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A short boardwalk, not really a hike, but fantastic anyway! A must-see.

Amazing, as is all of Yellowstone.

Hiked trail mid sept’18. Easily accessible from west thumb parking area and across main park road. Offers nice view of Yellowstone lake from high point. Proceeded with caution due to bear warning signs and scat and was relieved to be joined by another hiking couple for what was a pleasant 90 min 2 mile hike through meadow and light forest with mild hills. Lots of room up top for a snack and pictures.

A nice short walk.

perfect location nice hot water

More geysers. All unique

I personally enjoyed the beautiful pools of West Thumb even more than the Grand Prismatic area. It features beautiful views of Yellowstone Lake, and the pool depths and colors are other-worldly. The trail offers a brochure that talks about each feature that can either be returned or they ask for a dollar donation.

Nice, relaxing trail. Most of it in dense forest but still neat. Be VERY bear aware. We got to the beach and found fresh Grizzly cub tracks in the wet sand. Come to find out this area is home to Raspberry the bear and her cub.

nice walk along the lake. can be quiet windy but beautiful with the pools.

dragon's mouth spring was the neatest feature here. the mud pots at artists paint pots are cuter, lol.

Nice walk. Beautiful views.

a short boardwalk stroll to very beautiful thermal pools
get there before it warms up to see the steam wafting through the air

2 months ago

So many mud pots. It's my first time to see the boiling mud. Very cute.

When I went there it's raining and too much fog. I think it will be better in a sunny day. Besides, I didn't see the fish cone. I think it is related to the water level in the lake.

This trail was great with our kids! Saw a mamma moose and her two babies. We went to Polecat Hot Springs and the Huckleberry. Great with kids over 6. I say this about the age because you do have to cross the fast flowing creek to get to either of them. We also saw otter at the bridge at the asphalt and elk not far from there.

Quick little 45 minute hike with a nice view

Nice little walk close to the lake and around the geyers. Very crowded, though (I was there when it rained heavily, and there were still so many people).

This was our first loop / home at Yellowstone, an excellent way to start. Relatively short and super informative, many interesting features to see.

everything is beautiful. it's all on a different scale of beauty

Hidden gym! One of my favorites in Yellowstone! Easy trail and

Far too crowded when I visited and slightly worn. The boardwalk needs renovations and there were unattended children running amuck. It's ok for strolling but tourists have torn the place up.

Super family friendly and easy walk around these gorgeous, vibrant hot springs. Great view of Yellowstone Lake as well, definitely worth a stop.

3 months ago

This was a nice walk. A lot of people complain about the smell. It’s not pleasant by any means but It didn’t bother me. Maybe I just happen to be there on decent afternoon. There was several bison on the trail to see as well. And I mean up and close.

This isn't really a hike, it's a boardwalk path. It's good, quick loop that gives you views of the lake, plus some hot springs and other thermal features. If you don't have much time in the park, this is a great spot to see a lot in one short walk. Be prepared to fight through crowds.

I'd recommend doing this and the Yellowstone Lake Overlook trail, another short hike which leaves from the same parking lot. There you can get overhead views of the lake away from the crowds.

This is a quick, pleasant hike with great views of the lake. You start from the West Thumb parking lot and walk through a flat section of the forest on a wide trail. Then you cross the road and proceed through more forest before heading up the hill. The hill area is unshaded and where you get the views of the lake. At the top there's a bench.

There's a sign posted saying a bear's been spotted frequenting the area, but I didn't see it nor any scat or prints. I did see a fox on the hilltop, a deer in the forest, and a couple small snakes. This trail is rated moderate, but I'd say it's on the easy side of moderate. The climb up the hill is steep near the end and a bit rocky, but nothing too difficult.

This is a good short hike if you want to get away from the crowds. I only saw 2 other people on the trail near the entrance/exit, which is remarkable given it leaves right from West Thumb. Be prepared to deal with crowds in the parking lot, but you'll probably have the trail to yourself.

Easy hike with great views of Yellowstone lake and geothermal features.

don't miss out on this. super easy and lot of great photo ops

how could you review this any less than 5 stars? I could envision having to hike 5 miles and this being the reward at the end. It is outstanding and unique. i ended up doing the loop trail to the falls after this and both were great.

Hiked in early June. Mother elk with calf at trail head, herd near summit, and had to double back and take the road in due to more elk in the trail coming back in. Signs posted for bear sightings, and we were the only people on the hike despite the parking lot being full. Be prepared for wildlife!

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