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Hiked moose pond loop early afternoon. Observed/ photoed bull moose feeding in pond. Later thru meadow area,was surprised by and photoed another bull moose emerging from brush. Few mid sept hikers on full loop, most stop at pond and return to hidden falls trail. Meadow trail unmarked can be challenging to follow at times although not far from parking has a remote feeling about it and look of good bear habitat. Very enjoyable hike. Bear spray raises comfort level w this trail.

Very pretty and worth the steep climb back up. It’s switchback trail that depends 600 feet.

Trail was closed today . Most easy trails along south rim were closed accept artist point

Definitely moderate trail. But I would totally recommend hitting the moose pond as a bonus. We saw 3 moose on our journey and it was a spectacular falls at the end! Worth the steep grade up and very quick hike out going down hill.

12 days ago

Easy amazing waterfall !!

This is nice! But do yourself a favor and do paintbrush canyon on the way down

14 days ago

There is so much nicer around there. Do only if limited in how much you can walk.

14 days ago

Better than doing the full lake, but you can take a ferry there and do the canyon instead.

Trail is open. Fantastic views. 8 year old daughter did very well. Pointe Sublime is a bit disappointing after the views along the trail but still more than enjoyable.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail and view of the mountains. Didn't see any moose, but came upon two black bears while on the hike. First one was on the trail as we were descending down the hill towards the pond. After it went away we decided not to continue and went back on the Jenny Lake trail towards the boat dock. We came upon another black bear crossing the trail ahead of us. Thankfully neither bear bothered us. Definitely be aware of bears and make noise! Around the east side of the lake going north is also beautiful view.

20 days ago

We went about to the first pond when we saw a bear on the trail. It didn't bother us and eventually went off the trail.
We didn't feel comfortable moving forward so we turned back on the Jenny Lake Trail towards the boat dock. Along that trail we saw another bear cross the trail about 30 to 40 yards away. Again it didn't bother us. Great experience even if it was short. Definitely be Bear Aware and make noise!

Easy trail and pretty falls. I’m giving it 5 stars because I had such an incredible bear sighting!!!

stick to the lower falls

unreal views. seriously looks like a painting.

Excellent trail that is relatively easy. Some elevation gain, but it is very gradual. The falls and wildlife are beautiful and you can take the boat across and back if you want to make it a shorter ride. Two black bear sightings were seen on this trail! Very exciting, but keep your distance because these guys did not react at all to seeing humans.

The parking lot is very busy, you need to come early. We missed a sign at the beginning of the trail, but it's a really nice and easy hike. Overlooks on Jenny Lake and Hidden Falls. We spotted an elk, 2 minks and a momma moose with a baby. Awesome!

For a more novice hiker, this trail is hard but not impossible. Took us about 3.5 hours to get to the lake and 2 to get back out. Saw two black bear and two moose on the trail, tons of wildflowers back towards the lake, and of course spectacular views the entire way.

It's not as large as the lower fall but still deserve to come to see.

Woooo! It's so cool to see the fall just beside it. I'm shocked by the beauty and sound. Fortunately I also see rainbow here. Two rainbows!

Very amazing! Come early to avoid too many people. When I went there, there is so much fog that I cannot see my friend near me. Interesting!

This trail was great with our kids! Saw a mamma moose and her two babies. We went to Polecat Hot Springs and the Huckleberry. Great with kids over 6. I say this about the age because you do have to cross the fast flowing creek to get to either of them. We also saw otter at the bridge at the asphalt and elk not far from there.

The views were phenomenal!

Great views!

Great views of the river all along the trail.

Awesome hike!! We had only planned to do Cascade canyon, but when we reached the fork, we didn’t quite feel like that was a good location to turn back, so we decided to head towards the lake. About 0.5 miles after the fork, the trail opened up and the views of the Tetons were just unbelievable. It was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. There were some campsites in the area, next time i would definitely stay overnight just to enjoy the view for longer. The lake was partly frozen, but we dipped our feet in. On the way out, we saw a grizzly mom and cup on the trail. There were enough people around to be safe. Regardless, I would highly recommend to bring bear spray.

great to do first thing in morning so have place to yourself!

Great trail. So many wildflowers and meadows
We did see a baby moose
We really enjoyed this !

Beautiful! We hiked all the way around the lake and then included this quick little detour. So glad we did!

It’s supper easy. The view isn’t a great as the lower falls in my opinion. But it’s still beautiful.

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