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This was such a fun little hike! My grandpa and I only saw maybe 4 people and the fall at the end was so pretty! Bring bug spray and sunscreen though

Pretty but gets crowded

An absolute must do trail

Yes, Yellowstone is incredibly busy and there will be people everywhere at the geyser basin trails, but in my opinion, it is totally worth dealing with the crowds. The Grand Prismatic is an absolutely beautiful geological wonder. The boardwalk is cool but the overlook is even better in my opinion.

This trail is very nice because it takes you to the top of Yellowstone’s most famous waterfall. Looking down you can truly take in the power of the falls. This path is good for all ages and is very easy. Also if you are in this part of Yellowstone I recommend you go to Artists Point for more great views of the falls.

Do this hike!! Everyone goes to the boardwalk but this beats the boardwalk all day, definitely worth your time!

Such an interesting hike with lots of geological features!!

I cried it is so pretty. I am a sucker for waterfalls, this is mother nature at her best.

3 months ago


Interesting but a bit too smelly. Nice information if
You have a guide who is passionate about the area.
I enjoyed it with Wildland Trekking.

Went in early June. Easy and beautiful. I live nearby and this is on the list for in town guests.

5 months ago

This was a cool hike but easy.. once we passed the overlook to Primastic Springs the crowd definitely thinned out. Once you get to Fairy Falls I would seriously consider continuing on to Imperial Gyser. There was nobody back there so it felt like it was our own private gyser.... it also goes off like every 30 seconds. If you do the whole thing you get to see prismatic, the waterfall and a gyser.

Wonderful sights!

Easy paved walk down to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls, you can watch the water shoot by and over. You get a better view looking up to the falls from downstream on some of the other trails, but the sheer water volume is impressive. Our visit was during chilly, overcast weather, but still enjoyed the roaring torrents. Worth a stop.

The end of the trail is amazing as it has over the edge views of the falls. Must do.

Good family friendly hike

6 months ago

Short mud pot trail, there are much better areas to view geothermal activities. 3.8 miles/6 km south of Norris Junction, the lower portion of this colorful hydrothermal area is wheelchair-accessible. The upper trail to the mudpots is steep and rough, and not recommended for visitors using wheelchairs. Fountain Paintpots is a better viewing area.

6 months ago

Definitely go past the falls to imperial geyser! Totally worth it!

6 months ago

The short walk was make all the more interesting with the 4 inches of snow cover...giving the area a 'rather steamy' fog like look as you walked. Interesting area to explore.

Short hike but kind of a must do in Yellowstone

7 months ago

The falls were quite beautiful. The hike was easy and had lots of other hikers.

Very beautiful

7 months ago

We did this trail at the beginning of September 2017. It takes you past midway geyser basin and then you walk on a pretty boring (and flat and easy) path surrounded by pines for quite a while. However, eventually you get to fairy falls which are pretty. If this was the only thing you saw I probably wouldn't have loved this trail as the path to it was so boring. However, you can continue on to the imperial geyser. This is what makes the trail so worth it. There is this beautiful geyser in this amazingly blue pools. My husband and I had this site all to ourselves for a while. It was so amazing and relaxing. If you go on this trail and turn around after fairy falls you're truly missing out on an amazing experience.

a paved walkway, but standing next to the falls shouldn't be missed

Just as cool as the upper falls. Bonus; great pictures of the upper falls!

7 months ago

About as simple as it gets for a Yellowstone hike and a couple cool thermal features as well takes about 30 minutes

unforgettable view!

7 months ago

What a easy hike/walk This waterfall is a must. What a great view

Amazing! Went in July 2016.

Nice trail!!! The fall is incredible. Beware no bathrooms at trail head, but plenty of privacy spots on the trail. Saw a buffalo grazing along the way.

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