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4 days ago

Very easy hike. Flat ground, very few rocks. Did the overlook, then the walk to the falls. Came across very few people, maybe 10 small groups, even in the busy month of July.

Woooo! It's so cool to see the fall just beside it. I'm shocked by the beauty and sound. Fortunately I also see rainbow here. Two rainbows!

I just walked to see the geysers under the mountain and didn't go to see the fall. I think the geysers here are even more beautiful than those in upper geysers.

The part of the trail that goes by Uncle Tom’s trail is closed right now. So parking is tricky and you’ll have to either turn and go back instead of looping or walk down the road instead.

The views were phenomenal!

I recommend doing the overlook first and then looping back to the falls. The first half is strenuous for folks who aren’t in stellar shape. However, the views are worth it.

I loved this hike!! We did the whole loop, hiking to the overlook first. The switchbacks to the overlook are strenuous, but the views are stunning! We continued onto the beautiful falls from there. Along the entire loop we saw so many variety of wildflowers! More that 15 varieties! I was in awe! We hiked this the second week in July. This trail met all my expectations for a high Mountain View, a beautiful falls, and lovely mountain wildflowers!!

We took the loop towards the right. it's pretty steep. be careful at the overlook losing the trail... if you keep trying to follow the ridge, you'll still see footprints for a bit but the loop actually cuts back very shortly once you reach the top. Ironically, the greenness and the non-western rolling hills-esque look combined with the steam (as if it were from a factory!), and the new growth trees smaller sized trees makes it look like Connecticut or upstate New York. In other words, not super impressive. The trail itself is quite nice and well maintained however, and the view of the falls coming down is better than towards the base of them. They're very nice falls. The remainder of the trail back along the creek is very nice too. then of.course the most.unique feature is that it contains biscuit Basin! Also it's true, this is a great way to escape crowds. it was astounding the line of cars and line to park at several of the surrounding areas. it's also true there's a ton of mosquitoes. load up on bugspray!

Great views!

Surprisingly good hike. We have avoided this hike because it was so close to town. We found it adequately challenging and quite pretty. Good spot for picnic at about 2.75 miles and another at 3. We saw a large Elk, rabbit and squirrels. Several ponds along way and a bonus was discovering Old Gardiner Stagecoach Road to drive on way out of YNP. That was worth the drive.

beautiful falls, lots of mosquitoes and a decently busy hike so going early in the morning or later in the evening is probably best

This isn't really a hiking trail, you drive right up to the basalt columns. I am a geologist so I rate it high because you can get right up to the columns.

nature trips
25 days ago

How can you not love this place? It ranges from a beach area with shallow water for kids, to deeper water and rapids to can jump into up above.

I did trail in July 2017. Interesting views and unique perspective of the falls. Stairs, stairs and more stairs.

27 days ago

Worth the hike to see the falls.

This is an easy hike for children with a stunning waterfall at the end. You might encounter animals along the path, keep your distance and leave them be. Very flat so no worries about terrain.

Open for swimming! Great place, plenty of safe areas for kids and fun areas for adults. Recommend bringing a life vest as the currents are strong in the deep areas. A fun activity for strong swimmers is to head up stream and float down through the canyons twists and turns.

Great short, all around hike that includes so much of Yellowstone scenery. Only down side was construction on the trail so had to change course a bit and hike on road to pick up the trail again. Otherwise super hike for all abilities.

Way more than the posted 5 miles
Not a great trail

I merged this trail with point sublime, and view into Hayden Valley and doubled back instead of doing the loop to get full experience - nice walk and suprisingly quiet given the number of people at artist point.

1 month ago

Great for kids!

Short & very easy (flat). Worth the time to see. Good hangout for marmots too.

This was one of the best Yellowstone trails so far!!! If you have the time and want to see some wildlife do this trail. Bonus...the wild flowers were beautiful!!

Great trail to get panoramic views of the biscuit basin and geysers, and the waterfall was super pretty. I started from the biscuit basin and went to the observation point first which had some decent switchbacks and then looked around to the waterfalls. I’d recommend that route!

1 month ago

This trail will kick your butt if your not in good shape. Its an interesting feeling climbing down and back up hundreds of metal stairs with the feeling "This could break at any moment". I really enjoyed the memory of this hike. Amazing photo op at the bottom of the falls.

I did a modified version of this trail because of construction. The South Rim portion of the trail and the parking lot near Uncle Tom's were still closed as of 7/1.

I started at Artist's Point and continued on the Point Sublime trail to the end. On the way back, I went past Lilly Pad Lake and continued on to Clear Lake, then turned around. Overall this worked out to be about 5 miles and 600 ft of elevation climb. I'd highly recommend this option while there's still construction. You get awesome views of the canyon and get to see lots of different features and terrains on an easy and secluded hike.

The parking lot is incredibly busy because of Artist's Point, but there's high turnover since most people just go to the point and then leave. If you can brave the crowds for those view minutes between the parking lot and the point, you'll be rewarded with secluded hiking from there onward. I saw a total of 10 people or so, all on the Point Sublime portion of the trail. The views of the canyon are absolutely breathtaking, probably my favorite part of the park that I saw. There are lots of rocky outcrops where you can get different views as you walk along the canyon. This part of the trail has some elevation climb and is steep in a few parts, but pretty easy. There are some lots to climb over and roots on the trail which keep it interesting. If you decide to continue to Point Sublime, note that the views at the Point itself are not great. However, the views all along are pretty spectacular and it's only 0.5 miles past the fork going to Clear Lake, so I'd still recommend it if you have the time.

The trail going to Clear Lake is a hidden gem. Lilly Pad lake is fine, but if you go past it you'll see really interesting terrain. The best way I could describe it would be a "forest desert." I think it must be wildfire-damaged area, as there are lots of dead trees there but you're otherwise surrounded by forest. This part of the trail is mostly flat. You pass by some sulfur pools and bubbling mud pits, plus a few small hot springs. The whole area is eerily beautiful and an interesting change of pace from the forest along the canyon. Clear Lake itself is also beautiful, but I'd say it was the least exciting part as I hiked along many other lakes on my trip. I walked to the lake and then turned around, so I can't speak to the part of the trail past it back towards the road.

I'd highly recommend this hike for an interesting, secluded hike with lots of different scenery. You'll have to brave the crowds in the parking lot, but it's well worth it. I did this hike in the afternoon and Artist's Point had emptied out by the time I finished (around 5 PM) so I got some additional photos without the crowds at the end.

The trail was great and just what we needed after being in the car for a couple of hours! Beautiful scenery!

my snap vid didn't save of this :(

Closed with fines for swimming, water not warm.

Nice hike the first half is pretty challenging. Bring big spray and a headnet if you have one. Falls are lovely nice spot to picnic up top.

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