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Great hike! The views were amazing but the hike was tough! The path can be very rocky at times. Make sure you have sturdy shoes and plenty of water. Go to the overlook first and then down to the falls.

3 days ago

My first solo hike! Only wildlife I saw was a few chipmunks. Finished the loop in 2.5 hours, so I would rate this trail as easy, not moderate.

Wonderful hike! Four of us did this trail on August 16. It was a perfect morning. We started at 7:45 and were the only ones on the trail until we met hikers on our way down. Beautiful climb through the canyon with running river and many waterfalls. Saw a bear cross the trail on the way down, seemed to be quite a bit of bear activity around the trail. Great views of Phelps Lake.
The ride into the trailhead was challenging - the road is full of moguls.

3 days ago

We hiked this trail August 16th. We enjoyed it but we would rate it as Easy. We had to add side trails up Death Canyon to get our heart rate up.

Nice little trail. wildflowers are out. The jumping rock is super fun! The water was extremely clear.

4 days ago

Tough hike. But worth the pain.

My friends and I did this hike last Sunday (8/12) and were somewhat disappointed with the closures on the trail. Also, the entirety of this hike runs alongside North Rim Drive, which really takes away from the majesty of hiking in the wilderness.

We started this trek around 3 pm and arrived back at our car around 5 pm. Instead of starting at the Upper Falls, like the trail map suggests, we actually began at the Brink of the Lower Falls Trail. This ended up being the highlight of our day, as the views looking back into The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone were absolutely breathtaking!

After making the trek back up to the road, we continued onward to Lookout Point and Grand View. We would have liked to reach Inspiration Point but were met with a closure sign upon arriving at the trailhead, which really put a damper on the day.

We did end up driving along the South Rim Drive to Artist Point, which was a pleasant consolation, even though Inspiration Point provided a higher vantage point and an entire view of the canyon, which we missed out on.

If you’re looking to escape the masses on the road, this is not the trail for you.

Absolutely loved it! Hiked this on August 16th, 2018. Trailhead parking is limited and advisable for 4 wheel drive only, otherwise, park on turnouts along one mile rough road in. Plenty of black bear activity 2-4 miles into trail with huckleberry and raspberries abounding. Saw moose 50 ft off upper section within 1/2 mike of cabin. Top of trail levels to meadow and flowing stream before junction to Static Peak. Waterfalls are plentiful, and trail is well marked and maintained. Be there before 9:00 and enjoy some beach time at Phelps lake on way out, you won’t regret bringing along a bathing suit!

It is worth the pain.

Easy day hike, gorgeous view of the mountains, and peaceful glacial lakes! 10/10 recommend, and bring a swim suit!

9 days ago

Took this hike up and around to Phelps Lake. Beautiful scenery and the lake was very refreshing when we arrived. Crossed paths with two bears along the way which was very pleasant to watch.

on Phelps Lake Trail

9 days ago

Lots of nice trails to the lake. Went swimming when we arrived and it was amazing. Love the jumping rock!

Hiking is beautiful and moderate. Heard and saw lots of kids wading in the lake Water is pure and clear.

I just walked to see the geysers under the mountain and didn't go to see the fall. I think the geysers here are even more beautiful than those in upper geysers.

A great hike. Nice off the beaten path Yellowstone activity. Climbed/hiked with my three daughters, ages 13, 17 and 17. It’s definitely steep in places going up (tougher grade while you’re still in the trees) but consistent walking should get you up in 2-2.5ish hours. Once you’re up, the views are amazing. Good stereotypical Rockies peak hike of woods, basin, talus/scree and summit zones. We live in NC and did this as an acclimatizing hike prior to 4 days of backpacking on the Teton Crest Trail. Worked perfectly for what we needed and my kids enjoyed it a ton. Hiked in mid-July and only crossed one easily-traversed snow field.

Cool place! Went yesterday. Awesome trails! The jumping rock is great.

15 days ago

Awesome hike. Not too difficult or steep, even at the height of the mountain. It is a long hike for sure, but the 360° view at the top makes it completely worth it. Would do it again and highly recommend.

