic than I prefer it was enjoyable.

A MUST!!!!! Overwhelmingly in awe! Try to see Beehive Geysers...it's the best

Very pretty - also great if you’re killing time waiting for Old Faithful!

1 month ago

Short easy hike with great view of the waterfall at the end.

Packed with people but beautiful views! We went on a weekend so maybe a weekday would be better. Wide trails, easy hiking.

such a beautiful hike with amazing scenery. it gets busy around the afternoon but is still an amazing hike. the rocks are quite slippery at the bottom of the waterfall, so if you go down, be careful.

1 month ago

Easy descent down to the falls or down the short trail off to the right to get down near the river. Beautiful views of both the falls and the river. Tends to be a little crowded throughout the day but overall incredible up close sights to see

Great trail to end your day! Views are beautiful and the waterfall is spectacular. Watch out for slippery rocks at the bottom of the falls.

The trail looks amazing but it is shut down right now due to high water :( disappointment!!

nature trips
1 month ago

This is a super easy, super short trail to a decent sized waterfall. The trail is well maintained and easy to navigate. There were at least three viewpoints from which to see the falls. One from the top and two from the bottom. You can walk down a set of stairs to the base of the falls.

There are clean restrooms, dog leashes for loan and dog waste sacks at the trail head. This is a perfect hike for families or folks just starting out with exploring the outdoors. Go! Enjoy!

Nothing too exciting. Steep switchbacks on the way back up and way too many tourists climbing under the barricades and signs posted stay on trail. Lots of disrespectful families which is disappointing

We enjoyed the geysers so much and stayed in the area so long that we actually witnessed Old Faithful’s eruption twice (around 9:00 and again around 10:40).

Well maintained trail. Beautiful scenery all the way to the falls.

great hike ended up doing ousel and ralph very high water

1 month ago

Nice easy trail with several views but noticed some people not paying attention and nearly pushed some people off the boardwalk. Crowded so go early.

We did this trail on our visit to Old Faithful Geyser, at the same time taking in Black Sand Basin, Biscuit Basin and Mystic Falls trails. Amazing trail featuring the abundance of Geysers, Hot Springs, Fumeroles and many pools. Splendid sites , an amazing trip ... not to be missed!

Snowshoed out to Morning Glory in December and had the entire trail to ourselves, minus a few bison. One of the few times in the year when the area is empty, albeit -10 degrees.

If geothermal activity is what you are after, this is the most convenient hike there is in yellowstone. However, true hiking is more my preference (which is why I only give this 3 stars). We actually hiked cascade canyon in the Tetons the same day and it is no comparison (cascade wins in a landslide).

Probably wouldn't do it again, but the walk is easy.

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