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I have done this Mystic Falls loop three different times of the summer. Mid-to-late June is the best b/c the snow melt is awesome; the water is roaring; and there are small waterfalls that are very nice that are gone by mid-July and thereafter. Every time I go back to YNP, this hike is a Must. A repeat.

We got to the trailhead around sunrise, which I recommend, as we were the first ones to summit but passed many people on the way down. With a good push this hike is very rewarding and worth the effort. We saw mule deer and Pika at the top.

1 month ago

What a view! Wow... a bunch of stairs! Totally worth the slow stair adventure on the way back up to the trail. Don't worry about having to rest between flights. There are random levels to rest and catch your breath, if need be.

I spent three days in this area with my two sons, 9 and 15. The scenery is incredible! They loved every minute of it, and so did I. There were many signs of bears this area but we never saw one.

Make sure to do the entire loop. If you start low, keep going up and up and up after you pass the falls. It’s a peaceful hike and chances are you won’t encounter many others. The view at the top is great.

4 months ago

Windy and wonderful

5 months ago

Stairs, and lots of them. Absolutely a must do trail If you go to Yellowstone. The bottoms allows you to get stunning photos of the Grand Canyon of Waterfalls. If you've even wanted to see the base of a waterfall, do this trail. It's completely breathtaking and virtually impossible to take a bad photo whether you are using a cellphone, DSLR, Bridge, or point and shoot. As far as if you are looking to carry camera gear, be careful. After all the hiking and calories burnt climbing the over 300 steel steps to the top , be sure to stop and get yourself a Wilcoxson's huckleberry ice cream sandwich ... or a boxful.

Short lung-busting hike. The trees feel endless, but then they end quite suddenly and the views are amazing on the final approach. Push over to the rounded summit, that’s where the park boundary is.

on Terrace Mountain Trail

5 months ago

Amazing hike. The terrain varies from wide-open meadows to forest to rocky ledges.

The stairs coming up were certainly tough but the falls were beautiful and I enjoyed this trail.

A good change of pace from the geyser basin boardwalk trails. No crowds and a surprisingly nice waterfall to view. We hiked to this from the Old Faithful Lodge so it was a little longer than the stated 3.4 miles.

Stunning views on top of the whole Yellowstone park and you can even see the Tetons. Short by many standards but hard and steep. A great summit for a first timer? But be mindful of bears!!

An easy hike but one of the more enjoyable ones that we did on our trip. Gives you the feeling of being out of the way without having to go too far out into the back country. We ran into a few other groups but everyone was very considerate. Bring a camera and enjoy the falls!

6 months ago

Don't let the stairs put you off. This is a neat little side trip

6 months ago

Enjoyed the beautiful views all the way to the top.

Easy trail for the whole family. Glad we took the time to go and see the falls. Beautiful scenery. I would call this more of an easy walk with a few little hills here and there. Two trail routes, one that goes to the base of the falls and one that goes to the top. Both are beautiful.

What a great waterfall. so worth the hike. Went to the lower part of the falls

One of our favorite hikes of the trip. We ended up going counter clockwise and I'm so glad we did. The hike to Ribbon Lake through the meadows and forest felt long, but having the Grand Canyon and Artist Point as the payoff made it totally worth it. The diversity of terrain and surroundings kept us ooh-ing and ahh-ing the whole hike. As of our hike, parts of the South Rim Trail were still under construction so we ended up finishing out walking along the road back to our car. Can't wait to come back!

Great loop with lots of varried terrain. Open plains with grazing Bison, right to Snow Pass with elk bones and bald eagles. Once you come to the first intersection you start to see stones everywhere with signs of an ancient sea bed and a random crevass so deep we couldn't see the bottom, a birch grove, a steep, long section with awesome views of MtBunson and the valley below, a narrow low visibility section where you feel the need to clap for bears often, but then opens up to the Hoodoos where we saw pikas and deer and kept an eye out for Mountain lion. Finished in about 2.5 hrs, taking photos and checking everything out. Great 7 mile hike!

6 months ago

Beautiful trail and well worth the effort!!!!

6 months ago

As relatively new hikers from sea level, this hike winded us but was very rewarding to complete. Great views and not very technical. Say hello to the chipmunks at the top.

Great hike, beautiful scenery, lots of raspberries along the trail, no beat sightings, and just a few human sightings! Otters I. The creek on descent, and an adrenaline pulsing hail storm literally from out of the blue (sky!). Trail not clearly marked at times.

7 months ago

Best hike in Yellowstone, beautiful view, no crowds.

The waterfall itself is decent but I think Fairy Falls, which is near the Midway Geyser Basin, has a prettier hike and waterfall. As other people have said definitely do the overlook as that is the best part of the trail but also optional.

Worth all the stairs!

We took the trail up to the Biscuit Basin Overlook first. I recommend this highly. That way the reward of swimming in Mystic Falls and being refreshed is that much more worth it. It's uphill to the overlook, but not too bad. Take lots of water and some snacks.

Be ready to take pictures. Saw lots of beautiful birds along the trail. It's a busy trail but not with all the bus traffic.

the trail was closed today

7 months ago

The hike itself wasn't too bad, though the switchbacks were a little rough. The views on top were breathtaking and worth the climb. In the distance you can see Mammoth and Gardiner, Swan Lake, and other small lakes. I went in the beginning of August so it was a little hazy from fires. The wild flowers were in full bloom and many wild raspberry bushes lined the trail. My group saw a male and female sage grouse on the way down.
The only downside is the noise of cars down below so it isn't as quiet as I would have liked.

beautiful trail. a little bit of everything, from a river to a waterfall to climbing up the mountain. great hike!

7 months ago

On recommendation of a friend we went on this trail and it was one of my favorite. It was a lovely climb that went through a small forest and field on the way up, a great chance to see lots of little creatures. After getting through the forest and field a steady climb up leads to spectacular views in more than one spot. I could have stayed there all day taking in the 360 views and breathing the fresh air. A must do if you are in Yellowstone.

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