We did this hike with 30 high schoolers at the end of July. It was definitely a trying hike, and the incline was tough, but the views at the top can't be beat. The wildflowers were incredible as well.

18 days ago

Sneaky hike - given the distance and elevation gain I was a little skeptical about the “hard” rating, but it lived up to it. One of those hikes which is relentless. Very nice one though, only issue early August 2018 was the smoke coming in from out of State wildfires which made for hazy visibility at distance.

This trail has everything that you want in a hike. Beautiful things to see the entire way. We saw marmot, moose, wildflowers, waterfalls, a great view of the lake, and a different view of canyon at every turn we made.
That being said, this is definitely a more moderate to hard trail due to the switchbacks, I think we counted 12. A lot of hikers we passed were over night backpackers and said that it was amazing, we only went to the cabin and found that just perfect. Would definitely do it again and would recommend to anyone who is in decent shape.
The road in is quite bumpy like everyone says that it is so be aware and drive slowly until you get to the trailhead.

I recommend doing the overlook first and then looping back to the falls. The first half is strenuous for folks who aren’t in stellar shape. However, the views are worth it.

Easy side of moderate hike w/ great views of the lakes and mountains.

I loved this hike!! We did the whole loop, hiking to the overlook first. The switchbacks to the overlook are strenuous, but the views are stunning! We continued onto the beautiful falls from there. Along the entire loop we saw so many variety of wildflowers! More that 15 varieties! I was in awe! We hiked this the second week in July. This trail met all my expectations for a high Mountain View, a beautiful falls, and lovely mountain wildflowers!!

La montée peut être quelque peu demandante, mais wow pour le spectacle visuel!!!!

Amazing property.

22 days ago

We hiked this trail from the Rockefeller Preserve, counter clockwise this morning starting around 7:45 am. Our group of 10 loved the hike and it was well worth it getting there early as we were one of the few groups on the trail. We saw a small to middle sized black bear near the Huckleberry area and it knew we were there and we were thrilled to see it eat berries. Once it passed by us, we moved on and our kids then enjoyed jumping off of the Phelps Lake cliff and all 6 of them jumped in to the water off the cliff. This is a definite must hike for the area and it is definitely more easy than moderate for occasional hikers. Rock Chalk baby!

I didn't expect much from this trail, given the crowds and the relatively easy access and terrain, BUT surprisingly this turned out to be a fabulous hike.
The parking lot was packed but I have no idea where everyone went, we didn't see too many people on the trail.
Start with Bradley Lake and go all the way to the inlet, at least, then turn around and hike to Taggart.
It's an easy loop hike this way. If you start with the Valley Floor Hike and make your way to Taggart first, you'll have a lot of climbing to do.
My GPS said 7 miles for the entire loop.

We took the loop towards the right. it's pretty steep. be careful at the overlook losing the trail... if you keep trying to follow the ridge, you'll still see footprints for a bit but the loop actually cuts back very shortly once you reach the top. Ironically, the greenness and the non-western rolling hills-esque look combined with the steam (as if it were from a factory!), and the new growth trees smaller sized trees makes it look like Connecticut or upstate New York. In other words, not super impressive. The trail itself is quite nice and well maintained however, and the view of the falls coming down is better than towards the base of them. They're very nice falls. The remainder of the trail back along the creek is very nice too. then of.course the most.unique feature is that it contains biscuit Basin! Also it's true, this is a great way to escape crowds. it was astounding the line of cars and line to park at several of the surrounding areas. it's also true there's a ton of mosquitoes. load up on bugspray!

23 days ago

Discovered this trail on our mid September trip last year and it is now my favorite trail! Beautiful views along the trail and I could’ve spent hours at the lake. We even saw a moose in the creek on the way back! Park at Rockefeller.

I was reading post and reminiscing. I did this hike about 15 years ago with my some who was 15 at the time. I didn't think is was too difficult of a hike, although pretty steep in some areas. I remember it being very windy on top and the views were amazing. If you are in Yellowstone make the time to do this hike. You will remember it forever.

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